Republic of Retards


Republic of Retards
by Shazde Asdola Mirza

In our extended family, only one person became a Pasdar and was fully integrated into the IRI machination. Mostafa was verifiably a retard - not that there is anything wrong with being born a retard – except that in our case, this retard and many more were recruited and organized to form the core of the fascist Islamist regime.  

Mostafa could never finish the high school, maintain a steady job or start a family. As a young boy, he was very timid and slow, often the butt of so many jokes and juvenile teasing. But after the revolution, he found great solace in the rotten bosom of the Pasdar Komiteh, which lived on the dedication and sacrifices of such retards.  

You see, among the Shah’s opposition, the National Front club was dominated by the suit-and-tie wearing technocrats; the Leftists were populated with the secular intellectuals; and the Mojahidin ran on the back of educated Muslims. But remember this … after a bloody revolution or chaos; nothing beats a well organized gang of retards. Hitler’s brown shirts, Mussolini’s black squad and Stalin’s Cheka were built on those dumb bricks. And yes, there was no shortage of retards in Iran!  

At least 25% of the country was and is still made of bona fide uneducated deeply retarded people, who trust nothing and no one, except for the person in power … as long as that tyrant knows how to hypnotize and manipulate them. Serving with the Pasdar group, gave meaning and purpose to Mostafa’s otherwise barren life. He enjoyed street battles with the brainy leftists in the streets of Tehran and felt like a member of the Mehdi army battling the infidels. In the local mosque, the chief mollah tied the knots between him and a bearded Abjee Komando, and sexual satisfaction soon granted him more power and confidence.  

Last time I saw Mostafa was during a wedding party, when his Pasdar group barged in to harass people for dancing and drinking. Couple of years later, he died in Hoveyzeh, while attacking the Iraqi mainland to capture Karbala for Imam Khomeini. He wasn’t blown up by a mortar or riddled with bullets, but drowned in one of the Iraqi defensive channels. Mostafa was always afraid of water, and I remember the time when I tried to teach that ten-year-old to swim in Raamsar. But the little Shiite refused, because he thought that the wavy water was boiling and foaming.

Why in our proud country of Iran with the claim of 2500 years of civilization and many doctors, engineers, scientists and artists, should the Republic be run by the Retards? Is that an anomaly or there is a more fundamental reason for it?


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Doctors and engineers?

by fozolie on


I suspect your rhetorical question is to entice debate. But our 'glorious' culture is perhaps the only culture that has the following saying: 

Alem shodan che assan ADAM shodan che moshkel

No matter how much I have tried I have yet to come up with a good translation.  

Besides it is too big a question to discuss on a chatazine like this. Suffice to ask, isn't it time to stop living the sweet lies modernist told  us which has caused nothing but mental grief and admit this is reality? 

Mr. Fozolie


Retards rule

by divaneh on

Very simple Shazde jaan, those who can use force and violence on others rule. The enlightened person knows there is no certainty and tries to extend some understanding to all people whilst avoiding violence. Retards logic is force and violence because they are certain that there is only one version of the world.

I liked the photo of the retards that you have chosen for this blog.


بت شکن

Correction Assadollah!

by بت شکن on

two thousand and five hundred years of monarchy not civilization - we have been civilized for much longer!

در ضمن

ول کن بابا ترا بخدا اسدلله

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

Shazdeh, every family and neighborhood in Iran had its version

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

of Mostafa!? In my family and neck of the woods (Karaj) we had Gholam Kheyardozd, Mohsen Nokhaleh, et al...

These morons lost their lives and youth to the Islamic Angholab. The amazing thing is that these guys were very smart at least academically speaking but for some unknown and bewildering reasons they fell in the trap of Masjed, Manbar, and Akhoond!

I am not a psychiatrist or psychologist but I wonder if these guys were sexually repressed and the only way for them to get satisfaction was to inflict pain upon themselves and others...!?

I wonder if the existence of a few more shahr'e-no would have quenched their madness!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

That is

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


why these people should be brought back down. Given positions that fit their abilities such as cleaning toilets and making tea for their betters. Truth is that some people were never meant to have power. The Basiji are example of this. They do well in menial jobs. But should never be allowed to hold power.

The mistake of the communists was to tell these people "they are as good as others". They are not. Whatever we think there are those who are gifted and those who are not. The lowest part of the society should never be allowed to run the nation.


This is an amazingly powerful blog

by Mehrban on

I am not sure what to write here but I knew I had to acknowledge such cutting and laser like frankness.