World day against death penalty


SCE Campaign
by SCE Campaign

Facts about death penalty:

  • 129 countries have abolished the death penalty in law or practice.  Only 25 countries actually carried out executions in 2006.
  • In 2006, 91% of all known executions took place in China , Iran , Iraq , Pakistan , Sudan and the USA .
  • In the Americas only the USA has carried out executions since 2003.
  • Europe is almost a death penalty free zone the exception of  Belarus.
  • In Africa only six states carried out executions in 2006.
  • There has been an an overall decline in the number of known executions in 2006:  (1591 executions compared to 2,148 in 2005).
  • China holds the highest record of executions
  • Iran holds the highest percentage of executions in comparison to its population
  • Iran holds the highest record of children executed since 1990
  • Iran  has the highest number of children facing execution (80) followed by Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Sudan (2 each-known)
  • List of countries and their official position on executions (Jan 1, 2007): //
  • Death penalty world map: // 

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by caspianseamermaid (not verified) on

Although I don't agree fully on many grounds of the producers of the video clip, it really is a very simple and effective way of explaining humanitarian liberty.

Search on google video for "Philosophy of Liberty". Perhaps one day we will all stand up to our rights and live up to our responsibilities and become civilised.


It's vomit-inducing, vile, dispicable, barbaric, savage, murdero

by Caspianseamermaid (not verified) on

NO ONE , EVER has the right to taking the life of any other human being under ANY circumstance, EXCEPT in VERY SMALL instances of self-defence.

Have you read the news about the idiot right-wing religious lunatics in Poland, demanding capital punishment? They really are so f'ing stupid, that they bring up the notions of abortion and euthanisia into the equation. Typical idiot, retarded religious freaks with their black and white moral absolutism. Maybe they should be shot?