Nazanin's Fatehi's appeal denied


SCE Campaign
by SCE Campaign
Nazanin Fatehi's appeal and objection to the payment of blood money which was ordered by the panel of the judges last year was denied without any chance to present the case or any explanations by the judiciary of the Islamic regime in Iran.

Following a year long international world wide campaign, initiated by Nazanin Afshin-Jam, Nazanin Fatehi the Iranian girl who was sentenced to death at the age of 17 for killing a man who was attempting to rape her and her 16 year old niece, was released on bail in February 2007. The campaign gained much worldwide attention and support last year and more than 350,000 signatures were obtained which lead to a retrial order by Ayatollah Shahrudi, head of Iran's judiciary. Although the judges eventually found Nazanin not guilty of charges, they stated that an excessive force was used by Nazanin at the time that she was defending herself against the attempted rape; therefore she was ordered to pay retribution to the family of the rapist. Shadi Sadr and Mohammad Mostafaei, the attorneys for Nazanin Fatehi appealed the order for payment of blood money and asked for placement of bail until the determination of the appeal. Subsequently Nazanin Afshin Jam with the help of Nazanin Campaign supporters and volunteers started a world wide fund raising campaign which raised the bail money required and eventually Nazanin Fatehi was released.

However SCE Campaign was informed that the appeal against payment of blood money due to the use of excessive force was denied and therefore the bail funds will be used by the Iranian authorities towards the payment of the blood money.

Stop Child Executions Campaign condemns the concept of retribution or blood money as a ransom for executions and also questions the legal validity of the use of excessive force by a 17 year old girl who was defending herself and her niece while outnumbered by three men during a forced rape attempt!

Nazanin Fatehi has been continuing her school while living with her family in a different residence which was arranged for them.


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