Obama gets called 'N' word for extending open hand to the Iranian Regime!

Setareh Sabety
by Setareh Sabety

Javad Larijani who is, in typical IR irony, the head of "The Human Rights Council of the Judicial System of the Islamic Republic" and whose brothers are Head of the Judiciary, and speaker of the Parliament, called Obama the equivalent of the 'n' word in farsi: ka ka sia.

In a meeting of journalist at the Islamic Engineer's Society Larijani said, "When Obama came to power, he spoke of dialogue and working with Iran, look where we are now that today this 'ka ka sia' is talking of a regime change in Iran?" Larijani added,"I am not racist, you know, but I feel compelled to say something to this man!"

This does not come as a surprise to those of us who soon after the rigged elections predicted an unfruitful outcome to any dialogue with this thuggish regime.<//iranian.com/main/2009/jun/do-right-thing>

This new insult added to the injury of the failure of diplomacy should be a wake up call to the Obama administration to listen to a different kind of advice than that which they have been getting so far on Iran! 

go here for link to Persain site that first reported the news:



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Sarmorgh Pee-rooz

by rpRoshan on

Once again, you prove what a laughable fraud you are, my Qomi bach-e-mullah. Why do you constantly embarass yourself??? Why? Do you not know how to think before you jab away at your keyboard?

Why would you compare a bunch of drunk fools to one of the highest officials within the IRI? Do you realize how patently asinine you are, almost always? These street nitwits in Israel are just that, drunken nitwit nobodys! On the other hand, Larijani, is a somebody within the IRI establishment.

Please, tell me you get the difference.

Setareh Sabety

thank you Ari good point!

by Setareh Sabety on

frankly I did not even look at the clip. reading the title I knew that it was a silly attempt to prove a non-existent point! also I am very weary of watching clips that are off topic in comment threads. at least darius kadivar chooses fun ones! even those I don't have time to watch all of them.


Dear All

by MM on

The meaning of the "N" word as you all call it depends on the context/place it was used in.  The African-Americans use the "N" word often as they mix it in a khodimooni way amongst themselves.  However.  if another person outside their circles use it, it is considered racist.  Also, as Ari eluted to, you cannot compare a bunch of hooligans in the streets of Israel to a high profile employee of IRI.  On the second thought, may be they are analogous in an unholy way!!!!

Kaa-Kaa may well have a meaning of brother in south of Iran, but in the context that was used in Tehran, it referred to Obama in a condescending manner, basically saying who is this ……, in a negative racist connotation.  Otherwise, Larijani could have well used baraadar-obaamaa instead.

I have never heard any of these folks refer to any Basijis as Kaa-Kaa-sefeed or Kaa-Kaa-Basij?  No, it is always, baraadar-e basiji.

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

Comparing drunk and uninformed street kids in Israel with the elite of the IRI delivers the opposite of the message you may have intended.

Setareh Sabety

Dear HHH

by Setareh Sabety on

while ka ka siah may not translate into n word exactly it sure is derogatory. Haji firouz is a clown and I am sure that no one likes being called ka ka siah. it certainly is racial because siah means black. so it would mean something like black dude if you will. even if larijani said "that black dude" then it is still racial slur. he did not say it in a southern Iran dialect sense but in current conversational Persian which always uses 'ka ka siah' it in a derogatory sense.


Larijani is Another IRI Moron But...

by HHH on

Kaka-siah is not exactly an N-word.

It only represents the lower-class black africans who worked in ancient Iran as servants most of whom got paid for their work.

If you consider kaka-siah derogatory then we have a derogatory symbol "Haji-Firouz" for our Nowruz( New-Year's day) celebrations.


کاکا سیاه




کاکا. (اِ) برادر کلان را گویند. || غلام قدیمی که در خانه پیر شده باشد. (برهان ) (غیاث ) (آنندراج ) (ناظم الاطباء). شیرازیان کاکا سیاه گویند. (آنندراج ). || مرد حبشی . مرد زنگی . || بنده ٔ حبشی نرینه . || شاید از کلمه ٔ کاک بمعنی مرد آمده و آن نشانه ٔ خطاب باشد. || بمزاح ، یک تن از مردم شیراز.
- کاکای حاج محمد زمان است بجای آقایش هم قسم میخورد. (امثال و حکم دهخدا) ؛ کنایه از عجب و تکبر است .
- مثل کاکا سیاه ها، آشفته مو ؛ با لبی ستبر. ژکان و دنان . (امثال و حکم دهخدا ج 3).
- مثل کاکای حاج محمد زمان ؛ لندلندان . (امثال و حکم دهخدا ج 3).
- امثال :
حساب حساب است کاکا برادر ؛ در سودا خویشاوندی و دوستی به کار نیست . برادری بجا بزغاله یکی هفتصد دینار. (امثال و حکم دهخدا ج 2).
کاکای امیر اعظم است عاشق است به هر کس که شما صلاح بدانید . (امثال و حکم دهخدا ج 3).
|| به هندی عمو باشد که برادر پدر است . (برهان ) (آنندراج ) (ناظم الاطباء). به افغانی هم برادر پدر را گویند. (غیاث ) (آنن__دراج ). || در ت-داول م-ردم شیراز برادر را گویند. (حاشیه ٔ برهان چ معین ).

کلان . [ ک َ ] (ص ) بزرگ . بهتر. مهتر. (برهان ) (انجمن آرا) (آنندراج ). بزرگ . (اوبهی ). بزرگ . عظیم . کبیر. بزرگوار. (ناظم الاطباء). بزرگ قوم . مهتر. (فرهنگ فارسی معین ). و از اینجاست که بزرگ شهر را کلانتر خوانند و شهریار گویند. (انجمن آرا) (آنندراج ). عظیم . عُظام . عُظّام . (منتهی الارب ) :

Sargord Pirouz

the N word in the middle east

by Sargord Pirouz on

Here's what young, mainstream citizens of Obama's "greatest ally" in the Middle East call him: