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Setareh Sabety
by Setareh Sabety

As a fall-out of the news about the efficacy of the internet and twitter in the struggle in Iran, I have receiving articles and warnings about Mossad and other infiltrators posing as Iranians on twitter. Here is what my answer is to them:

It is very important to pick one of two sides in this struggle. Either you believe in the fact that these elections were rigged or not. If you do, like I do, it does not matter who is behind the tweets. As long as they serve the end of rising public consciousness about the struggle in Iran. I have relatives and young friends on the phone and facebook chat and inbox telling me exactly what is coming through on twitter. Many kids were on twitter from long ago: all in iran, all students and young people who are comfortable with the internet.

The majority of Iranian population is urban and young. They are very bright kids. Also English is not such a difficult language. So the fact that some have good English ability is not so odd as the articles suggesting mossad conspiracy suggest. I know one young girl from Saari and two young men from Mashad who write impec. English all of them very tech. savvy and still using proxy to stay online. I know Iranian-Americans inside Iran who are involved in the struggle.

I was on twitter from before and started using it more from day one of this struggle and saw how a handful of twitterers generated so much on the Iran Elections that in one day it became the most discussed topic. It is still the most discussed after so many days. I went on because an Iranian journalist friend covering the elections had told us that he would be posting on twitter, and he did minute by minute. People from cnn and abc and reuters etc. where getting their info from there and tweeting to people like me outside and those from Iran. I know two Iranian journalist who went to cover the election and are twitting from Iran. What is amazing is that of the 6million or so twitter users, many Americans and other non-Iranians,are now actively supporting our struggle. They even have green avatars. All this twitter activity shamed cnn to covering iran more! now everyone has become internet or twitter savvy and keeping up. They don't want to be one step behind. (read this on how there were 250,000+ tweets regarding Iran in one hour a//

Much may be rumors coming through, and some is misinformation coming from the Ahmadinejad camp or whoever else. However, the point is that this is an outlet for information when there is no other. My relatives joined in the past few days. Kids that worried about gelling their hair and partying and not much more are now collecting information and sending it like their life depended on it. Is Israel on twitter, maybe, but that is not important, we have a cause that is very clear and whoever wants to help, fine. What is obvoious is that this is an indigenous movement that not even the reformists thought they could propel. It has a life of its own. These kids are very techy, very smart and have lost their fear. Hopefully it will all come to something.

I did not really use my twitter. Nor did I think what I twitted mattered. but since Friday of the election I make sure I tweet the cause every awake minute of the day that I can just to get the word out of our struggle. It may help,it may not. It certainly wont hurt. What else can I do? If I was in Iran I would be out helping those kids, from here all I can do is spread the news so no one forgets them and our precious cause.I am careful that the news I spread is accurate. but this is no time to let our ideologies or politics get in the way of the message of the struggle. Which is simple respect for peoples vote and the protection of their human rights.

This is NOT THE TIME for '79 ideological divisiveness. This is no time to think of left or right shahi or tudehi. all of these divisions are now obsolete. Only one thing matters supporting the struggle in Iran for basic right to have one's vote counted, ones life preserved, ones humanity respected. Let us please just stay on message!

Somehow all my adult life I have been waiting for this. I did it for Gaza too. but this struggle in Iran,the way it has come to embody the wish for a respect for civil liberties is so so near my heart, it defines me.

Lets keep the message alive, lets keep it as the hottest topic on the news and the sites, that is what the people in Iran want. They want us to keep their struggle alive! It may be a small step but it is the best we can do for them, for us.

Here is a link on how to help the Iranians inside Iran online.


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Darius Kadivar

Setareh Jaan Huh ?!? ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Why Should I practice What I preach ? When I preach that is ...

I never claimed to be a democrat or that I even believed in Human Rights...


Yet When I do take interest in the subject of democracy and Human Rights I often Promote Others who actually do try to make a difference and NOT Myself ...

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The Struggle continues: Nazanin Afshin Jam's Human Rights Campaign by Darius KADIVAR

Iranian Diaspora Intelligentsia Unite Against Islamic Republic's Holocaust Revisionism by Darius KADIVAR

Or even people with diametrically OPPOSITE VIEWS to Mine:

Prisoners Of Conscience Akbar Ganji A Hero Similar To Yves Montand Portrayal In Costa Gavras' Film « The Confession » by Darius KADIVAR

THE EYE OF THE TIGER: Marjane Satrapi's subversive masterpiece and the Persepolis generation by Darius KADIVAR



I would like to see the same open mindedness  from all those so called Jomhury Khah's who claim to be democrats only to slam Monarchists as Traitors and dictators by displaying their own intolerance


There is an Expression in France which would apply to many on this site:

"Si La Monarchie C'est Ferme Ta Gueule, La Republique C'est Cause Toujours ..." 

Setareh Sabety

Darius Jan

by Setareh Sabety on

I am practicing what I preach. but are you?
Talk about them not me and our difference regarding the very obsolete disagreements!

Setareh Sabety

morning joe

by Setareh Sabety on

did you read the rest of my blog? I went on to discredit that claim!! that was the whole purpose of the piece. don't tell me that I failed to convey that!! Please read it.
thank you,


Ms Sabeti, I agree with you one has to stay on the message

by Morning Joe (not verified) on

This looks more and more like a popular uprising by many different sectors of Iranian sociey. You mentioned there are some people who pose as Iranians but are not Iranians, you wrote:

"I have receiving articles and warnings about Mossad and other infiltrators posing as Iranians on twitter. Here is what my answer is to them".

Why do you think so? I like to know if you don't mind.


(Not related ) hooshie

by Souri on

Regarding the use of Farsi, I am the one who plead guilty :)

although I don't speak a good English, and have a better writing skill in Farsi than in English, but I do not have an easy Farsi font and write Farsi mostly with Behnevis, which is not so easy. So for the long text, I have no other choice than writing in English, otherwise it takes too long and I get impatient.

The other reason is that we have also lots of non-Iranian readers, who are interested to our country and wants to be able to read the articles, and also we have the young Iranian-American or Iranian-Canadian who can't read in Persian while they are very much interested to the news of their country.




من قبل از سرکار از تویتر استفاده می‌کردم ولی به زبون مادریم. الان هم اکثریت تویت‌ها به فارسیه. شما لوس آنجلسیا چرا اینقدر از فرهنگ و زبون مادریتون گریز دارین. حالا چی‌ میشه بفارسی بنویسین شما که اهل شعر و ادب هم هستی‌ ماشالله   



by IRANdokht on

You should really go on twitter and facebook and read all the messages from Iran. They're using English too so their voices can be heard internationally.

Try it some time, maybe you'll get more acquainted with the Iranians and their protests. 



I'm with you, girl!

by Assal_B on

I have been following you on Twitter and have been trying my best to tweet relevant info which keeps #iranelection at the top of trending topics. It amazes me to see the genuine love and world-wide support the people of Iran have been receiving via Twitter. So many Americans are commenting about how the face of Iran is forever changed in their eyes and they no longer believe the media who tries to sell Iranians as ugly old radicals in chadors and beards. Twitter is important as a means of communication with Iranians in Iran and between them, but it also has become a tool to shine light on the darkest corners of the world, where dictators do not want our light to reach. The more we become involved in the online support of Iranians freedom-seekers, the better. It may seem silly to some, to sit in front of a computer and furiously type away 140-letter messages, but in my opinion, it's better than sitting on the fence and doing nothing.

Darius Kadivar

Well if You Practice What You Preach ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Setareh Sabety You Say:

"This is NOT THE TIME for '79 ideological divisiveness. This is no time to think of left or right shahi or tudehi. all of these divisions are now obsolete. Only one thing matters supporting the struggle in Iran for basic right to have one's vote counted, ones life preserved, ones humanity respected. Let us please just stay on message!"

Well if You Practice What You Preach ...


Why Not ... More Power to You !




خانم شما فارسی‌ بلد نیستی‌؟


این جنبش زبون فارسی‌ لازم داره. اگه شما میتونی‌ فارسی‌ بخونی و بنویسی‌ بفرما این گوی و این میدون وگرنه شما واسه کی این همه قلم فرسایی میکنی‌. شما رو به خدا این اینقلابو آمریکاییش نکنین. اون یکی‌ رو خراب کردین کافی‌ نبود حالا به این یکی‌ بند کردین؟


Setareh jan

by IRANdokht on

I admire your tireless efforts to get the information out and help communicating with  Iranians in the country. I am amazed at the amount of time and energy that you have dedicated to this effort and I applaud you.

Thanks for keeping so many people updated!


desideratum.anthropomorphized anonymous000


by desideratum.anthropomorph... on

And also, please keep up with sending e-mails with accurate information to people inside who're less comfortable with Twitter.  I have personal experience with many computer users whose only means of cyber-communication is e-mail right now.

Setareh Sabety

woops here is the link at end...

by Setareh Sabety on

Here is a link on how to help the Iranians inside Iran online. //