5 more children added to Iran's execution row

SCE Campaign
by SCE Campaign

The Human Rights Activists group in Iran published a list of 9 Iranian youths who are kept in Rajai-Shahr prison awaiting execution for alleged crimes committed before the age of 18. The prison is located in the city of Karaj in the suburbs of Tehran.
They also sent the list to Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Louise Arbour.

The name of Ali Mahin-Torabi who is also kept in Rajai-Shar prison was missing from the published list. These five names were published for the first time and they were not on SCE's list of 87 Iranian youth facing execution. This increases the number of known cases to 92 juveniles facing executions in Iran for alleged crimes before the age of 18.

The names and ages at the time of alleged crime - held in Rajai-Shar prison with execution verdict:
(new names are shown in bold)

1- Behrouz Shojaee, 16
2- Masoud Kafshir, under 18
3- Mehdi Azimi, under 18
4- Hamed Pour-Heydari, under 18
5- Mostafa Naghdi, under 18
6- Beniamin Rasouli, 15
7- Morteza Feiz, 17
8- Saeed Jazee, 17
9- Hossein Toranj, 17
10- Ali Mahin-Torabi, 17

According to the statistics provided by an Iranian police official about 170 minors can be facing execution in Iran. This number may be even higher as according to the reports, at least a further 15 Afghan juvenile offenders may be under sentence of death.


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I agree, please give details

by Human (not verified) on

Child or not, a human being who is capable of commiting a crime has to be punished.

Please give detail of their crime.


Why don't you say what crimes they committed?

by Kiroush Sassanian (not verified) on

Why don't you write about the types of crimes they committied? You leave the big story out that these men have committed serious crimes like rape and murder! So how would you want to treat these people? I am a victim myself and punsihment does bring relief to the victims and their families. This is justice.