Juvenile sentenced to death for homosexuality

SCE Campaign
by SCE Campaign

Human Rights Activists in Iran

Human Rights Activists in Iran has reported that 16 year old Nemat Safavi was sentenced to death for homosexual acts. He has been imprisoned for 30 months in the Juvenile prison of the western city of Ardebil in Iran. His death penalty verdict has now been sent to Iran's superior court for final approval.


نوجوان همجنسگراي محکوم به اعدام

فعالان حقوق بشر در ايران

نعمت صفوي نوجوان اردبيلي در سن 16 سالگي به دليل همجنسگرايي (ارتکاب عمل لواط)  بازداشت و پس از محاکمه در دادگاه اطفال از سوي دادگستري اردبيل به اعدام محکوم گرديد . وي اکنون مدت 30 ماه است که در بازداشت به سر مي برد ، آقاي صفوي متولد سال 1368 مي باشند ، اين نوجوان مدتي را در کانون اصلاح و تربيت ، سپس بندهاي اطفال به سر برده است و اکنون در بند جوانان زندان اردبيل نگهداري ميشود. پس از صدور حکم اعدام براي نامبرده از سوي دادگستري اردبيل ، حکم مذکور براي تائيد نهايي به ديوان عالي کشور ارسال گرديده

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"Human Rights" or demonizing?

by Mehdi on

Any idiot today claims they are working for human rights. Liars, cheats and criminals alike, are all "fighting for human rights." The MKO is the loudest voice for "human rights in Iran" - yes the same group that collaborated with Saddam and killed Iranians and is now working with Israel Lobby and neo-cons to get a war started on Iran. So just shouting "human rights" doesn't prove anything - one must inspect actions. SCE's actions are to empower the warmongers and that's all they have accomplished so far. They have taken a handfull of criminals who have been executed and presented it as if all youth in Iran is being executed.

Tha Bahai's with their failed strategy and stupid, I might add, of opposing the clergy, are desperate and are unable to take responsibility for their own flawed approach and so they are relying on any group that would oppose the regime. So they find SCE useful to their group because, thanks to Israeli efforts, SCE is getting widespread coverage and has managed to fool a few. Enemy of your enemy is not always your friend. Wake up.



امیر کبیر در مبارزه با کشت خشخاش، دفع شیعه و مالاریا (not verified)

این هومو سکسو ئل ها را که به زندان میاندازند مثل آنست که شمارا بفرستند به برزیل و کنار سواحل آن. زیاد نگران آنها نباشید و بجای آن فکر اصل مطلب باشید.

American Wife


by American Wife on

I can't read Farsi but anything less than 100% support for Human Rights Activists in Iran is shameful. 



by IRANdokht on

Stop the spam!

if you can read farsi and you are not completely brainwashed yet, check their website:


khejalat ham khoob chizieh!



By Human Rights Activists, you mean MKO-Mosad?

by Mehdi on

Is that correct?