The Nationalists' Answer!


by ShirOjan

The ZionWest's Iran nuke issue is, in it's entirety, A RED HERRING, an excuse to deprive Iranians of OUR SOVEREIGNTY, OF OUR DETERENT DEFENSIVE CAPABILITIES and OUR HISTORICAL PREEMINENCE in the vital geo-strategic, resource rich and PIVOTAL region of Eurasia, the gateway for the ZionWest to control and defeat any would be emerging rivals, China, Russia or any group of nations like the BRICS and particularly the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) whose military/security pact, and Iran's de-facto membership in it, is seriously threatening the Unholly Alliance of Anglo-American/ Zionist/ Free Mason/etc. multi-century dream and plans for the New World Order and the One World Government.

Therefore, as this is critical part of their GRAND PRIZE PLAN, no matter what kind of INDEPENDENT REGIME, whether it be a monachy or a theocracy or even a ZionWest's style of DEMOCKRACY cannot be tolerated by them.

The IRANIAN INDEPENDENCE, SOVEREIGNTY and NATIONALISM must be DEMONIZED and attacked and CRUSHED using any and all phony pretexts. PERIOD!

But, theirs are God given through the "Chosen People" which we better accept, submit to and obey; otherwise THEIR LAW OF JUNGLE -The Might is Right- will exact untold atrocities against us as it has against less fortunate and less powerful nations in the neighborhood.

Note the key words all of these Zion-Controlled Western governments' PUPPET officials and analysts use: "the intrusive inspections" which is another arrogant euphemism for violating our national sovereignty by going on a wild goose chase into every nook and cranny of all the military bases, universities, research labs, workshops, private companies, etc. by their "inspectors" (read Zionist bribed spies) for the purported aim of "proving!" a negative, a void, a nothingness but in reality for an interminable accurate target acquisition, as in IRAQ, for the eventual bombing and annihilation. They KNOW BEFORE HAND they wont find any "smoking gun" on even any conceptual plan for the nuke weapons. Period!
However, their real goal is to locate their nightmare scenario weapons: Iran's increasingly accurate Multiple Independently targetable Re-entry Vehicle, or MIRV, Mach 5 Ballistic missiles with the conventional payloads against which they have no reliable defense even with the help of the the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense system U.S. has berthed near Tel Aviv and of course their U.S. funded Iron Dome anti-missile defense system with only 85% efficiency against those crude, home made rockets from Gaza which is an absolutely useless and a joke. So, until they destroy these missiles in the underground silos and their production factories in Iran they wont dare attacking anything in IRAN. This IS the so-called "EXISTENTIAL THREAT" that Bibi, Ehud and their minion in the West supposedly over which are losing much sleep . They PROJECT their own EVIL aggressive PREEMPTIVE intentions, as these tribes always do, and worry senselessly about: what if those Iranians decide to PREEMPT OUR PREEMTIVE PLANS and hit us first. Then goodby Dimona, Tel Aviv = GOODRIDDENCE ISRAHELL!

In fact, if those crazies make a paranoid, stupid attempt at their "preemption", the multiple powerful stealth radar stations the Iranians as well as Russians have installed around that tiny entity will prompt an immediate PREEMPTION OF PREEMPTION based on the military doctrine of USE IT OR LOOSE IT!

Thus, Bibi's self-fulfilling prophecy will be realized. So Bibi, just go ahead and preempt and make our day!


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Nationalist????? Yes, but who are you supporting, Mollahs?

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Mollahs are the worst traitors to iran, an apartheid and fascist state.  The fruit of lies and blind ambition from within Iran, maybe you caould clarify that as a vatan lover you hate IRI and then start talking, because until you do that both in Iran and out of Iran people want to know what you stand for. 

And Yes Vatan Parasts, which the extremist mullahs who believe in state being run by clerics are not one, believe in Iranian peoples rights.

Artificial Intelligence

Where is Mola?

by Artificial Intelligence on

To say that he agrees with this and to defend this new guest on IC against the "chosen people"?

I'm just saying.......


Magnet for Maggots

by Cost-of-Progress on has obviously been the focus of attention for the cyber bassijis to post their hate-speach and anti Iranian stance.

The fake doctor, AKA tagord dirooz, and a bunch of others, has risen from the grave to continue his ranting.

This of course represents a challenge to as these people are making the site look like a haven for these maggots.


Basij du Jour!

by Faramarz on

This account is getting a lot of attention at Basij Central!

The Good Doctor, LoveThyPalestineNeighbor got assigned to another account. Ferdosi got laid off yesterday!

Let's see how long this one lasts.

This is like a mediocre pitching team giving away homeruns left and right and then get benched!

Anonymous Observer

The doctor is in (again)

by Anonymous Observer on

I thought you were going to set up your own site. What happened? Surely you don't want to stoop so low as to have to write on a Zionist controlled site!!!!


The rants of the mentally disturbed Joo-haters are less amusing

by AMIR1973 on

than they used to be. Perhaps it's the sheer volume and repetitiveness of this type of blog. Or it might be the knowledge that the writers of the blogs have Multiple (User ID) Personality Disorder. In other words, crazy is not as fun as it once was. Too bad....



by Reality-Bites on

Here we go again, nasty Israel blah, blab, blah. Nasty Zionists, blah, blah, blah... Meanwhile, the Iran that you pretend to express concern about, is going down the toilet thanks to the Islamic Republic. In another words, ILoveIRan joon (knew you'd be back in no time) Iranian people's real enemy is within, not without.

And you are as much a "nationalist" as Ahmadinejad is the international catwalk male model of the year.