Sheema Kalbasi
by Sheema Kalbasi

On September 17, 1992, several Iranian-Kurdish opposition leaders were assassinated at the Mykonos restaurant in Berlin, Germany. In its 10 April 1997 ruling, a German court declared that the assassination had been ordered by Iranian intelligence minister with knowledge of supreme leader Ali Khamenei and then president Hashemi Rafsanjani. The court found Kazem Darabai, an Iranian national, and Abbas Rhayel, a Lebanese national, guilty of the murders and sentenced them to life in prison. However after serving only 15 years in prison, these two terrorists are set for early release by German authorities. The free world should be outraged by such lenient treatment of terrorists. Cutting secret deals with terrorists only emboldens them to pour more innocent blood.


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by MRX (not verified) on

Personally I never cared for these so called ethno centrist leaders. Their ultimate aim is disintegration of Iran, regardless of how they sell their package. One day its federalism, next day is autonomy, next day it’s some thing else....
Having said that I don't think they deserved to be shot brutally in a restaurant. Only IRI and its sick psychotic rulers can come up with stuff like this. But this was not the first time IRI did such a thing. over 150 dissidents out side of Iran have been killed from Dr. Shahpur bakhtiar, to general oveissi and his brother, Dr. aryamanesh to reza fazeli’s son and numerous others. Let’s not forget about them.....



by Midwesty on

I apologize. I was over the line. However this is a very sensitive subject and it's like playing with the fire. Your writing seems to portray Kurds as a different identity from the rest of us. Iran is a true melting pot. Your writing is naively and coincidently aligned with the current attempts of some governments to disintegrate Iran. That never happens! 


Stop personal attack

by Frieda (not verified) on

As a woman reading the comments below I am so surprised how vicious some comments are. Where is the civility? If you have a valid fact to argue Ms. Kalbasi post then why do you attack her personally?

The personal attacks show your lack of integrity and lack of any intellectual capacity to argue. How did Ms. Kalbasi defense of Kurdish people translate to “sex-therapist” label?


It seems some of these

by Q1 (not verified) on

It seems some of these people are so consumed with hatred that they cannot handle any unbiased opinion. Killing is better than a dialogue? Or why shouldn’t a sex therapist talk about politics?
Ms. Kalbasi beyond any doubt knows more about Iran than any one person who claims to know better. Persons who use insults are unquestionably "chauvinists" who are not petted by any woman but get special treatment from the Iranian government.


an IRI agent uses foul language

by Irajj (not verified) on

Sheema khanoum be proud. If an IRI agent uses foul language you just know that you have hurt them good. These Akhunds see everything as underbelly of their mother’s. They could have been raped as kids or are sex deprived. They are the first one to throw stones at any feminist.


Ramin claim to be civilised but you want to kill people who don

by Proud Iranian (not verified) on

Ramin you claim to be civilised but you want to kill people who don't agree with you. You said..."All separatist Kurds should be killed".. and then you come back and say "Who is talking about killing civilians" and that "you want dialogue". Do you want dialogue after you killed them or before?? Go and check the statistics. Most kurds that have been killed or injured were civilians. This was the case in Halabja, in Paveh and in every village. This is a matter of record.
And you complain that others are not civil to you and you want a civilised discussion. Your menatlity and your remarks will land you in jail in any European country, but you will be safe in the IRI, and Saddam's Iraq.
You have a twisted mind and a bloody one. And maybe I was wrong and you are not an idiot. Because it looks as if you are a "total idiot".
Killing people who disagree with you is a show of weakness, not a show of strength. It means that you are incapable of arguing with them and you know of no better way to deal with them. Your point of view and mentality has no place in a civilised society.
Ramin go away and learn that killing is not the solution and you just make things worse. But then again your pea brain is only happy to see dead Kurds in every corner just like in Halabja.
"Total idiot".
Kurds are a pround people and KURDISTAN WILL ALWAYS REMAIN PART OF IRAN. Because the majority of Kurds want it that way. The vast majority of Kurdish people are much more partiotic Iranians than a weak coward like you will ever be, and they have proved it throughout history.
Let's hope that idiots will relinquish power and democracy and respect for human rights will rule all over Iran.


Midwesty! Sheema has a good

by true iruni (not verified) on

Midwesty! Sheema has a good head on her shoulders. She is brave and beautiful not to forget smart and intelligent. That's more than enough for me to follow her political and poetic writings.


To RaminN

by An Iranian not proud of being "Persian" (not verified) on

YOU pretty much reminding my of the mullahs or any fascist except they have turban and you don't. They have power and gun and you are powerless (in that sense). I just hope people like you don't rule a country. Killing will not resolve any issues. The best approach is through dialogue (referring to your first note "Kurds", killing Kurds!!)



by Midwesty on

I have a great respect for many of you. Please do not fall into this game. Please stop reading this lady's articles. I have followed her writings for many years and I can be qualified to say that there is no good coming out of her writings.


I can see the stooges of IRA

by Anonymous68 (not verified) on

I can see the stooges of IRA and national front are out here to safeguard what the regime or their masters have taught them best. Sheema! You have raised some very good reminders about terrorists going free.


RamiN writes: "All

by ali (not verified) on

RamiN writes: "All separatist Kurds should be killed," and he talks about a dialog1!!!


who is the idiot?

by ramiN (not verified) on

This Retard wrote 20 lines and called me an idiot 30 times and he is talking about dialog?
You can't be civilized on an online forum and you are talking about dialog?
Who is talking about killing civilians here! You are an emotional nut case who is jumping from one branch to another!
There have been 2 Kurdish replies in this forum so far and both of them have resorted to foul language go figure!
I say all separatist movements should be crushed with full force; you can’t talk to some one who is shooting you in the back and is working for the enemy. I don’t think I would reply to this forum again some “people” are unable to communicate in a modern human way.


I am one of your

by k1 (not verified) on

I am one of your enthusiastic readers. You are an exceptional and remarkable voice. Your knowledge of world, Iranian history and politics is a known fact to your smart readers. Your most recent writings are an attest to your strength. Shaboon kahn what an irrelevant comment you made!


Sheema Go Right about Sex Acts, not politics

by sexy_boro (not verified) on

You are a sex therapist at best and a sex story writer (for those who don't know, please visit Sheema's web page). You Sheema have no knowlege of iranian history and are not qualified to express an opinion on historic events due to that lack of knowledge. All your writings on and at your web page attest to serious inaccuracies and testify to lack of your understanding of that history. You don't belong to this particular area.



To Ramin: Any Kurd is 10 times the man you will ever be

by proud iranian (not verified) on

I am an Iranian and a Kurd and I am very proud of being both. Just like the majority of the Kurdish people in Iran.
Kurdistan is part of Iran and shall remain so despite idiots like Ramin (and unfortunately there are plenty of them around) whom with their violent reactions to the separatist movements drive the majority of the Kurdish public more towards these foreign directed organisations. Chamran was one of these idiots. In his quest to crush the Kurdish guerillas in the mountains, he pounded the IRANIAN city of Paveh with long range guns and howitzers with the help of the revoluionary guards, into rubble killing a lot of civilians and not a single guerilla. I met someone who was in the army at the time but he lost his mother , brother and little niece in this bombardment. What do you think he did after this ?? He went nuts, escaped the army and became a peshmerga.
The separatist movements should be isolated and it should be shown to people that most of their leaders are foreign agents. But NOBODY ,and I mean nobody, has the right to bomb Iranian cities and villages just because they cannot reach the guerillas in the mountains. Apart from the fact that it is morally wrong, if you kill one civilian, you make one hundred more enemies. These idiots like Ramin don't even realise that they are playing into the hands of the separatist movements. This is exactly what they want. They want you to kill innocent Kurds. This how they get their support!!!
Besides you cannot win this by force. Kurdish people are the last people in the world who will yield to force. Saddam couldn't do it. Shah couldn't do it. IRI cannot do it. Turkey cannot do it.
The answer is proper dialogue.
Even in other parts of the world, others have learnt that the answer to the separatists is dialogue. The might of the Red Army cannot manage to pacify Chechnya. All it has done is to completely destroy the place simply because it has a lot of fire power. The answer is political, not military.
Despite idiots like Ramin.


to Iranian patriot

by nationalist (not verified) on

So in your psyche anyone who is not a Fars-Shiite should either leave the country or be exterminated. Possibly fighting on and for IRI’s side and supporting their ongoing public hangings and stoning of the guiltless Iranians makes YOU a true "patriot"...


Questions for "nationalist"

by Iranian patriot (not verified) on

Are you aware of the gruesome killings perpetrated by the Kurdish and Baloochi separatists themselves? Or does it not matter to you, since anyone who opposes the Iranian regime must be a good guy? These people aren't fighting for greater rights; they are fighting to establish a separate state, divide Iran up into a half-dozen statelets, and make it even more vulnerable to domination by outside powers. Is there anything that the so-called opposition won't do to Iran in its ambition to overthrow the IRI and bring Rajavi, Pahlavi, Tudeh or whoever to power? I guess fighting on Saddam's side during the 1980s makes these people true "patriots"...


Commie Niki terrorist

by Anon (not verified) on

Niki, you're a communist terrorizer yourself. STHU plz


As a fellow Iranian I

by nationalist (not verified) on

As a fellow Iranian I don’t see who in his right mind can justify killing and the release of terrorists by claiming to be an Iran lover! Sheema khatoon you are a true patriot. All I have read from you so far have been about defending minorities’ rights in Iran. Ignore these idiots. They don’t know the difference between right and wrong! If they get their hands on a gun they'll kill anyone who is different from them!


KDP are anti-Iran terrorists who supported Saddam during the war

by Iranian patriot (not verified) on

Give your garbage anti-Iran propaganda a rest, Sheema

These Kurdish terrorists ruthlessly kill anyone who opposes their plans to divide Iran up. These so-called "opposition leaders" supported Saddam when he killed tens of thousands of Iranians with chemical weapons and with missile attacks on Iranian cities. It's disgusting how some Iranians will support Iran's foreign enemies just because they don't like the current regime. There are better ways to bring about change in Iran than supporting the piece-of-garbage regimes of Saddam, the U.S. and Israel.

Jeesh Daram

In a nutshell - Separatist Movements

by Jeesh Daram on

I would like to make a comment about any separatist movements in general.


When we talk about religious minorities being discriminated against then it makes sense for any Iranian to feel sympathetic and support their cause. It's good to allow people to worship whatever they want.


However, we can not expect the rest of a nation to have sympathetic heart and favorable view on any portion of one's motherland to be separated. Where in history can you prove that in any nation people were sympathetic for separatists?


So, those who write articles about such movements in general are at least of two groups:

A) The agents of foreign conspirators whom we know about in detail

B) Suffering ethnicities who are trying to have their voice heard


If Kurds and Baluch and Lore and Fars and Turks and other ethnicities in Iran could unite (which they eventually will) they can try to make a beautiful country for everyone to enjoy living in it. It is very sad that we see how Kurdistan is not helping the rest of the ailing country to fee itself from the grip of the Anglo-American colonialism. Kurds will regret that forever since this lack of participation although seems healthy now but will only create hostilities when the rest of Iraq gets on its feet someday. And that is why Israel is clearly helping the Kurds in Iraq.


I think our energy should be spent on unificaiton and not what the British have been advocating which has been SEPARATION.


When CNN and other news channels were reporting the recent (Aug 12,2007) skirmishes on Turkey and Iraq border they referred to it as the "border with Kurdistan" they are already advertising it as a separate country.


Let's focus our efforts on equality for all provinces of Iran for opportunities not only in their own region but anywhere else in the country. Let's kick the British out of Iran for at least three decades until we build our country again.


If anyone wants to separate from our country they should get their passport and leave like many of us did, but we did not wish our motherland to be broken to separate pieces of oil reserves for the European, Americans and the rest of Asia to compete over its ownership.




Dear unverified hormoz- As

by Niki on

Dear unverified hormoz- As I mentioned in my note, i was not talking about the issue of fair trials for the accused. I was talking about comments that seemed to justify the activities of Rigi and Jundollah.

All I did was to ask for clarification, I can't imagine why that would rub you the wrong way.



by hor-moz (not verified) on

Despite the inaccurate comments made by Niki, Ms. Kalbasi didn't defend Rigi on VOA. She spoke about the 700 Balooch who are to be executed in Iran without a court case and mentioned they could be part of Jondollah. People like Niki oppose human rights activists to legitimize IRI.


Since Ms. Kalbasi has

by Niki on

Since Ms. Kalbasi has brought up the issue of "lenient treatment of terrorists", could she please clarify public comments she has made (on VOA and othe public venues) in support of Abdul Malek Rigi and Jundullah, the individual and group who are linked to terrorist bombings in Iran?

Asking for fair trials for those accused of having a hand in the bombings is one thing, but Ms. Kalbasi's comments about Jundullah seemed to have gone beyond this and mirror VOA's false claims that Abdul Malek Rigi is somehow a popular and heroic leader.

So I'm wondering, Ms. Kalbasi, why the incosistency?


kurdish movement

by RamiN (not verified) on

"Imbecile" ??
Now why do you have to resort to name calling?
Can't you be civilized? I guess not you are a Kurd after all!
Go do some research on Google or Wikipedia and find out about what these stupid separatist Kurds did to Iran.
They are still doing it; they are killing our soldiers every other week.
They are killing these 18 year old innocent duty officers.
And YES they want to have their separate state don’t think its them against the Mullahs’ , they couldn’t careless who is running the country they want a separate state.
Just Because mullas are stuffing up it doesn’t mean we should support these idiots’ separatist movements and rip Iran apart.
Bunch of terrorists I tell you and who is helping them out! Off course the US of A.
Again go do some research on the Kurds and their separatist movements, their terrorist activities and their agenda in Iran, I could go Google it but i couldn’t really be stuffed going out of my way for you Jamshid.
Oh yea i guess you going to start swearing again! It’s expected don’t worry have fun with it.


Well said SZ!

by Majid on

Money my friend .................. MONEY AND THEIR INTERESTS
They will pimp their mother for that!
Regardless of who they were , murder is murder.
I think general Marshal was right about Germans!!
Injustice indeed .


injustice affirmed

by sz (not verified) on

Thanks to the politic of oil, general commerce and above all unmitigated greed, the Islamist Republic has been able to literally get away with countless murders. What the Germans are about to do, will come back to haunt them. Justice short cut is injustice affirmed.


It's a sickening game at the highest political levels

by It's all connected (not verified) on

It was a secret deal: Remember the poor German guy who was out sailing with his French buddy. Both got captured and imprisoned by the Islamofascists. The German guy got released a few months ago. Now I guess it's the Germans' turn to hold up their end of the bargain.


Terrorists should not go

by Ali- (not verified) on

Terrorists should not go free!


shall anyone ask for independence from Iran?

by Miz-abdol-azim khaneh Ghareeb (not verified) on

The way everyone is asking for independence from Iran, soon we have to designate Vli-Assr Square and Maydan Vanak an independent nation for the gays, lesbians and pedofiles.

Just because a group had a few executed ain't mean separation. Iran is one country and regardless who the rulers are people should unite to kick them out.

Stop writing about separatist movements because you will have more inocent people being killed.

Tenth anniversary my foot, what about the anniversary of all Iranians died for their nation?

All separatist movements are fed by the British and Russians, no Iranian ever wishes to separate from the rest of Iran.