URGENT CALL: Behnood to be executed in 2 weeks

URGENT CALL: Behnood to be executed in 2 weeks
by SCE Campaign
This week two of the Behnood Shojaee's family contacted Stop Child Executions asking for help.
Behnood's execution has been delayed 3 times for 30 days each to allow time to mediate between the families of the victim and Behnood's family. Family of the victim who have been insisting on Behnood's execution have recently asked for 600 million Tomans ($650,000 US Dollars) dieh or blood money retribution before they issue a pardon.

According to Iran's Islamic Sharia law , only family of the victim can change the outcome of the Islamic court's verdict. A bank account has been opened in Iran attempting to collect funds (Melli Bank, BaghFerdous branch, Account Number 717865 )

Behnood Shojaee was convicted of murdering a 19 year old boy called Ehsan, with a soda bottle during a street fight two years ago.

Behnood was 17 years of age at the time. In at least in two instances Behnood's death penalty was postponed after he was taken to the solitary confinement and the execution pole.

On Many 23, 2008 in a joint statement, 40 European countries condemned the execution of Behnood Shojaee. To read more about Behnood's case visit : //scenews.blog.com/3092032/

To help save Behnood from execution please read the urgent call dated : //scenews.blog.com/3135573/

You may also contact : Alireza Jamshidi, Spokesperson of Iran's judiciary +98 912 159 5504

Mohammad Shirj, Head of Judiciary Special supervision
+98 21 664 05170
+98 21 664 05171
+98 21 664 05172
+98 21 664 07070


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A call to all Iranians

by IRANdokht on

It's amazing what blogs get featured on this website and such calls about some helpless kid's life or death by hanging get buried...

I can't imagine how Behnoud must be feeling now... getting so close to the noose so many times is just horrifying.

I hope people can help. Behnoud's chances can be higher if more people heard about this case.

Please send info to your email lists.