Mehrdad freed after pardon by victim's family

Mehrdad  freed after pardon by victim's family
by SCE Campaign
مهرداد17 ساله محکوم به قصاص آزاد شد



Iranian Juvenile , Mehrdad who was sentenced to death on February 4, 2006 by the Islamic court in Tehran, was relieved of death sentence after he was pardoned by the victim's family who accepted blood money retribution in return.

17 year old Mehrded was accused of stabbing his friend Ali in January of 2005, because of an affair with Mehrdad girl friend.

After the pardon, Mehrdad's file was sent for review and he was sentenced to 44 months imprisonment which he had already spent in prison. Mehrdad who is now 21 years old was released on Wednesday.


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