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by Setareh Sabety

Here is the text of a chat with a young relative in Tehran. (English translation follows the farsi text which I copied and pasted here.) I told her to relieve stress she should go either to the provinces or outside Iran for a while this is how she answered:

aslan nemitoonam hatta 1 sanie az inja door sham,shahrestan miram,vali kam mimoonam.inja hadde aghal shaba mitoonam allah o akbar begam.nemidoonin sedaye allah o akbar shaba ke boland mishe che arameshi behem mide.

oza' az oon chizi ke benazar miad kheili vahshatnak tare,dooste mano ke akkase,bekhatere akkasi too khiaboon baharestan gereftan,shabam negahesh dashtan,hanooz ke hanooze nemitoone harf bezane.khodesh mige taze man ke dokhtaram kamtar aziatam kardan,sedaye dad o faryade pesara'i ke gerefte boodan o dashtan shekanjashoon mikardan ta bande ma miamad :(

taze in joz'e khosh shansash bood....fekre in ke beram yek ja'i ke aramesh dashte basham,vaghti ke baghie daran shekanje mishan,kasa'i ke mesle khodaman,baram gheire ghabele man ja'i nemiram haminja mimoonam

{English translation: I cannot be away from here even one second, I go out of town but I cannot stay and I come right back. Here, at least, at night I can say Allah Akbar. you cannot fathom how the sound of the Allah Akbars calms and soothes.

The situation is much more horrific than what it seems. My friend, who is a photographer, was arrested for taking pictures at baharestan street. They kept her over night. She is still unable to talk. She says, at least I am a girl and they did not bother me as much as the poor guys: their screams of the boys they were torturing could be heard all the way in the woman's ward. She is one of the lucky ones.

These are people like me, the thought of going somewhere else, when the rest are being tortured, is unacceptable and unimaginable for me. No I am not going anywhere, I am going to stay right hee}

This is why this uprising is here to stay!

Part II: This next one is the follow-up chat. (English translation appears first then the farsi text is copied and pasted.)

A relative in Iran send me this asking me to pass it on so people get to know what is happening to those girls who get arrested in Iran. below I have the English translation and followed with the Farsi text as it was sent to me.

Salam Setareh Jan,

Tonight I went to visit the friend I told you about. She described her ordeal as much as she could but she was so distressed that she could not really talk about what had happened. She badly wants to forget the nightmare. I thought maybe you would like to know her story, please excuse the ugly language that I will use here, but this is exactly what she recounted:

“I was standing in the square (baharestan) I was watching the crowd. All of a sudden a filthy bearded guy appeared in front of me and said, “what the hell are you doing here?”

I said, “Nothing.”

He said, “Let me see your purse.”

Inside my purse he found my camera.

He took me and forced me into a minibus.

They immediately tied something around my eyes and started hitting me with all their might. When the minibus started moving they took out their electric baton and would keep it on my body for 4-5 seconds till it made me have epileptic-like fits.

Then they took me to a villa. The tied our hands in the back and told us to kneel on the ground like in prayer (for 12 hours they kept us like that!)

The interrogator entered the room and said, “You take Mousavi’s side??? He, whose wife was a whore before the revolution, Yes?? Now I will show you.

During the interrogation (lets not get into how much they molested us) I was one of the lucky ones, when they interrogated the girl next to me the guy had his hand up her underwear.

A pretty girl who was there was taken to another room the minute they saw her!

They also tortured us mentally. They had put a chair there and had connected it to electricity. They asked, “Who paid you to come out and demonstrate?” There was a noise from the electrically charged chair, “tell me who your bosses are or I will have you for the night. In the end they made us sign a paper blind folded. It was 4:30 a.m. when they took, us to a square in the south of Tehran and let us go and asked us to open our blind folds in five minutes.

Farsi text:

salam setare joon

emshab raftam pishe hamoon doostam

ta ja'i ke mitoonest vasam ta'rif kard,vali khob halesh bad mishod nemitoonest kamel ghaziaro bege,chon shadidan mikhad faramoosh kone

goftam shayad doost dashte bashin bedoonin,bebakhshid ke az kalamte kheili zesht estefade kardam,vali in daghighan chizie ke doostam ta'rif kard:

Too meidoon vaysade boodam dashtam jam'iato negah mikardam yedafe ye rishooye kasif jelom zaher shod goft inja che ghalati mikoni?

goftam hichi

goft kifeto bebinam

toosh doorbinamo peida kard goft bayad biai

bezoor mano bord too minibus

belafasele cheshmamo bastan va ba tamame ghodrat shoroo be zadan kardan.vaghti minibus rah oftad batoom barghiashoono avordan,hodoode 4 ,5 sanie negah midashtan roo badanam,dige halate sar' behem dast dade bood.

maro bordan too ye khooneye vila'i.dastamoono az posht bastan behemoon goftan be halate sajde roo zamin beshinin(12 sa'at injoori negahemoon dashtan!)

bazjoo oomad too otagh.goft:tarafe moosavio migirin????ke zanesh ghable enghelab jende boode???are????hala halitoon mikonam

mogheye bazjooi cheghadr dastmalimoon kardan bemanad.taze man shans ovordam,dokhtar baghilie mano ke bazjooi mikard,dastesham karde bood too shorte dokhtare!

ye dokhatare khoshgelam bood ke hamoon aval bordanesh!

shekanje ravaniam sandali oonja gozashte boodan ke behesh bargh vasl karde boodan.migoftam migi az ki pool gerefti oomadi tazahorat ya.....(sedaye bargh miamad)

ya migi ra'eset kie ya emshab mikhai ba man bashi???!!!!!

akharesh cheshm baste majbooremoon kardan ye varaghio emza konim,sa'at 4.30 e sobam bordan too ye meidoon jonoobe shahr piadamoon kardan goftan 5 min dige cheshmatoono baz konin!!!


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Someone blind and deaf.....

by Someone Else (not verified) on

Thank you so much Ms. Sabety for sharing this horrific story. Several of my friends and family members also have shared similar experiences of barbaric behaviour by the IRI thugs. These tortured women are our silent heros.

As for this "someone," who is asking why he should believe this story, the answer is: You don't need to believe it. If, after 30 years of death and destruction by the IRI, you still need proof, you better stay on the side of the mullahs.

As our great poet Sa'di has said:

- Aan kas ke nadanad va nadanad ke nadanad
- Dar jahle morrakkab abadoddahr bemanad

The facts are out there in a million forms. You just need to stick your head out of your labyrinth of darkness and blindness to see them.


I guess you don't live in

by DNA (not verified) on

I guess you don't live in Iran.If you did,you wouldn't ask that stupid question.
If you really want to know the truth be a little brave,come to Iran,and see for yourself.I promise you,it wouldn't take much of your time.
It really hurts to see that still there are some people who can't hear our voice,after so many that have been killed.Don't you ever watch the news????apparently you have access to the internet,have you ever checked youtube????didn't you see how a poor young girl was killed just becouse she was standing in the corner???if you did how THIS story is unbelievable to you???


To someone; Go ahead and side with the dark forces

by Anonymous heartbroken (not verified) on

This is to someone who says why he/she should not believe the government:

You are like your Monkey president-select who said why should he believe holocaust. Go ahead and write the nonsense you want. Now the true nature of IRI regime is clear to all who care about truth. For people like you, we do not really care what you believe any more. If after all atrocities committed by AN and Khamenei, you still do not know what to believe, you are either evil or stupid or possibly both.


Read and passed around

by Monda on

I wish your friend much strength to get through the trauma. 


Tell me one little thing Why

by Someone (not verified) on

Tell me one little thing
Why should I believe this story?
Why shouldn't I believe what the government of Iran says?
I'll be glad if someone can answer my simple questions.



by RaminRamin (not verified) on

It hurts alot to read this kind of things. These are young innocent people forced to answer questions that has no ground in reality at all. Can't belive that the world is still standing by, probably to protect their own political and echonomic interessts. Something is needed to be done. The priorities should be with the people not with relations with the regim, their not going to last very long anyway. But thanks for sharing these things really needs to be heard!


One day we will teach these people a lesson.

by Free Iran (not verified) on

One day we need to capture all of these militia people and dump into somalia. Get a taste of there own medicine. This stupid regime one day will come down. Be strong the good people of Iran. Everyone outside Iran believes in your movement. Don't give up. We will try to put pressure on Foreign governments to do something about this.


Thanks Setareh jan

by IRANdokht on

I shared this heartbreaking story too.


Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

will definitely pass this around. thanks for sharing