Mohsen: Another Iranian Child saved from execution

SCE Campaign
by SCE Campaign
According to Iran Newspaper an Iranian child offender Mohsen, on the execution row , was pardoned by the victim's family on Christmas day at the age of 18.

Mohsen was accused of killing his brother's friend 3 years ago , at the age of 15, during a soccer game after the alleged victim and his younger brother get in to a fight. He was consequently sentenced to death by hanging. The verdict was approved by Iran's superior court but the file was sent to the mediation committee which resulted in pardon by victim's family on December 25, 2007.

Mohsen's name was not among the names of the 80 children facing execution in Iran , published by Stop Child Executions Campaign. Iran is reported to have more than 170 children facing execution, most of them publicaly unknown.

source: Iran newspaper



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STOP all evil everywhere,

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

STOP all evil everywhere, but cocentrate only on Iran!


most of these "child crminials"

by Miz-abdol-azim khaneh Ghareeb (not verified) on

were arrested at age 15 and now they are 45! Do you still call them "children"? LOOOL



by The Fair Judge (not verified) on

Capital punishment should be banned all over the world and particularly in Iran. This will help create an atmosphere where human rights values can be nurtured.