3rd juvenile executed in 2009, 2 others obtained extension.

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by SCE Campaign

Source: roozonline.com


The suspected execution of a minor has been confirmed by Khabar Jonoub newspaper and reported by Roozonline which has identified the deceased under the alphbeticaly abreviated name "AIN.H".

The 20-year old was executed last week in Adel-Abad prison in Shiraz with four others for an offence he committed at the age of 17. Others minors who have been executed recently from that prison include Mohammad Mousavi and Behname Zare. Juveniles Abumoslem Sohrabi and Zarbibi Khajeh remain in danger of execution from that prison.

Two other juveniles : Mohamadreza Haddadi and Mehdi Mazroui were scheduled to be executed in the past two weeks but they both were able to obtain stay of executions. For more information about Haddadi and Mazroui visit: //scenews.blog.com



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