Bahman Salimian has 2 weeks to live!


Bahman Salimian has 2 weeks to live!
by SCE Campaign

Mohammad Mostafaei, a prominent lawyer working on child execution cases reported today that Bahman Salimian, a minor on death row, is in imminent danger of execution. He was informed by a member of Bahman’s family that his execution is to take place on February 5th 2009.

Bahman Salimian is accused of killing his grandmother in 1996 at the age of 15. He repeatedly claimed in his trial that his 70-year old grandmother talked of committing suicide so he killed her to minimize her suffering.

According to Bahman's attorney, he was not in a normal state of mind at the time of the offence that he even attempted suicide shortly after he realized what he had done.

The trial judge had Bahman psychologically assessed. Expert concluded that he was suffering from a mental disorder therefore, his sentence was reduced to 5 years imprisonment and the payment of blood money. Other members of his grandmother’s family appealed the decision wanting retribution. Bahman was sentenced to death after 12 year imprisonment. Bahman is now 27 years old and kept in Isfahan prison.

His execution had been scheduled to take place on 28 August 2008 but was halted a few days prior by judicial authorities to allow for further reconciliation attempts in order to negotiate a pardon from the only relative who still insists that the execution is to go ahead. Two of his uncles had pardoned him, but the third uncle did not.

Please send your urgent action by phoning or faxing the Permanent Mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations:

Mohammad Khazaee, Ambassador and Permanent Representative

622 Third Ave. New York, NY 10017
Tel: (212) 687-2020 / Fax: (212) 867-7086

And writing to the Head of Judiciary in Iran

His Excellency Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi
Howzeh Riyasat-e Qoveh Qazaiyeh / Office of the Head of the Judiciary
Pasteur St., Vali Asr Ave., south of Serah-e Jomhouri,
Tehran 1316814737,
Islamic Republic of Iran
Phone: [00 98 21] 391 1109
Fax: [00 98 21] 390 4986

Salutation: Your Excellency


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To:Shekar, Na baba and If: your are wrong and unfair......

by aaj sr (not verified) on

Either by negligence or purposely you are trying to divert the issue, or perhaps, you have not read Mr. Etebari's articles diligently or you have interpret them, the way you liked to interpret it at your own will. This is not by any means defending his position, he is big enough to do it more elegantly than mine here.

My reading from ETs' previous blogs is that he supports the innocents regardless of their religion, ethnicity and political agenda, he is against blood shed, he is against any aggression from any side, be it Palestinian or Israelis, BUT, he is asking for the same amount of support, the same amount of enthusiasm , the same amount of emotion you and alike had devoted for Palestinian, toward our own people in Iran, including thousands of refugees, some sittings in tents in Turkey, Greece and elsewhere, toward all every day atrocities against women, children, students, toward political prisoners, unionists, toward our integrity, including defending our sovereignty in Persian Gulf ( asking Palestinain, Iraqis, Lebanese, Syrians to not repeat their past mistakes and sign treaties/declarations claiming that Persian Gulf is not Persian Gulf and support us for soverinity for our three Islands close to Strait of Hormoz and not stab us in back, as they did in last 30 years), and Caspian Sea, transparency, basic human rights, civility etc. You are diluting the water for catching fish is not welcomed nor appreciated, after all we need more unity now than ever before.

The situation of Palestinian/ Israelis is an unfortunate, ongoing tragedy for last 60 years and if there is no cool heads, unfortunately, many more innocents will loose their sweet lives in future and we have to do our best to help them in any form and shape.

My question to you is: have you tried to support the SCE in past? before the Israel/Hamas conflict? or you have stop your support of SCE because of the same reasons you mention in your notes here? If you supported it, you have done your duty, if you have not done it; why not? and in order to test you: the simplest things you could have done was to sign their petition please provide your signature number for all readers to see.I am sure SEC can enlighten us if you have even donated one single dollar toward their noble cause!!

The issue is not SCE or Israel or Hamas ENTIRELY in this site, sometimes it's about "Tasvieh Hessab" or simply it's about politics and scoring, or trying to knock the other side down, but for what reason?, unfortunately with this childish, arrogance approach, you guys are increasing the divisions among oppositions, and making our common enemy happier= Doshman shad.
I see the tragedy of Darfur ( with hundred times more casualties than Palestinian) Chechniyans, Iraqis, to name a few , some as tearful and heart breaking as Palestinian issues if not more but there is no single voice here in this site what soever. And the same applies for own country; this doesn't mean if we are asking for you to help our own people we have to ignore others , nor it doesn't mean if we ask your help for our own people that constitute we are against Palestinian cause.

DW Duke

Dissappointing Behavior and Reply to Anonymous 112 na baba

by DW Duke on

This thread is about a young man who who to be put to death in two weeks and some of the same individuals who openly support human rights violators while falsely stating the facts, now try to use this thread for their own agenda.  For your information Mr. Anonymous 112, Nazanin does not control anyone's thoughts.  Like David ET and I she supports the rights of all human beings not merely those who share her political agenda.  She does not lie and ignore obvious facts to support her position.  And most importantly I serously doubt that she is going to lose sleep over a few supporters of human rights abusers at who have difficulty distinguishing fact from fiction.   

Anonymous 112, you presume to know more than you do.  I have not made any statements here that I would retract.  If you have comments to make about something I have or have not said then I would suggest that you stop hiding behind your fake identity, start a thread to address the issues.  If you have concerns about the postings of me or any of my associates then take it up with JJ.  He is the one who allows anonymous postings. 

Now would you folks please take your "chatter" out of this thread so we can return the focus to saving this young man's life? 


Dear David

by IRANdokht on

With all due respect to everyone who do speak up on such blogs, not leaving comments on human rights related articles on this site should not be enough proof of one's feelings towards IR human rights abuses.  

People show their support in different ways. I would much rather have one person actually write a letter to the officials in Iran than have 20 people leave comments on a blog.

We all have our different ways of dealing with subjects that are important to us. I might do volunteer work in different places but not want to be known for it. Should I be put down for not making my views known to all? Pointing the accusatory finger to people and going as far as naming them publicly without knowing all the facts about them is not going to help anyone's cause.

Thank you


David ET

Blaming others for not caring!

by David ET on

Human rights violation in Iran by IR are 30 years old and this is nothing new and has no relevance to the past few weeks, neither does the lack of care by some. 

Just show reactions to human rights violations in Iran too versus only  the ones by Israel 

Take responsibility instead of shifting the blame for lack of responsibility. There are 10's of human rights violations that goes on weekly which has nothing to do with SCE, DavidET, Afshin Jam etc...

The Q's and Camerons, Jahelo's, Sharkar's  and ....alike..... have been selective and silent when it comes to violations of human rights in Iran versus Palestinians ...David ET and SCE have nothing to do with it...

David Et can be whatever you want to make of him, it makes no difference in lack of care by some about what goes on in Iran including those who cry for Palestinians and support the IR ! ...Should I list the human rights violations in Iran in the past month which have nothing to do with Juvenile Executions?

. point is to show the hypocrisy of political agendas of some versus true care for human rights ...

Those who state lets be humans first and Iranian next, are stating that just to justify their lack of care about what happens in Iran.

Iranians are humans , there is no first or seconds.

This has not been about human rights for "some", but about who they are against and who they are for (eg: Isreal / IR)

khaleh mosheh

Collective noun

by khaleh mosheh on

What is the collective noun for a group of so called bloggers who try to manipuate sensible debates and issues for their ends?


They seem to be doing overtime here  unfortunately.


دیوید خان

عین الله (not verified)

شما هم که عینهو اسرائیلیها ننه من غریبم بازی در آوردی
غصه نخور الان طرفداران جدیدت پیداشون میشه. میدونی کی رو میگم اونهایی که تا قبل از این وقایع اخیر هیچوقت ازشون خبری نبود ولی حالا یکهو مدافع حقوق بشر تو ایران شدند ...


Well Said Shekar

by Anonymous112 na baba! (not verified) on

I have thought about the negative effects of ET's behavior during the recent heated debates on this site too. He continues to make it worse with every bitter comments he publishes on the other posts too.

You said exactly what I have been feeling all along.
Mr Duke
of course you disagree, you might have not said anything as directly as ET did under your own ID, but you were exposed on a few other threads doing a lot worse than ET did. So please spare us!

People were starting to get her message and come to her support, SCE blogs were featured and responded to.
I wonder what Nazanin would do if she realized you two have damaged her very good standing on this site.

DW Duke


by DW Duke on

Mr. Shekar, I personally reviewed a number of the threads where these issues were discussed and your statement is simply untrue.  Mr. ET was not taking sides.  What he was objecting to was the extreme bias and denial of information by several members of this site concerning the events.  Mr. ET made it unequivally clear that he did not support Israel's aggression in Gaza but he also challenges those who were attempting to "white wash" the actions of other groups who engage in human rights violations.  

I am not going to debate this issue in this thread with you, or elsewhere for that matter, because you have no intention of telling the truth on this issue.  Mr. ET opposes human rights violations anywhere and everywhere.  You only oppose them if they are committed by those whom you are against but you deny they are committed by those whom you support.  That is where the two of you differ. 



by Shekar on

..precisely the same type of spiteful comments by you, the face of SCE on this site, had not been uttered over the past few weeks, perhaps there would have been a lot more comments of support, Mr. ET.  Do you now see the effects of your behavior on  You and other supporters of SCE on this site would have done so much better for your cause if you had promoted care for all of humanity in the heated debates of late, instead of taking sides, something you just did again in this comment.

Give people a bit of time to get over the ill feelings which shadowed the site's morale during an awful time.  Those who have always supported SCE and its cause will come around again to say their minds.  Until then, it won't do you and Ms. Afshin Jam harm if you learned to vocally support and value human life everywhere in the world, specially as pertains lives of innocent children and infants, even if they are not Iranians.

David ET


by David ET on

If the title was "Palestinian boy has 2 weeks to live, and the news would have said that Israel is going to execute him in 2 weeks, would you say the reaction would have been the same?

Bahman may not be Palestinian and only an Iranian! but he too is a human being with human rights.

Take an action