URGENT: Rahim Ahmadi to be executed soon

URGENT: Rahim Ahmadi to be executed soon
by SCE Campaign
Source: Etemaad Newspaper- Iran
Translated by Iran Human Rights Voice: //www.ihrv.org/inf/?p=953

The death sentence was confirmed by the head of the judicial force against a youth who had killed another man during a fight. On 17 Mordad 1384 (August 8, 2005) Shiraz police were informed that a young man identified as Reza was stabbed and killed by a 15 year-old youth identified as Rahim Ahmadi, and that the attacker fled the scene.

While police started a widespread manhunt, Mr. Rahim tuned himself in the day after the accident. “During the investigation,” Rahim said, “the day before the incident Reza and two of his friends confronted me. They beat me and then ran away and of course, I hit them back. Next day, they came after me again, I was standing in front of the door, when they attacked me. There were three of them, when then attacked me, I managed to get the knife from one of them. In my own defense, I stabbed Reza.”

 Rahim added, “I had not planned to kill anyone and if I had not hit Reza, they would have hit me. Although Rahim was not more than 15 years old, the presiding judges considered him an adult from a religious perspective and sentenced Rahim to death and transferred him to Adelabad prison in Shiraz. The sentencing was confirmed by the Supreme Court and sent to Ayatullah Shahroodi for approval, where the sentencing was also confirmed. A few days ago the sentencing was submitted to Rahim in jail, and he is now in death row waiting for his execution.



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