Children on death row need your help

SCE Campaign
by SCE Campaign

Due to substantial volume of news in Persian language coming from Iran, we are in desperate need of Persian speaking volunteers who can professionally translate news and articles from Persian to English.

Iranian children facing executions, their families and attorneys need their voices to be heard and you can make the difference in their lives by devoting only a few minutes of your time.

If you have good knowledge of both Persian and English please send us an email at:

Thank You for caring
Stop Child Executions Campaign


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Ben Madadi


by Ben Madadi on

I have already sent you an e-mail but I haven't received anything yet. Please check it, you will know from the title where it comes from.

Azarin Sadegh

I can help you but...

by Azarin Sadegh on


Actually English is my third language (or maybe 4th, if I count also Azari that I understand but don't speak) and my Farsi is ok. But doing a fine translation is another story! At least a translation where we need to be faithful to the original text.


Still I can try to help you (at least I can make a first draft for you and you can edit it for the final version) depending on the urgency of the matter.





ayatollahs sharoudy and his secret

by efshagar (not verified) on

in 1994 a members of the Ayatollahs shahroudy , he was my friend and he had sex with young boy , then he ran from police , ayatollahs sharoudy help them to he have Iranian passport and move to Kowite country emerat arab where shahroudy have gold shop jewelry and gold, now a young man in Iran because he was 13 years old and he had sex with children he so close to executed by shahroudy ministry of justice in Iran same man help a J name to run from punishment to kowite city

SCE Campaign

when you can

by SCE Campaign on

Dear Ben

It would be on as needed basis and when you have time. We will be happy to email you one article to translate as a start.





Ben Madadi

How much tine?

by Ben Madadi on

Hi! My English, and Persian are not that bad, but I'm not a professional. How many pages etc do you need per week? I can do some, but nothin REALLY professional.