Zionism and Nazism


Zionism and Nazism
by Shahab Ferdowsi

1. The Nazis declared "Germans" a distinct, superior ethnicity  and 
attempted to unify all "Germans" throughout Europe together into a unified political force in an
ethnically and religiously homogenized realm (reich).

2. The Zionists have declared "Jews" a distinct ethnicity and have made "Jews" a single category bringing a group of people together into a unified political force in an ethnically
and religiously homogenized homeland.

3. Zionism came first, however, and Nazism was partly an emulation of and partly a "pre-emptive" response against Zionism.

4. Under Zionism (or Nazism,) a state would be "redeemed" through
violent purification and a new Jewish-only (or German-only) "settlements"
would be created through ethnic-cleansing - in Palestine all the
way to the Tigris-Euphrates (and in Europe from Poland all the way to the Ural

5. The new state would be egalitarian, worker-friendly, or
"socialist" democracy in name, but it would reject the internationalism that is
normally essential to socialist doctrine: the blessings of socialism and
democracy would be neatly reserved for one distinct ethnicity, above all, in an
officially ethnic-supremacist land wherein the special ethnic rights of
the favored nationality would supercede the human rights of less
favored groups.

6. The new state would be a democratic "National Socialism."

7. The national socialism, which was and remains the Zionist goal, is
fundamentally identical to the national socialism we know as Nazism.
Zionism is Jewish national socialism, just as Nazism was German national

8. Both Nazism and Zionism are based on a fancifully mythic
interpretation of history and nationality, one producing a "Master
Race," the other producing a "Chosen People" or "Sons of the Covenant"
(B'nai B'rith).

9. Both latched onto a simplistic, ancient religious symbolism badly interepreted - the
swastika and star of David - as if to assume from it some special
authority. In both cases, the adopted symbol actually has very little to
do with the ethnic group it supposedly represents, and nothing to do
with the violent racial or ethnic superiority claimed by those who use
it as a banner of ethnic conquest and ethnic-cleansing. (Keep in mind
that the Magen David has little to do with ancient Israel and nothing to
do with the Eastern Europeans who converted to Judaism several
centuries ago.)

10. In both cases, Zionism and Nazism, the ethno-centric tribal
chauvinism and racism commonly found in Eastern Europe was transferred
to and adopted by otherwise-modern elements of a broader group - "the
Germans" and "the Jews" - and that Eastern European racist ideology
would displace what was civilized and decent in the larger groups.

11. The main difference is, whereas Germans adopted an Eastern European
tribal ideology, in the case of Zionism, a racist Eastern European group
(Ashkenazim) physically migrated, with their tribal ideology, to
Palestine, a totally MYTHIC "promised land," to which they had no
hereditary or cultural ties, and found success by imposing their racism
on innocent, unarmed, helpless, and non-racist people (a few mythic references to the Holy Land and its history do NOT constitute a cultural tie.)

12. Both Nazi Germany and Zionist Israel would build military power,
secretly violating international law by manufacturing weapons -
including NUCLEAR weapons - which they were not supposed to have, and
both would conduct illegal espionage to steal materials they could not
otherwise obtain.

13. The Zionist ethnic conquest of Palestine can be closely compared
with the Nazi drive for "lebensraum" in Poland and Eastern Europe through the importation
of a desired ethnicity (German or "Aryan") at the expense of the
indigenous people (Slavs, Magyars, Jews, Gypsies). And Israel's invasion of Lebanon, in 1982, was
primarily a campaign of extermination against Palestinian civilians and
its national leadership (death toll estimates range between about 19,000 and
30,000), much like the extermination campaigns run by the Nazis in
conquered European states.

14. In both cases, Nazi Germany and Zionist Israel, the official
doctrine of ethnic-supremacy would create eternal conflict with all
neighboring countries, and much of the world, until such time as the
neighbors were totally crushed and dominated and the unwanted
ethnicities and religions 
wiped out or driven far, far away.

15. In both cases, much of the world would stand by, trying to profit as
much as possible from the early "success" of a highly unified and
officially racist doctrine, as it massacred tens of thousands of less
favored ethnic types - until the danger got way too far out of hand and
nuclear combat
became inevitable.

To reiterate:
*In both Nazi Germany and Zionist Israel, the official doctrine is one of 
ethnic-supremacy, the Master Race and the Chosen People. 

*The Nazis declared the "Germans" a distinct ethnicity and race,
superior to others, the Master Race and sought to make "Germans" into an
ethnically and religiously homogenized homeland.

*The Zionists have declared "Jews" a distinct ethnicity, a distinct
race, superior to others, the Chosen People of God and are trying to
make the "Jews" and Israel into an ethnically and religiously
homogenized homeland by driving the Palestinians, the original
inhabitants, out.

*Both Nazis and Jews sought to create a larger socialist state where their are "special ethnic rights" for the favored people.

*Both Nazis and Jews seek to purify their race. In Hitler's Germany
there were marriage laws and in Zionist Israel state pays Rabbis of 
the fundamentalist Orthodox Judaism not to recognize marriages outside
Orthodox Judaism.

*In Israel it is against the law to try and convert anyone.

*The Nazis sought to create "lebensraum" or living space in Poland
and the lands east to the Urals moving German settlers into the lands
previously occupied by eastern Europeans.

*The Jews are seeking "lebensraum" in Palestine and claim that all
the lands from the Nile in Egypt to the Euphrates in Iraq were promised
to the Chosen People by their God. The Zionists have moved settlers into
lands previously occupied by the Palestinians (though now they are
moving back out in some areas).

*Both Nazism and Zionism chose simplistic, ancient religious symbolism in order
to rally the race and carry out a policy of ethnic conquest and ethnic

*Just as Nazism was German national socialism, Zionism is Jewish
national socialism wrapped in a theocratic garb. Both are based on a
mythic interpretation of history, i.e. the Chosen People, the Master Race.

*In 1939 Germany invaded Poland and created the Warsaw Ghetto. In
1967 the Jews seized what are now the occupied territories in the West Bank and Gaza and created
ghettos for the Palestinians with their Apartheid Wall and blockades
around Palestinian villages.

*Just as the Nazis built up illegal weapons in their preparations
for war, Israel today has built up to 400 nuclear weapons and has refused
to acknowledge them or sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty (NPT).

*Like the Nazis the Jews have had their racial scientists such as
Elias Auerbach who wanted Jews to be "politically autonomous, culturally
whole, and racially pure.” and Aron Sandler, Felix Theilhaber, and
Ignaz Zollschan. Though Jewish organization here in the United States
have historically supported unrestrained immigration into this country
in Israel they practice the racial policies of the Nazis.

*Both Nazism and Zionism created conflict with neighboring countries
and sought to dominate them and drive out unwanted ethnicities. The
eastern Europeans who were considered sub-human by the Nazis and the
Palestinians? “We should get rid of the ones who are not Israeli
citizens the same way you get rid of lice. We have to stop this cancer
from spreading within us.” Rehavam Zeevi, member of the powerful
Security Cabinet and Israel’s Minister of Tourism (Assassinated in
October, 2001)

Unlike the Nazis the Jews have created a ethnic/nation that lives
within other nations and seeks to bend them to their will, giving
unwavering support for the racist theocratic state of Israel.

"Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We
are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In
fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle
at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is
to rule over the inferior races.

Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves."

-Menachem Begin (Israeli Prime Minister, 1977-1983)


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To Amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

by BibiGol on

You have completely misunderstood me, and this is my fault for not making myself clear. 

What I am trying to say is that there is a difference between what Stalin did and what the Nazis did.  In case of Russia, yes, many were sent to the Gulags by Stalin.  However, among them were people of many different ethnicities and religions.  There were Tajiks, Ukranians, Syberians, Kyrkyz, Moslems, Jews, Christians, etc.  While there was harm and many many got killed, there was no intention to annihilate a certain group.  This cannot be said about the Ottoman genocide of the Armenians, where there was intention.  And you are right, the same can be said about the Europeans and the Indians, where there was intention to destroy a certain group, the worst examples probably being what Columbus did to the indigenous population of Hispanola or what the British did to the Indians by giving them blankets of smallpox patients.


As for Africa, there is no denying that the European have done unbelievable atrocities there, but not many of their actions were with the intention of annihilating the population (after all, they needed them).  Biafra was a catastrophe, and the West was responsible for not saving many, but there was no intent there, whereas what happened between the Hutus and Tootsies was an intentional attempt to annihilate one group.


As for Iraq, I doubt that the Americans went there to annihilate the Iraqis, even though as a result they destroyed their lives and their culture.  Saddam Hossein intended to annihilate the Kurds, as we saw in Halabche, and probably would have done the same with the Shiites in the long run.  However, even though many died in his attack on Kuwait, he did not intend to annihilate the people of Kuwait.


It is true that more than a million died in the siege of Stalingrad, but the Nazis did not have an intention of destroying the entire population of that city, but to bring Russia to its knees.  However, in the case of the Catholics, Jews and Gypsies, the intention was to annihilate these people as a whole.


I hope I have made myself clear. 

That is why I think it is wrong to arbitrarily compare any group that we dislike to the Nazis.


Regarding bringing Khomeini to power

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

and keeping the most inhumane regime in power, the CIA's hand is completely visible and documented there (though fully denied offically by the USA).  That the IRI has helped kill many Iranians and presented itself as anti-US while benefitting from US Support like clockwork should be apparent to more.  


The CIA & Mossad invented holocaust to oppress Palestine/Iran

by AMIR1973 on

The real holocaust is occurring daily in Palestine where the CIA and Mossad are killing millions of Iranians and our brothers, the Palestinians. Learn the facts.


Nothing in this world can be compared to what the Nazis did

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

BiBigol how sure are you of that statement?
  Are you aware of what Democrats and Republians were responsible for in terms of actions towards African Americans and Native Americans?  Were you aware of Stalins acts towards foreign people?  Or British actions towards Indians during the last century?

Why did you come up with such an Insensitive and Blind statement? 
One hopes all people are aware that the racism of the nazi's isn't any better or worse to the racism that is used by others.  Did you know that the standard technique used by US comanders on the ground in wars is to instill racism in their men to be killing machines?  So it is a part of standard practice in the US Army, racist words are even employed to identify their gooks/enemy of the moment.  I'm certain you know that over 50% of all Iraqi children are today orphans and wards of the state of iraq, that is they lost both parents, and I'm sure you can put 2 plus 2 together and realize that all the people being killed were not Insurgents as reported, but unarmed innocent young adults with children and familes who were the intentional victims of racism.  Regarding The difference between Democrats/Republicans and Nazi's are you sure you know about it or are you yourself a victim of Public Relations not rooted in true facts (a problem we are all experiencing during this era of attempting to pursue democracy) and spreading it far and wide?  //iranian.com/main/blog/amirparvizforsecularm...


iraj khan


by iraj khan on

are racist,

so are Zionists, they both claim they're the 'Superior Race', 'Chosen People'.

Nazis terrorized, killed, burned, manipulated others

so do the Zionists, look what they've done to the native Palestinians, 

but they still think they are the victims.

Why? Because playing the part of victims pays handsomely, financially, politically, it's an industry by itself. 


To Do-Not-Shoot-Me

by BibiGol on

Barforoush is now Babol.  This happened after attacks in 1866-67 and was one of its aftermaths.

Do Not Shoot Me

"The boiling alive of a Jew in Barforoush "

by Do Not Shoot Me on

What or Where is " Barforoush " ?   Is it a village in Iran? Please explain.  I had no idea Iranians were Jew haters to the point that they boil Jews alive.

This is sickening.  When did this happen? 


To Mr. Ferdowsi et al.

by BibiGol on

God has done the Moslems a big favor by creating the state of Israel.  Now they can hide their anti-Semitism in the garb of anti-Zionism.  I would have liked to respond to each and every one of your comments, but that would be a waste of everyone's time, so I will be brief.

Nothing in this world can be compared to what the Nazis did, not only to Jews, but to Catholics, Gypsies and homosexuals, except maybe what happened in Cambodia.  Just look at the numbers.  Your comparing Zionism to Nazism just shows your lack of knowledge of history. 

You accuse Israel of being a state that favors one religion (even though this is not exactly true, since there are Arabs, Druze and Christians living there), but you forget Saudi Arabia, where not only they do not allow others to become citizens, you cannot enter that country if you have even a prayer book of another religion.  Add to that Pakistan.  Add to that all the countries on the Arabian penninsula.

You talk of massacres and believe that what is happening between Israel and Palestine should be called a massacre.  It is very unfortunate that you are also ignorant of Iran's history.  Let me remind you of the many massacres of the minorities, particularly the Jews in our own country, especially in the 19th century.  One that immediately comes to mind is the massacre of 7,000 Jews in Tabriz.  The boiling alive of a Jew in Barforoush.  The mass conversion of the Jews of Mashhad.  The list goes on.  And this is only in Iran.  Then there is the massacre in Syria, which fortunately resonated around the world.  Then there is the atrocities of the Farhud in Iraq.

This said, why not recall the massacres done in the hand of your own prophet.  Wasn't the wiping  off the entire tribe of Bani Quraiza a massacre?  And that was not the only one.

That is why a country of their own is so important for the Jews.  If one does not have security in a country where one has lived  for 2700 years, like Iran, where one has fought side by side the rest of the people, as in during the Parthian period, then unfortunatley one needs to look at another place to live, so that newcomers, like the descendants of  the Arabs do not harm them.

 Another member has commented that the Jews in America own 50% of the wealth.  This is encouraging.  It reminds me of the story of one Jewish man telling his friend, "I am only reading the Arab papers now."  "Why?" says his friend. "Because the Jewish papers only write about how we are attacked, how we are dwindling in numbers, how bad the economy is, but the Arab papers write that the Jews are rich, they are taking over the world.  This is better news."

God help us all to see the truth.


I had a dream....

by Siavash300 on

I had a dream last night that our Padeshah Koroush Kabir (king, Cyrus the Great) is alive.

I had a dream that our humble and compassionate shah sent a letter to nation of Israel inviting them to come and settle in Persia instead of Arabian country.

I had a dream that all of us lived shoulder to shoulder in peace and harmony happyily after.

 Forget all Arab nations. They don't worth a dirt anyway.

iraj khan

متن کامل شعر گونتر گراس: "آنچه باید گفته شود"

iraj khan

چرا خاموشم؟ چرا زمانی دراز ناگفته گذاشتم چیزی را که عیان است؟

و چرا سخن نگفتم از "بازی جنگ" که طبق نقشه آن را تمرین کرده‌اند؟

از آن بازی که اگر در پایان آن جانی به در برده باشیم، چیزی نیستیم جز یاداشتی در حاشیه.

ادعا می‌شود که زدن ضربه اول به مردم ایران و چه بسا محو کردن آنها از صحنه گیتی حق است،

زیرا گمان می‌رود در قلمرو مردی گزافه‌گو که خلقی اسیر در یوغ خود را به هلهله‌های اجباری وا داشته،

یک بمب اتمی ساخته می‌شود.

ولی چرا به خود اجازه نمی‌دهم نام آن کشور دیگر را بر زبان آورم؟

کشوری که سالهاست قدرت اتمی فزاینده‌ای در اختیار دارد ــ هرچند پنهان از نظرها ــ

ولی بیرون از عرصه نظارت،

چرا؟ چون بازرسی ممکن نیست؟

همه خاموشند، حقیقتی را ناگفته می‌گذارند،

من نیز به پیروی از این سکوت فراگیر لب فروبسته‌ام ،

احساس می‌کنم این دروغی است سنگین که بر من تحمیل شده است،

هر آن که از این اجبار تخطی شود، با کیفر مجازات روبرو می‌شوم.

بله، همه با داغ "یهودی‌ستیزی" آشنا هستند.

اما این زمان از سرزمین من،

خاستگاه جنایتی بی‌مانند، که همیشه باید پاسخگوی آن باشد،

قرار است باز هم زیردریایی دیگری به اسرائیل فرستاده شود ،

همراه با سخنانی سرسری به مکافات بدی‌های گذشته.

هنر آن زیردریایی این است که

می‌تواند با کلاهک‌های دقیق خود همه چیز را در سرزمینی نابود کند

که در آن وجود یک بمب اتمی هرگز به اثبات نرسیده است،

پس اینک می‌گویم آنچه باید گفت.

ولی چرا تا کنون سکوت کرده بودم؟

چون فکر می‌کردم زادۀ سرزمینی هستم که لکه‌ای نازدودنی بر دامن دارد

و همین بود که مرا از گفتن حقیقت باز می‌داشت

و نمی‌خواستم نام اسرائیل را بر زبان برانم

که خود را با آن همبسته می‌دانم و به آن وفادار خواهم ماند.

پس چرا حالا، پیرانه سر و با آخرین قطره‌های جوهر قلم می‌نویسم:

اسرائیل اتمی برای صلح جهانی، که خود صلحی است شکننده، خطرناک است.

امروز باید گفت آنچه را که فردا گفتنش دیر است

و چون ما ــ به عنوان آلمانی به حد کافی بار بر دوش داریم ــ

می‌توانیم تحویل‌دهنده وسیله‌ای گردیم که عواقب آن قابل پیش‌بینی است

و نباید با عذر و بهانه در بار این گناه شرکت کنیم.

اعتراف می‌کنم من: دیگر ساکت نخواهم ماند

زیرا تزویر و سالوس غرب دیگر برایم قابل‌تحمل نیست،

و این امید را نیز در دل دارم که بسیاری دیگر زندان سکوت را بشکنند

و از این کانون خوف و خطر بخواهند که از خشونت چشم بپوشد

و همه مصرانه از او بخواهند

به مرجعی بین‌المللی امکان داده شود

تا پیوسته و بدون قید و شرط

قدرت اتمی اسرائیل و تاسیسات اتمی ایران زیر نظارت قرار گیرند.

تنها این گونه است که می توان به همه کمک کرد،

به اسرائیلی‌ها و فلسطینی‌ها

و بیش از آن به همه کسانی که در عین دشمنی کنار هم زندگی می‌کنند

در منطقه‌ای که به تسخیر جنون در آمده است.

و بدانیم که این سان به خود نیز کمک کرده‌ایم.


شعری برای وطن فروشان عرب پرست


ما را چه به بدبختی لبنان و فلسطین

جائی‌ که وطن یک‌سره در آآه و فغان است

ای قره به همدردی با غزه و اعراب

این ترک و بلوچ است که در حسرت نان است

هر چند نبینی تو ,ملت ایران

شیر ایست که بر پرچم خورشید نشان است



Iraj khan great advise. I agree 100%

by Siavash300 on

No only live like a dog, they have to be massacred like a dog after what lizard eater arabs did to Iran throughout history. They deserve it.

Payandeh Iran



by Mehrban on

If Ms. Mehrban knew why SF was banned, she would not ask the question.

I'm just sayin 

iraj khan

"thou shalt love thy neighbour"

by iraj khan on

"we must tell the Palestinians, that we have no solution, you shall continue to live like dogs, and whoever wishes, may leave."

Moshe Dayan, Israeli general


A confession

by مآمور on

I have purchased a package of kosher farfel and a cherry jam and they taste so good. They taste like home,I mean my home not the Palestinians'' homes!!

would you,Mr Mousa, like to share one of your little secret about your love for Iran?

I wear an Omega watch


Mr Ahmadinezhad: We love you too.

by mousa67 on

You are our second best friend, after ayatollah kameni.

Immortal Guard

God have mercy on those the Jews love!

by Immortal Guard on

Whoever the Jews profess to love the most they end up harming the most.

Examples: The Germans were very close to the Jews. One can tell that by looking at the names of most Ashkenazim Jews and the Germans got the Nazis. We Iranians were also very close to the Jews during the Shah's time. What happened? We got traded over to the British so that the Jews can have peace with the Egyptians. I guess it is our famous conspiracy mind overblooming again. So my conclusion: beware of the friendship of the Jews. It depends on their emotional stock market. Unless you are working for them and have to shut up.


Blog proves Mullahs shouldn't have access to nuke bomb

by Siavash300 on

Cheers soosan khanoom if this idiot was being blocked. As you read the comments of all Iranians (not the ones who are on payrol by stinky ruling mullahs) we are all against violence and we are pro peace with our neighbores including state of Israel. We never had any problem with Israel when shah was on power, nor we are going to have any problem when Crown Reza Pahlavi takes the office. In fact our king Koroush Kabir was very supportive of jews more than 2000 years ago. Unlike Turkey who massacred Armanians (1914) or Chicknea who has ethnic conflict or massacre of Hindus by muslims in India, we never had any problem with ethnic minorities in Iran. I personally has so many Bahai, christian, etc friends. No hostility till these idiots took power in 1979. We are very peacefull people. This blog is vivid example of international community concern about these Islamic criminals access to nuke bomb. Bomb is not a joke. As long as we are alive we don't let 2nd holocaust happens. No way. Our common enemy with people of Israel is "Islamic thugs ruling Iran". Only through cooperation and friendship between our nation and Israel,  we can sent the Islamic rag heads to the dumpster of history.

Payandeh IRAN


We r a loving family

by مآمور on

For sure, we love u too. This is not a joke-even if I cant stop laughing while writing this-but I said this way before .

Israel has been attacked!! some 33 years ago, In Iran we don't bluff we act!

I wear an Omega watch


And Israel loves Iran and Iranians.

by mousa67 on

Even Mr Ferdosi, Mr Iraj Khan, Mr/Mrs immortal Guard, and most of all, miss soosan khanoom. We just love you all.

And as my uncle shmuel (god bless his soul) used to say; We dont retaliate, we pre empt

iraj khan

Soosan khanoom,

by iraj khan on

I detect a sense of resignation and disappointment in your last comment here.

Mr Ferdowsi is blocked too.

Although, you did warn him not to be trapped and banned. 

Ms Meraban may be able to let us know what Ferdowsi had said resulting in being banned.  

His crime may have been,

belonging to the faith of a 'Lesser God'.


*******Thank You Mam! Iran Still Loves Israel********


And I Love Israel!

Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

Sweetheart,  do not waste your energy ...

 This blogger got blocked too !!! 




*********Iran Loves Israel***********


And you better get used to it!

G. Rahmanian

No, Mehrban!

by G. Rahmanian on

Immortal Guard added to my list of .coms below and I responded to his/her comment.


GR are you talking to me?

by Mehrban on

Never mind, on second thought I think you are talking to Immortal Guard.   

G. Rahmanian

Be my guest. Add your own!

by G. Rahmanian on

I hate to break it to you, but you got the wrong person!!!

Good luck next time!

Immortal Guard

What about Egyptian.com?

by Immortal Guard on

I guess the Egyptians are now the good guys in Jewish book of ethics!


Shahab Ferdowsi has been blocked, why is that?

by Mehrban on

 After I made my comment and read his response on this thread, I thought he might be our very own ..... NUR (and other incarnations).   Why was he blocked?


G. Rahmanian

Is this israeli.com?

by G. Rahmanian on

Is this israeli.com? Or lebanese.com? Or palestinian.com? Or iraqi.com? Or afghani.com?

It is NOT!

So, as long as issues related to the above entities are brought up on this site 24/7/365, the responses from Iranians who, first and foremost, care about and love their own country, will be the same.

Those who love or hate the above entities can either go to related sites or can simply get lost. The diatribes posted are as worthless as the posters are.

On this site, the presence of Pro-IR Camel Jockeys who have constantly attacked and insulted Iranian patriots has been tolerated for too long.