Executions of Behnoud and Mohammad delayed for one month


SCE Campaign
by SCE Campaign

اجراي حكم <بهنود شجاعي> و <محمد فدايي> به تعويق افتاد

اعتماد ملي


Executions of Behnoud Shojaee and Mohammad Fedaee were delayed for one month. The stay of executions, ordered by head of Iran's judiciary were a direct result of condemnations in Iran and worldwide. Shahroudi's order is to enable further efforts towards reconciliation and pardon by the families of the victims.

Meanwhile Saeed Jazee's lawyer, Mohammad Mostafaee said that Saeed's execution was scheduled for 25 June, not today, but that he had been placed in solitary confinement in Evin prison. Mostafaee said that he did not know the reason for that move. He also said that he had not received official notification in writing confirming the execution of any of his clients, as is required under Iranian law. A judiciary official also said that Saeed Jazee's name was not on the list of those scheduled for Wednesday executions.

Stop Child Executions everyone for their efforts which pressured the officials of Iran's regime to delay the executions. However all three juveniles still remain at the risk of executions.


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