Iran's supreme court insists on Mohammad Fadaee's executions

Iran's supreme court insists on Mohammad Fadaee's executions
by SCE Campaign

محمد فدايي بار ديگر در چند قدمي مرگ

Hopes for life did not last long for Iranian juvenile Mohammad Fadaee whose execution was indefintely postponed for the third time by the head of Iran's judiciary on July 24, 2008. (//

After submitting documents by Mohammad's current attorney proving that the prior attorney's who represented Mohammad were not licensed , Ayatollah Shahrudi had ordered futher review of the file . However without much considerations and full re-trial, supreme court again re-issued the prior death penalty verdict.

Mohammad's attoney now has 30 days to appeal the new decision or obtain pardon by the victim's family. Mohammad's initial death sentence was only issued after one hearing while being inadequently presented by fake attorney's!

In a letter made public on 7 June, Mohammad Fedaee said that officials had kicked and tortured him, to the point that one night he agreed to sign – by way of a fingerprint - a confession without knowledge of its content. In his letter he wrote, "I was beaten and flogged repeatedly … They hanged me from the ceiling [and] left me with no hope of living." The courts had taken no account of the fact that Mohammad Fedaee had only confessed after being tortured. Mohammad was 17 at the time of alleged murder.

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