Guilty of sex while being raped !


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According to an Iranian reporter, there are undisclosed and confidential reports in Soghra Najajpour's file, the Iranian woman who is facing execution for alleged killing of the 8 old son of an influential family in Rasht 18 years ago at the age of 12. Soghra lived in the home of a Doctor since the age of 9, until she was accused of killing the family's 8 year old son.

12 year old Soghra who initially had confessed to murder of the child later breaks her silence and stated that her initial testimony was false and she was told by the boy's father that if she confessed murder, the doctor would get her released after pardoning her.

After breaking her silence, Soghra stated that ever since the age of 9 when she was sent to the doctor house as a maid, she was continually being raped by him. According to Soghra on the day of the incident, he again attempted to rape Soghra when the 8 year old boy entered the room and the nervous doctor nervously pushed his son away not to see when the boy's head hit the wall and he died. Afterwards the doctor ordered Soghra to throw the child's body in a well.
Although the police investigator had concluded that Soghra was subjected to multiple rape attempts by the father and also the medical reports verify signs of attempted rapes, however the Islamic judge dismissed the report and in addition to sentencing Soghra to death by hanging for murder, he also ordered Soghra to be lashed 100 times for having sex. The Judge's reasoning for the verdict was that the signs of rape on Soghra's body were only proof that she was guilty of sexual activity, but not proof that the Doctor had committed the rape.

Soghra was once taken to be executed at the age of 17 however the parents of the murdered boy changed their mind at the last minute, however after they were informed of release of Soghra by bail at the age of 31 , they again demanded Soghra's execution.

In its recent article about Soghra's new execution order, Etemaad newspaper censored the portion of the report about the rape and Doctor's role although the information was reported by the news reporter. (Full report is posted in her personal blog).


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Ben Madadi

Thanks SCE!

by Ben Madadi on

It is important that these events are publicised here. Such horrible acts take place in Iran and many people are unaware of them. Thank you for your hard work!

Azarin Sadegh

My long comment in my blog

by Azarin Sadegh on

I just added my comment in my blog and voila the link:


Azarin Sadegh

PS: Please don't use any foul language! Insulting and disrespecting others and whatever beliefs they have, cannot solve our problems, especially that we are not living in Iran and we don't have to deal with their tough daily issues.


Proud Islamic Heritage....

by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

Bayad reed be in mamlekat va heritageh kireesh. This is why I say Bomb them Now!!!


This is Islam at its best....

by farshad7 (not verified) on



You are at fault too.

by Payandeh Iran (not verified) on

Don't sit on your duff in the Western countries (US and Canada) and wish something will be corrected in Iran. Yeh right, no children is being abused in the U.S. You chicken shits and tarsoo people.

Iranians, in general, are mooftkhoor and koon ghoshad. The things Iranians are good at they think they have big mouth and can do harto port thinking this will correct our problems.

I.R.I will continue to reed to Iran as long as there are people such as you exist.


Sharia law

by Kamangir on

The problem is Islam and its bizarre laws, as usual.


God bless Islam and the I.R.I.

by Kiram_to_Islam (not verified) on

Anyone who supports Islam and the I.R.I. should be executed! Not children