URGENT CALL: Haghgoo sentenced to death


SCE Campaign
by SCE Campaign
Yesterday , 17 year old Mehyar Haghgoo was sentenced to death by a court in the city of Rasht, Iran.
Mehyar's case was initially reported by Stop Child Executions Campaign in July of 2007 after being notified by his attorney Mohammad Mostafaei.

Mehyar is accused of killing his abusive and alcoholic father. According to the report at the time of alleged murder , Mehyar's father was beating up his mother. Mehyar seem to have suffered from temporary insanity at the time. Mehyar's mother is jointly accused of murder of her husband. Mehyar is from the northern city of Rasht which is the same city as where Delara Darabi, Soghra and few other children are awaiting execution.

International law strictly prohibits the use of the death penalty against people convicted of crimes committed when they were under 18. As a state party to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and the CRC, Iran has undertaken not to execute child offenders. since 1990, the ruling Islamic regime in Iran has executed at least 30 juveniles, including more than 6 in 2007. 86 youth are now recorded by SCE to be on death row in Iran for alleged crimes before the age of 18. This number may be even higher as according to the reports, at least a further 15 Afghan juvenile offenders may be under sentence of death. According to the statistics provided by an Iranian police official about 170 children (under 18 at time of alleged crime) can
be facing execution in Iran. There has been a surge in processing the children's file for execution. In the past 3 months, SCE has reported 12 imminent executions for Ali Mahin-Torabi, Mohammad Latif, Delara Darabi, Hossein Haghi, Behnood, Ali, Saeed Jazee, Amir Amorollahi, Rahim Ahmadi, Mohammad Haddadi and Mehyar Haghgoo. Earlier this month 42 European countries condemned Iran for the surge in child executions. Iran has broken the world records in 2007 with at least 297 recorded executions comparing to 177 in 2006.

As of February 2008 Stop Child Executions Campaign has recorded 91 children facing executions worldwide: 86 in Iran, 2 in Saudi Arabia, 2 in Sudan and 1 in Yemen. In 2007 at least 7 were reported to have been executed : 6 in Iran and 1 in Saudi Arabia. Three are known to have been saved from execution: 2 in Iran and 1 in Yemen.


- Call on the Iranian authorities to immediately halt the execution of Mehyar Haghgoo..
- Express concern that Mehyar Haghghoo was sentenced to death for a crime committed when he was under 18;
- Calling for the death sentence against Mehyar be commuted;
- Remind the authorities that Iran is a state party to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which prohibit the use of the death penalty against people convicted of crimes committed when they were under 18, and that the execution of Mehyar Haghgoo would
therefore be a violation of international law;
- Urging the authorities to pass legislation to abolish the death penalty for offences committed by anyone under the age of 18, so as to bring Iran’s domestic law into line with its obligations under international law;
- Stating that you acknowledge the right and responsibility of governments to bring to justice those children suspected of criminal offences, but unconditionally opposes their death penalty.

Head of the Judiciary
His Excellency Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi
Ministry of Justice, Panzdah Khordad (Ark) Square,
Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran
Salutation: Your Excellency
Email: info@dadgostary-tehran.ir (In the subject line: FAO Ayatollah Shahroudi)
Fax: +98 21 3390 4986 (please keep trying, if the called is answered, say "fax please")

Leader of the Islamic Republic
His Excellency Ayatollah Sayed ‘Ali Khamenei, The Office of the Supreme Leader
Islamic Republic Street - Shahid Keshvar Doust Street
Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran
Email: info@leader.ir
Salutation: Your Excellency


Director, Human Rights Headquarters of Iran
His Excellency Mohammad Javad Larijani
C/o Office of the Deputy for International Affairs
Ministry of Justice,
Ministry of Justice Building, Panzdah-Khordad (Ark) Square,
Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran
Fax: + 98 21 5 537 8827 (please keep trying)

and to diplomatic representatives of Iran accredited to your country.


for more information about how to help visit://www.stopchildexecutions.com/how-you-can-help.aspx



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by SCE Campaign on

Dear Azarin 

The postcards are a great idea, we will try to print some more and probably soon set up a link that everyone can buy them online. If anyone has any means to make this possible please send an email to info@stopchildexecutions.com

Thank you for caring 

Azarin Sadegh

David, you should print more postcards

by Azarin Sadegh on

Hi David,

I think you have already found the best possible solution! The postcards that SCE has printed, addressed to Shahrudi or Khameni are great tool that should be used more often.

If possible, please print more of those postcards and make them available  through your site, or by distributing it to Iranian stores like in LA, or elsewhere...if possible.

You can choose to print a few different templates, so people can use both postcard and their own personalized version of the letter, if they want to.

What do you think?



To Kalaagh

by the real Nader Vanaki (not verified) on

O.K. bekhatereh rooyeh goleh shoma, I will zip it up for now.


Sacred task!

by Kalaagh (not verified) on

I salute your efforts to save these young lives from the barbaric Islamic system.
ps--To Nader: Cheghadr geer daadi beh KS; it's starting to get annoying.


Good Idea Kouroush but...

by the real Nader Vanaki (not verified) on

You have made a remarkable recovery Kouroush and I am happy for you. But remember that most of the folks on your mailing list have probably had their internet access rights taken away from them. But they still have visiting rights so on weekends you can distribute the petition and get their signatures. Good going and I am very glad you are doing something positive. You are ace!

Kouroush Sassanian

SEC Campaign

by Kouroush Sassanian on

Thank you for your response.   It is odd that the second petition did not bring as many signtures. I will copy and send your post to people on my mailing list. Thank you.

David ET


by David ET on

To the person(s) who has been using Stop Child Executions Campaign blogs and URGENT CALLS, for address your personal issues with other readers of the iranian.com website:

PLEASE use your own blog, emails etc to address personal issues with others and stop loitering with subjects that are absolutely non-relevant to the life and death of imprisoned minors who are facing imminent executions. PLEASE !



Wow Kouroush Sassanian the Humanitarian

by the real nader vanaki (not verified) on

After you posted your twisted views on the subject using my name you are now trying the humanitarian approach under your other fake identity. See it is so nice when you let go of your demons and think rationally. Good job sonny boy, I am proud of you.

SCE Campaign


by SCE Campaign on

Dear Irandokht: Ay you know we are a group of volunteers with limited resources. Your idea of sample PERSIAN letters is very good and we encourage those Iranian who have capability of writing in Persian fonts to provide us with such letters and we will include the templates in our future correspondence. Of course writing different letters works best but the option of sending a template letter is better than sending none. We will soon provide sample of English letters as we have before.

Dear Kourosh; Nazanin Afshin-Jam initiated a petition for release of Nazanin Fatrehi which resulted in 350,000 signatures and eventually in release of Nazanin Fatehi. We currently have a petition that has attracted only 14,000 signatures to date. The petition lists more than 20 minors and ask for permanent stop to the practice of child executions. Currently we are aware of 87 children facing execution. The experience of others  who initiated individual petitions have proven that due to the high number of children, the individual petitions do not attract many signatures. We hope that Iranian community take a more active role by sending the SCE petition in chain letters to their mailing lists (and asking them to do the same) as well as including the SCE petition and banners in their blogs etc and help increase the number of signatures substantially as they did in the case of Nazanin Fatehi's petition. Sending our petition that is available in Persian to friends and family in Iran will also be very helpful. We are as strong as the support that we receive.

We look forward and appreciate your great ideas and contributions

Thank you for caring 

Kouroush Sassanian

online petition?

by Kouroush Sassanian on

Is it possible to start an web based petition for each case? If you can do this you will have more people participating. Thank you for your efforts.


A Suggestion

by IRANdokht on

It'd be great if the SCE Campaign could provide samples of letters in Farsi and/or English to send to these officials, with a side note that everyone should make some editing and modification to personalize the letters.

that would help people who do not feel comfortable about writing and may increase the number of people who respond to these URGENT CALLS.

Some of us have been away from IRAN since a very young age and may not be familiar with the current written communications and expressions in Farsi.

Or maybe SCE can ask people here to share their letters like Azarin did in the previous post.

Just an idea...