Two Nazanins, one cause

Two Nazanins, one cause
by SCE Campaign

On February 21st President of Stop Child Executions Nazanin Afshin-Jam delivered a speech on the execution of juveniles and women's rights in Iran at the Soleyes benefit gala against the oppression of women in the Middle East.

Nazanin was invited by Soleyes founder Miss Earth Switzeraland 2008 Nasanin Nuri who has a personal connection to the issue.  Years ago, Ms. Nuri's mother was abused and murdered by her father and she has made her mission to help other women who face violence. Amnesty International gave a speech on women's rights and Dr. Farshid Delshad delivered a detailed presentation on stoning.

Nazanin Nuri also expressed her support of the Stop Child Executions.

Other celebrity guests supporting the cause included Rapper Bligg, Mister Switzerland Robert Ismajlovic and artist "Soul Cream". Media was there to pick up on the story and spread awareness on child executions and women's rights, including Blick Am Abend, Blick, More Than Beauty Magazin, Illustré, Migros Zeitung, Coop Zeitung, TV SF1 (Christoph Müller)  / Glanz & Gloria  / STAR TV / Tele Ticino

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