Shahrudi bans PUBLIC executions in Iran

SCE Campaign
by SCE Campaign

According to the official Iranian news agency IRNA, Jamshidi, the speaker of the Iranian judiciary, said that Ayatollah Shahroudi, head of the judiciary, has given order to stop public executions, unless in special cases. He has also banned the media from publishing pictures from the executions.

This seem to be the direct result of the international pressure and attention towards the increasing number of the executions in Iran which forced the Iranian authorities to stop the public hanginings and to restrict the media coverage of the executions to prevent the news leak the outside world. Few days ago, in response to SCE's urgent calls, 42 EU countries strongly condemned Iran's surge in execution orders


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Azarin Sadegh

Thank you SCE!

by Azarin Sadegh on

It is true that it is just a first step, but it is defintely a big one and it is going in the right direction and we should be all proud of you guys at SCE!

You were the ones (the only ones) responding to my email regarding Ali Mahin Torabi, when he had only two weeks to live. You were the ones who took care of him by letting your lawyer in Iran handle his case (paid from your own pocket or pro bono). You were the ones getting involved EU and Amnesty International. You were the ones following up on any news about him with me or with Ali's family ...Today, Ali is still alive and his case has been well known in Iran and elsewhere...mainly because of you!

So I really know (first hand) how wonderful you are. Thank you!

Now after the pressure of the EU and other humanitarian org. Iranian government, for the first time, feels embarassed by its own shameful acts and is trying to clean up a bit its image..It is a really big step for them and it is thank to you. 


PS: And please fix also your paypal donation button on your site!



by jamshid on

I am glad and even encouraged to learn that a few ordinary citizens were able to give a good "jolt" to a tyranical regime. I think the reasons for your success is due to your genuine and tireless efforts, not being attached to any political organization, and using your limited resources so well.

This is how things get done. Step by step. I hope the good name of SCE can one day take the battle to the next level which is fighting against capital punishement.

To everyone: SCE must be taken more seriously and we need to help them however we can, and at the very least, we should pass on their words to our friends everywhere. We always complain that nobody is doing anything about Iran. Well here are a group of people that are doing something positive about it. There is no excuse for not assisting them.

To SCE: Thanks a lot  to everyone of you, as we say in Farsi, khasteh nabaashid. I am proud of all of you, and much encougaged by your efforts.


Dear Anon

by I Love Persia (not verified) on

I agree with what you said ""

of course Anon jaan The goal is ""to STOP ALL EXECUTIONS and human rights violations, not just the public ones.""

as David ET is said
""it was a BIG step and yes one step at a time. we can not change the law in one day, little by little we WILL do it.""

For better future for our beautiful country IRAN...


a light bulb turned on

by Kamyar (not verified) on

I guess the akhounds finally caught on to the fact that amnesty intl. & others are keeping records on how many people they have murdered over the years, and that flaunting their executions actually makes them look bad.

David ET

aaa : re "pathetic"

by David ET on

1- Mullahs would and could do executions in hiding before and after this order, therefore this order is not making any difference on that issue.

2- However they were forced to defeat with their practice of public execution that they so proudly have maintained for 30 years and used it as a mean to scare the public and demoralize their oppositions , all in name of Islam. This was an obvious defeat on their part and indeed one BIG step , and yes one step at a time and one struggle time people are winning and the efforts by so many people to achieve such victories should not be undermined.

3- As for European Union's statement it was the direct result of contacts of SCE. You can even compare the two links that were provided and note the following:

- Two of the juvenile's names have not YET been mantioned by any other sources except SCE and EU directly relied on SCE' s info which was directly gathered from Iran and sent to them. You are welcome to google the names RAHIM AHMADI and MOHAMMADREZA HADDADI  and see that noone or no other organizations as of now has reported those names. 

- Even when you check the spelling of another minor: Behnood. His name is spelled by EU same as SCE's while Amnesty Interntional spelled his name with letter U  Behnoud

Anyway, such international pressures are results of many people working in Iran and worldwide but the EU statements was due to contacts and info provided by SCE.

I hope this information helps clear the confusion on your part. 


IVA makes a good point.

by Tortured_and_imprisoned (not verified) on

The thugs are trying to reduce the negative attention that global human rights activists have helped create by hiding executions behind locked up gates.

They want to carry out their nuclear program and pretend they are not savages. The pictures of people being MURDERED on CRANES in public is not helping their pretend image of a civilized government.

Now taking pictures of public executions are banned...meaning the murders still take place but now you will end up on that crane if you take a photo of a hanging...

When will the thug mullahs get tired of all the innocent killings?!!

They will be all be hung by their turbans one day.


Shahrudi will eventually be on public trial

by Ahanin (not verified) on

For now, every struggle counts. This Islamic regime was illegitimate from day one.



by aaa (not verified) on

This self congratulatory attitude by this organization is pathetic. The EU did what they did in response to your calls? Get a grip. A bunch of clowns throw a website up with god knows whose money and they think the EU is making policy decisions because of them! Were you born yesterday or do you take us for a bunch of naive fools? You suffer from a colossal case of delusional grandeur.


Congratulations for what?

by Anon (not verified) on

Now that they are not public, they are more secretive and done behind prison walls, and there is more secrecy. The goal is to STOP ALL EXECUTIONS and human rights violations, not just the public ones.


Congrats for what?

by Iva (not verified) on

This is like someone beat you with a basball bat and then switch to slaps and kicks. I guess you will thank him for causing less pain nevertheless it's still ABUSE. My hats off to akhonds, they sure know how to keep 72 million people in check and make them thank them for abusing them.


To all Iranians: Well done effort and great job against savagery

by Non-Stop for Democracy (not verified) on

Now, let's stop capital punishment.



by Interested (not verified) on

Sounds like a great step forward! Well done!