Behnam's pleas before his execution


Behnam's pleas before his execution
by SCE Campaign

Listen to the voice of Behnam Zare who was executed yesterday: (persian) CLICK


Sadly the final pleas of Behnam Zare asking for help from the world and human rights organizations did not reach the outside world until after his death. But he had already plead before and his family had already plead, just as his lawyer had , just as Stop Child Executions plead, just as Amnesty International did, just as European Union demanded, Just as 100's of human rights activists and people around the world did.

But the cruel leaders of Islamic regime in Iran cared less for any pleas. After all they must continue their regime of fear and death and what better way to plant those fears but by killing Iranian juveniles. Where else to show Iranian population that those who rule them are heartless and do not care about what Iranian nations and people of the world demand.

Iranian journalist, human and women rights activist, Asieh Amini last week in her blog asked: Who benefits from this bloodshed. ...and our answer to Asieh is : The ones who benefit (for now) are the ones who try to instigate fear, death and cruelty in the hearts of those who oppose their inhumanity.

Despite worldwide condemnations of murdering children, they have increased the bloodshed. They even have started interrogating those Iranians who are attempting to help save these children.

Voice of Behnam did not reach SCE and the outisde world until after his own death today. So, we will continue to play his voice for the rest of this month in all of our posting. Maybe his cries help save 134 other Iranian children who are standing in row to be executed by death sentences issued by the Islamic Judges and by direct approval of Iran's head of judiciary, Ayatollah Shahrudi and the blessing of Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei.

Listen to the voice of Behnam Zare who was executed on yesterday: (persian) CLICK

To sign the petition to stop child executions visit: //




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Kaveh Nouraee

Too Little, Too Late

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Supposedly, the UN is attempting to pass a resolution condemning Iran for executing people who committed crimes as minors.

I doubt that it's very comforting to the parents of Behnam and evry other person executed, excuse me MURDERED by this bad joke of a regime.


sound of silence

by MRX1 (not verified) on

DO I hear silence from our resident islamists on this issue? hum, no comments blaming the usuall suspects "he deserve it" "he is murderer" "he was a friend of a jew , there for he had linkage to zionists or neo cons"
too bad an isreali guy didn't slap this poor kid before his execution, otherwise they will be 200 comments on this from practishoner of religon of peace.

ebi amirhosseini

Re : Anonymous....

by ebi amirhosseini on

Thanks for the links.

ebi amirhosseini

Majid Jaan

by ebi amirhosseini on

As the saying goes:

"Kas nakhaarad poshte man,joz naakhone angoshte man" !

Let's not wait to hear another shocking news!let's put our minds together & do more!even if that is considered "Pashiz"




Wow, the irony. If this post

by Anonymous... (not verified) on

Wow, the irony. If this post was published on an American website (either liberal or right wing), many Americans would not hesitate to help or donate.

Has SCE ever tried to publish their news on Western blogs such as or Harry's place???




These blog are usually very helpful when it comes to spreading human rights' issue.

SCE Campaign

Is there anybody out there?

by SCE Campaign on


WOW ! EBI !!!!

by Majid on

"Kaveh, Fereydoon live in us,the Iranians who care.We are the ones who can put back this dark package in Damavand!."


what an statement my friend!

"put back this dark package in Damavand!."

I'm speachless !

Damet JOOSH my friend!



Heif az Damaavand, but we'll do it, what the heck!


to: Child of DC

by aaj sr (not verified) on

"How can I help SCE?"

Check few posts below here, all your questions are answered.

ebi amirhosseini

Shamse Vazir Jaan

by ebi amirhosseini on

Kaveh, Fereydoon live in us,the Iranians who care.We are the ones who can put back this dark package in Damavand!.



History repeats itself....

by history man (not verified) on

but now for an innocent kid.They killed him secretly,despite all voices against it & they did the same to Hoveyda after cutting all the phone lines & ... don't know if he desreved it or not(I donot want to distract the blog),but definitely Behnood didn't.



by child of DC (not verified) on

how can i help SCE ?



by Kalantari 7 (not verified) on

let's not fight among ourselves again & try to focus on how to help SCE & other organizations that fight against capital punishment!.

ebi amirhosseini

Irandokht aziz !

by ebi amirhosseini on

I'm with you.Instead of planting a new tree,let's water & care for the present one,so it grows stronger.

best wishes


you're absolutely right

by IRANdokht on

We should not stop at that but it's a very noble first step. These kids need all the help we can give them, SCE needs our help. I am totally against capital punishment too.

Please read this letter. I am not sure if there is a petition put together to send to UN, but I think it's one of the best ideas I have seen so far. Writing to international forums and requesting action seems to be the next step.



I am with you!

by Shamse Vazir (not verified) on

What is the next step? In my humble opinion: we should write against executions but we should not stop at that. We must not reward them for their crimes. Lets get together and stop this madness. We should aim for a time where there in no more death penalty in Iran. Do you agree


There is no " Fereidoon" to save Iran!

by IRANdokht on

We shouldn't be waiting for one super hero anymore. That is the mentality that has kept us from standing up on our own. Each one of us is a Babak, each one of us is a Fereidoon, a Kaveh, an Arash... and each one of us can carry on the legacy.

we shouldn't miss the opportunities that are present for speaking up against evil. Every step counts, every spoken word, every minute we spend uniting instead of fighting amongst ourselves counts.


what you're calling help is more like taking advantage of the abused and neglected people! if the price of help is people's lives, and a blank check giving away all our country's resources, then it's not help. I am sorry if I was not clear enough and sent you vibes of hypocrisy. What you seem to be calling "help" has a different definition in my book.



Azi Dahaka

by Shamse Vazir (not verified) on

The IRI is the return of Azi Dahaka aka Zahhak. These are not Iranian people. They are the worst of the Deev. They thirst for the blood of Iranian youth particularly the young men. Where is Fereydoon? Where is Kaveh? Where is Darafshe Kaviani? One day very soon this manifestation of Zahhak will be put back in chains in Mount Damavand.

Az deev o dad mallolam va ensaanam zerzoost.



by Anonymous, still lazy (not verified) on

yes, i agree with what you are saying. but there is still a flavor of hyprocrisy in your words. you're saying NOW that you mean a military strike against iran. go back randomly to any article that might concern the us. understand that i'm not talking about YOU specifically. but in general and almost without exception the wording IS... leave us alone. we don't need your help. iran can take care of herself. i'm just saying that you can't dictate ALL terms of help. it's not realistic. i repeat again, there is no other country more concerned about humanitarian efforts than the us.

by the way, didn't you just LOVE that ending!

SCE Campaign

How you can help STOP Child Executions

by SCE Campaign on

Following is a list of our immediate needs in order of urgency:

Please join nearly 18,000 people worldwide and sign the petition at available in different languages. Pass it to others.

We are volunteer based but we need financial assistance with our tasks such as web services, attorney fees, Press Releases, Public relations, etc...Please go to our site at and make a tax deductible contribution of any amount. Ask others to do the same.

Help with our monthly summary of prior more important news with link to original news emailed to our database. [Frequency: Monthly]

Translation of Persian text to English and vice versa. Requires good knowledge of both languages and writing skills. [Frequency: Almost Weekly]

Direct Mail
Campaigner Direct email of specific news to mailing list [Frequency: Weekly or as needed]

continuous research of Iranian websites, media for any news or articles about child executions. (We provide a list of primary resources but they can expand the list as needed).
Volunteer must have knowledge of Persian language. [Frequency: Almost daily limited) / weekly (more extensive) ]

Web Design Assistance
with design and implementation of a new website. Requires professional knowledge. [Frequency: one time ]

Web Management Assistance
with management, update and trouble shooting the of existing website and blog [ Frequency: Weekly or as needed]

Campaigner Direct email
of specific news to media contacts and at different blogs and sites [Frequency: Weekly or as needed]

SCE data manager
Update of SCE monthly data of juveniles : facing execution based on prior month news ( Basic Knowledge of Excel is required. [Frequency: Monthly]

Fund Raiser

Assistance for obtaining resources and means for donations to SCE. Prior fundraising experience is needed. [Frequency: Flexible]
Visit: //
Contact us at
Thank you for caring
Stop Child Executions


what do we mean when we ask for Help

by IRANdokht on


You seem to be confused: help does not mean a military attack of our people! That's what we're not agreeing on.

whether you're a man or a sheep, you should know the difference. We need international help and exposing of the atrocities. The EU or the AI or the Canadian government are not threatening IRI with a military attack and they still are making a difference, we need more though without putting our country's infrostructure and the iranian people in more danger.

As Bill Clinton said last night: US should lead by the power of our example rather than by the example of our power.



Stay on the subject!!!

by Anonymous to lazy to sing in (not verified) on

regardless of their interest in the oil, US is THE biggest humanitarian effort in the WORLD. this site has said over and over that we do not need "help" from anyone. so, you say that and then complain about how the West doesn't care. make up your mind. it takes a big man to ask and accept help. are we MEN or sheep???

Kaveh Nouraee

IRANdokht jan

by Kaveh Nouraee on

I know you don't support the same treatment for these animals. We differ there. People who harm children deserve no mercy in my opinion. I can't reconcile feeding, housing, clothing and providing medical care to an adult who commits premeditated murder, especially when the victim is a child, and even under the guise of the criminal justice system as these savages are operating under.

I agree with you that SCE has made some great progress in bringing this horrible problem to the forefront.

The suggestion of doing something else stems from the fact that despite the efforts and successes of SCE, the executions are still continuing. Something can be done in conjunction with the work of SCE. I can't say I have the answer to what that may be, but I know that there's an answer out there somewhere.

Yes, SCE plays by the rules, as it should. I'm glad that it does. I'm pointing out that the IRI is not playing by the rules, (not that they have ever done so). This is a game to them.

The faces of these murderers have been shown, but they have yet to be brought to justice, whether it is the kind that you advocate or what I feel is appropriate, or anything else for that matter.

I wish there was an easy and quick fix for this. Too many children have lost their lives already.


UN child rights official voices alarm at high civilian death tol

by peace (not verified) on

UN child rights official voices alarm at high civilian death toll:


Not only these children didn't stab anyone and were completely innocent but they were killed by agents of peace loving countries who once lynched their own people and burned them alive.

One day they will come to Iran and save us from these IRI bastards.


Kaveh jan

by IRANdokht on

When I asked people not to give up, I reminded everyone of the steps that have already been made by SCE.

My suggestion was to people who are trying to find a different way to help: Why not support the ones who have made a difference in the past? Why not help bring more attention to what's already an established and recognized campaign?

Why is everyone trying to dismiss the one source of information that has brought all this news to them, has shown the real face of these murderers to Iranians and the world and has been known and recognized for these efforts internationally.

I see too many people suggesting we do something else! why not supprot people who are doing something now?

As for your last sentence about bringing the same fate to this people: then what's the difference between us and them? You're saying SCE plays by the rules and you don't think that's the right way to go about it? How can we speak of their inhumane behavior if we do not follow the rules?

I believe in justice and I want them put on trial and held accountable and punished.

As someone who is against capital punishment, I do not support "the same treatment", yes even on my enemies.



Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

I don't think any of us who believe in this are thinking of giving up. This is clearly a reaction to the fact that these miserable bastards place no value on the life of a child.

Those who are outraged by what's happened are "playing by the rules" for lack of a better phrase, while the so-called "criminal justice system" in Iran clearly does not.

I'm glad public hangings were banned, because there are some real sickos who get a thrill out of seeing someone hanged. But at the same time, that same ban creates opportunities for further abuses that will never be made public.

What's truly frustrating is the fact that these SOBs are laughing at those who condemn their actions. The only true justice for them is the same treatment that they have imposed upon these kids.


The IR is a monsterous

by Fatollah (not verified) on

The IR is a monsterous creature, like a bad dream they just wont go away! You commentators are so naive, decent and good hearted. I hope Behnam has some brothers ...


samsam111: It's only thing

by sickofiri (not verified) on

samsam111: It's only thing that might work.


Petition works. IRANdokht, Azarin; you are so right.....

by aaj sr (not verified) on

SCE started from success of collecting 350,000 signatures world wide for successfully saving Nazanin Fatehi's life ( )
The movement, drew international attention and outcry of all nations. This was a result of more than a year none stop speeches, interviews, campaigns in all major international, cities, media and the result was a pleasant surprised wake up call for Iranian, specially on women movements to see solidarity works and we see the trend continuing to this date.
Bravo and thanks to Nazanin Afshin Jam , David Etebari and all SCE volunteers working none stop every day.


Things to come...

by Anonymous123 (not verified) on

At least now we get informed about these criminal acts continuously being committed by the ruling mullahs in Iran and should be glad that at least the world hears about them. I am sure these kinds of news and everything to do with violations of human rights in Iran will be so conveniently swept under the rug and ignored when the next U.S. administration strikes a grand bargain (99.9 percent possibility) with the criminal mullahs.

Then mullahs will start executing/eliminating not only all political prisoners but any creature who raises the slightest voice of dissent against them on a much larger scale than 1988 (1367 mass executions). I am sure the mass summary executions of 1988 will pale in comparison to what mullahs have in mind for dissidents. They might even restart sending hit-men to Europe and America to get rid of their vocal and active opponents, all with complete impunity! JUST WAIT! What a horrible prospect.


Dear Souri ! Yes

by samsam1111 on

I agree that West & especialy France (the worst case..anis naghash?) are after oil. But the perception is half the reality. Once the regime realizes that there is a petition out there to deport Imams, Bazaris & regime cultural attaches..They be more conscious about the consequences. I still think this is more practical.cheers!