Before and After, A movie to watch!


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by SCE Campaign

David Etebari

Majority of the juvenile cases that lead to execution verdict in Iran have been the results of childish fights that lead to the murder of one of the two (or few) who were involved in the quarrel. Often the accidental outcome of the fight could have different and the one who is accused could have easily ended being the victim. Regardless, in nearly all cases what has been very obvious is that the murders were not intentional or pre-meditated but the judiciary of the Islamic regime in Iran not only have continuously accused the juveniles of intentional murder but they have usually convicted them to death by hanging! (134 juveniles facing execution in Iran and 26 executed since 2005).

Before and After, a 1996 movie starring Meryl Streep is the story of a teenage boy who is being accused of murdering his girlfriend. The series of events and their effects on the families of both the victim and the accused and the community are great examples of the juvenile crimes and their consequences.

Watching the movie one can not avoid thinking of the sad undeniable fact that if the similar likely situation had happened in Iran, the outcome for the accused child would have most likely been very different.

It would be ideal if a copy of the film could even be sent to the head of Iran's judiciary Ayatollah Shahrudi and all the judges who continue sending Iranian juveniles to the execution pole for hanging.

You may obtain the DVD of the movie in stores or online. A copy of the film is also available for viewing on You Tube in 11 segments : //

The following clip includes the murder scene:



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