A Prisoner Of Colors

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by SCE Campaign

Last week human rights attorney Mohammad Mostafaei visited Delara Darabi in Rasht prison. He reported that Delara was very depressed. Delara told Mostafei that she was tired of the waiting and of her unbearble life in prison.

To get to know Delara, Please watch A Prisoner of Colors

Delara, you are on our minds...

For more information and to sign the petition to save Delara Darabi and the other children facing execution in Iran, visit:


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Azarin Sadegh

I love Delara's paintings

by Azarin Sadegh on

I wish you the best to save Delara's life. She is such an amazing talent.

I don't paint myself, but all my life I have been surrounded by painter and artists and so I can easily see the talent where it is present and shining. Delara's work is haunting and make you suffer the same way she does. 

Thank you SCE for your endless efforts and hopes,




by IRANdokht on

What a heartbreaking story!!

I wish Delara and her family the best of luck.

It sounds like she is innocent, I hope her attorney can get her a retrial and help her to be set free.

I can't even imagine how she must feel, how her parents must be feeling... it's hard when you see the victims of the system.

this was the second time my heart broke this valentine's day...