Amnesty International issues urgent request to save Behnam Zare


SCE Campaign
by SCE Campaign
PUBLIC AI Index: MDE 13/032/2008
05 February 2008

Further Information on UA 230/07 (MDE 13/109/2007, 31 August 2007) imminent execution/child offender

IRAN Behnam Zare' (m), child offender

Child offender Behnam Zare’ is now facing execution within 72 hours. The order to carry out his execution has been sent to the prison where he is held.

Behnam Zare’ was convicted of a murder committed when he was 15 years old. Iran is a state party to international treaties, including the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), which expressly prohibit the execution of child offenders.
Behnam Zare’ has been detained in Adelabad prison, in the south-western city of Shiraz, since his arrest.
The murder reportedly took place on 21 April 2005, when Behnam Zare’ swung a knife during an argument with a man named Mehrdad, wounding him in the neck. Mehrdad later died in hospital. Behnam Zare’ was detained on 13 November 2005; Branch 5 of Fars Criminal Court sentenced him to qesas (retribution) for premeditated murder. Under Article 206 (b) of Iran’s Criminal Code, murder is classed as premeditated “in cases where the murderer intentionally makes an action which is inherently lethal, even if [the murderer] does not intend to kill the person.” The case went on appeal before Branch 33 of the Supreme Court where the sentence was upheld, and it has now been passed to the Office for Implementation of Sentences.

RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please send appeals to arrive as quickly as possible, in Persian, Arabic, English or your own language:
- expressing concern that Behnam Zare’ is in imminent danger of execution for a crime committed when he was under 18;
- calling on the authorities to halt the execution of Behnam Zare’ immediately, and commute his death sentence.


Leader of the Islamic Republic
His Excellency Ayatollah Sayed ‘Ali Khamenei
The Office of the Supreme Leader
Islamic Republic Street - Shahid Keshvar Doust Street
Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran
Salutation: Your Excellency

Head of the Judiciary
Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi
Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Justice Building, Panzdah-Khordad Square,
Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran
Email: (In the subject line write: FAO Ayatollah Shahroudi)
Salutation: Your Excellency


His Excellency Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
The Presidency, Palestine Avenue, Azerbaijan Intersection, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran
via website:

and to diplomatic representatives of Iran accredited to your country.


Check with the International Secretariat, or your section office, if sending appeals after 18 March 2008.

Working to protect human rights worldwide

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A suggestion

by IRANdokht on

It'd be great if the SCE Campaign could provide samples of letters in Farsi and/or English to send to these officials, with a side note that everyone should make some editing and modification to personalize the letters.

that would help people who do not feel comfortable about writing and may increase the number of people who respond to these URGENT CALLS.

Some of us have been away from IRAN since a very young age and may not be familiar with the current written communications and expressions in Farsi.

Or maybe SCE can ask people here to share their letters like Azarin did.

Just an idea...


David ET

Dear Azarin thank you for the letter

by David ET on

If only more people spent little time to write a simple letter or make any effort, than come up with all the reasons in the world not to!! things would have been different by now.

Doing something (anything) instead of only complaining or telling others what to do or not to do! What a noble idea!!


David ET


by David ET on

Yes " Has to be punished for their crime! "

but not executed for it !


sometime, somewhere, someone...

by Anonymo (not verified) on

Has to be punished for their crime!
What about the poor victim who stands up for his/her right?


Where is that cocksucker who is using my name?

by Nadar Vanaki (not verified) on

I am looking for that moron who has posting under my name. Listen motherfucker stop posting under my name. I spell better than you. Yes, it is true I am often called Frank Burns for being such a dick.

Also, I generally express myself better than you. Stop it! You have had me running after my tail for these past few days. Do you tink[sic] it is possible to stop the ivasion[sic]?

Let's kiss and be friends.


PS. So, is it proper to say you are a kirkhor or is it better to say you are a konkesh?

Thanks in advance!

Azarin Sadegh

Text of my letters to Khameni and Shahrudi

by Azarin Sadegh on

This is the text of my email, as an example of the email you can send to I sent a similar letter to Shahrudi: 

His Excellency Ayatollah Sayed ‘Ali Khamenei,

Hi, My name is Azarin Sadegh and I am writing to you regarding Behnam Zare. He is going to be executed very soon for a crime he committed when he was only 15 years old. When I read about him, I remembered my own boys. My older son is going to be 14 years old. As I look at my own son, I realize how immature he is and how easily he can make mistakes. Behnam Zare wasn't much older. His young age should explain the big mistake he made and it is this same mistake that is going to end his life. I am sure he regrets it more than anybody else. As a mother, I am asking for your forgiveness. Please give Behnam a new chance to live, so he can believe in the values of humanity and empathy.  With highest regards, Azarin Sadegh

David ET


by David ET on

I don't know how old you are but Amnesty International was very outspoken about Shah's regime's human rights violations, Savak etc. etc. The records are still available on internet in Amnesty Archives  ...

Again your like the other ID , better check the facts and records before talking about what you don't know.   



by Javad agha (not verified) on

you are one sick doggy, get lost dude.


no credibility

by markux (not verified) on

when this organization begins speaking about the western countries outrageous behavior then it gains credibility and will be listened to by the rest of us, not just the folk who hate the Iranian mullah so much that anything this bankrupt organization dishes out they believe. This is the same organization that was blind to the activities of SAVAK during the Iranian Monarchy. Before you say it, I must say I dislike this new regime as much as the old one, yet at least now we have this organizations and others talking about the issue of children dieing and young men and women being killed for simple "crime " of sex. But go away Amnesty and cleanup your act.


we love amnesty

by Anonymous5 (not verified) on

they are hard working and good people,m better then stupid ugly mullahs don't take shower a years


Real Nader Vanaki Speaks Out

by Nader Vanaki (not verified) on

The moron who posted under my name can not even write correctly. Look at his grammar and you will see that it is the work of the lunatic Kouroush Sassanian.

I have never called for the execution of anyone. Only the loser Kouroush Sassanian who now posts under so many different names (as he has admitted on other postings) wants to grab attention since his poetry work has been such a failure and has nothing more to say other than spread his hate towards IRI, women, and generally anything that he blames for turning him into the loser that he is today.

So enjoy his work here. I will register soon.


to Vanaki:

by aaj sr (not verified) on

Request of a 16 years old applying for a passport or other official documents will be rejected in Iran and he/she required to bring along his/her father as a guarantor or support. Legally, the same applies for business transaction. So how come the same person is an adult and has to be executed?
(I also understand the voting age has increased to 18, but I am not sure).
Here is the rule of jungle.
Another look: Do you honestly think brain of a 16 years old is as developed as a 20-25 years old? Just flash back to your youth/teenage years.
One more point: Iran has signed the UN protocol for protecting under 18 years individuals, if they do not respect thier own signatures, what should the international community do?. Should we apply the same argument in nuclear technology? Should the west trust Iran?. We have to learn respecting international laws if we want international organizations, and countries respecting us.

David ET


by David ET on

The answer is yes. Amnesty is not selective and has many campaigns against US practice of execution, Guatanomo Bay, Abu Gharib, etc etc

Next time before you jump to immature conclusion without any knowledge of what you are talking you may want to do a SIMPLE google search or simply go to and chose the country on your interest (on the right side) and see the campaigns and records!!

Here is a summary of amnesty report on USA human rights violations and you can even see videos. petitions etc ..


Amnesty is an international organization (INCLUDING IRANIAN MEMBERS) that I suggest you also join. They have no preference on the countries and it is not their fault that Iran has the worse record of child executions but is the fault of the Islamic regime. So if you are ONLY concerened about US violations, join  amnesty and may be you can be more useful that way in help humanity than denying the volunteer works of those who do !

So sorry but the joke is on you and your unsubstantiated comments! 



Amnesty Intl., what a Joke!

by farokh2000 on

Is Amnesty International monitoring what US is doing in Iraq and Afghanestan or is it just selective monitoring?

US Soldiers have been torturing,raping and murdering all ages and sexes in these Countries for all these years and no International Body is comndemning them without being chastised, but the select governments are being monitored and advertised all over the World when they are punishing criminals according to their Country's laws!?.

I am NOT defending the Mullahs and their laws for one minute but like it or not, that is their laws and until the people in Iran change this, there is nothing any International Body can do, or should do.

It should be the people of Iran, within their own country who would have to protest against these criminals in charge who have made up Islamic Laws as the country's Laws.It should be the people of Iran who would have to bring these murderers down and replace them with a democratic government.



15 is considered an adult according to IRI

by Al Sefati (not verified) on

I am not pro sharia or pro IRI but mullas' consider a 15 year old kid as an adult so that is why Juvenal laws don't apply to the guy according to their laws.


Humanity is what's lacking

by IRANdokht on

When People don't realize there is a difference between the way a 16 yr old's brain works versus an adult, then you have people who do not understand what this Campaign is about!

is it because their own brain did not mature beyond their teenage years? who knows!

A child who commits a crime is not to be hanged or executed due to an international LAW! and you call this a lawful order???? whose law?

Iran has agreed to obide by international laws, this type of execution is ILLEGAL!




A lawful order

by Nader Vanaki (not verified) on

This person took a life and he has been ordered executed. I do not understand why you are spending all this energy to change a lawful order. This person need to face the results of his conduct. This campaign is for morons. This is what happens when people talk out of their rears.