Two juveniles pardoned after paying retribution

SCE Campaign
by SCE Campaign
رهايي 2 نوجوان متهم به قتل از قصاص

According to Etemaad Meli newspaper two Iranian juveniles were pardoned by the families of the victims after the families received total of neraly 1 million dollars paid by annonymous donors:

1- Mohamad- Hasan , juvenile offender accused of murdering 17 year old Mehdi, 17 at the age of 16 in Tehran on Dec. 2004  or Jan. 2005. He was tried in branch 71 Tehran penal court and sentenced to qesas. which was upheld by supreme court and confirmed by Shahroodi on Mar. 2007. His case was at the office of implementation of sentence when Mohamad-Hasan who is 21 now was pardoned after family of the victim received 30 million toman (Apx $300,000) - less than requested Dieyh) donated by three anonymous donors .

2- Mohamad allegedly murdered Alireza 20 years old in a group fight on April 2006. The fight happened in Shahr e Rey , central square. He was 17 at the time of the offence. He was sentenced to qesas in branch 71 of Tehran penal court which was upheld by supreme court later. When case reached to the office of implementation of the sentence, reconciliation unit stated to work on this case and eventually the family of the victim pardoned the convict for 70 million toman ($700,000) Dieyh, their initial requested figure was much higher. Yesterday  a doner attended the office and after paying most of the requested money, family of the victim announced their pardon and Mohamad was saved from qesas.

None of the juveniles were on the SCE list of 140 juveniles on the execution row. The number of Iranian children facing death penlty is believed to be substantially more than recorded 140


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