Two Juveniles facing the death penalty will be released in days


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According to Iranian lawyer Mohammad Mostafaei, Mostafa Naghdi and Amir Khaleghi  who were on death row, will be released 
in the coming days. The victims families on these cases issued their consent and forgiveness. 

victim's family in the case of Amir Khaleghi asked other families in
similar situations to take the path of forgiveness path, as peace
could never come out of revenge.
In Mostafa Naghdi's case,  blood
money "diyeh" had been collected through donations to help pay
restitution to the family o f the victim.

More information about Mostafa Naghdi and Amir Khaleghi:

Mostafa Naqdi
One day in 2004, Mostafa Naqdi
was riding his motorcycle when he stopped outside a school in an area
called Tehran Pars. As children streamed out of the school, one of them
grabbed the bike's ignition key. It should just have been a silly
prank. But a fight broke out and then got out of control.

Mostafa Naqdi grabbed a blunt instrument and lunged out at another
boy holding him. The blow punctured the lung of the other boy, Masoud,
who died later that afternoon. Mostafa Naqdi was sentenced to death.

When he was first arrested, he was so under-developed that the
authorities did not believe he was 15. Even now, four years later, he
is a gangly youth.
"I know I did something wrong, but I was just a child," he said.
did wrong and mankind is like that. But I want to live. I know they are
suffering. My family has suffered too. Not as much as them - they have
lost their son[...]
"I just want them to forgive me. I can't do
anything else. Their son won't come back by executing me. I can just
say that I kiss their hands for forgiveness."

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4. Amir Khaleghi
Khaleghi was 16 years old when he bought alcohol from a drug store,
mixed it with orange juice and became drunk. He saw some friends
hanging out on the street sidewalk close to a vendor and jokingly told
the vendor not to sell anything to the other kids. A fight broke out,
without premeditation, one of those involved in the fight named Ali
Malekpour was striked in the chest and was killed.

Amir Khaleghi does not remember how the incident happened. He says
he wandered around until he was sober and felt very sad and remorseful
for what had just taken place. He went to the city of Qom and later to
Jamkaran where he turned himself into police. He explained his drinking
matter and what he remembered of the incident. Branch 74 convicted him
to "ghesas" (murder) which was confirmed in branch 27 of the Supreme

Amir Khaleghi was scheduled for execution May 6, 2009, but the execution has been postponed.

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I would like to commend you for the wonderful work that you do to bring World Attention to the plight of the juveniles on death row,  both in Iran, and else.

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