Alinejad must pay $200,000 or face execution

SCE Campaign
by SCE Campaign
Following last month's order of Iran's head of judiciary, Ayatollah Shahrudi, to have the case of Reza Alinejad resolved through the mediation council, the family of the victim demanded 2 billion Rials (more than $200,000) blood money retribution. Alinejad's family not being able to afford such demand, the file was sent back to office of Ayatollah Shahrudi for final approval of the execution decree. Meanwhile Mohammad Mostafaei, Reza's attorney, told ISNA (Iranian Student News Agency) that Iran's supreme court has agreed to review the case based on the evidences presented by Mostafaei. To read more about Reza Alinejad visit: // and //

To help save Reza and other minors facing executions visit: //


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by P (not verified) on

Im willing to give 5000 dollars. Any others??

Ben Madadi


by Ben Madadi on

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by Anonymous iranian (not verified) on

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Ben Madadi

Such a law :))

by Ben Madadi on

Such a mockery of law, this Islamic Sharia law of retribution. Such a laugh :))

So, a rich man can go on killing innocent people in case he affords... hahahahahahaha (not enough haha...)

Good place a fundamentalist Sharia Islamic country for mass murderers that is! Okay, I'm not blaming Islam. Islam is a great many people's faith and we need to respect it. It is something deeply sensitive. But these rules need to be reformed. They are outdated. In today's world of millinaires and billionaires where camels and sheep no more present significant value and where individual voting rights are powerful enough to bring down the mightiest of politicians, it is no more normal to ask for money in order to forgive somebody's purported crime. And by no means it is okay to be the black sheep of the world and kill people for crimes they have supposedly committed when they were under 18. We need to join the world community. SCE, God bless you folks :)