2 days to Delara's execution


2 days to Delara's execution
by SCE Campaign

Q: How can I help save Delara?! 

Here are some ideas but you can come up with your own and let usknow too:

  • Call, faxes and Email Iranian officials : //scenews.blog.com/4817342/
  • Locate the Embassy or interest section of Iran in your home country and call, fax and email them
  • Send email to those on your email list, Post blogs and post bulletins at your social internet networks on Twitter, facebook, care 2, myspace, Orkut, etc. asking them to also take action.
  • Contact by phone, fax and email the media in your country and city and ask them to cover the news. (TV/Radio and Print Media -US Media can be found here)
  • Contact your country leaders & politicians, your local members of parliament and your minister of foreign affairs. (US Officials can be found here)
  • Contact International Organizations
  • Create and share your artwork , music, youtube videos, paintings, poems and writing about Delara with others on internet at schools and alike. Also send a copy to us at info@stopchildexecutions.com
  • Sign the stopchildexecutions petition at www.stopchildexecutions.com

Q. I go to high school andI want to know how my school friends can get more involved?

Q. I feel helpless , whythere are no news on the media? 

Once such human rights news comes out, it takes a day or twountil mainstream media covers it. It also very much depends on the degree ofthe public and official attention to the matter, therefore your reactions makesa difference. Yesterday Amnesty International  and Agence France-Presse (AFP)  bothreported the pending execution and some other international newsagencies and websites in Europe and Asia are also reporting it. There hasnot been much exposure in the United States Media. You can see the latestcurrent international coverage by typing DELARA DARABI in Google and clickingon the NEWS

Q. What is the latest news from Iran? 

Delara's attorney and family along with many ordinarypeople and human rights activists, artists and celebrities are tryingto obtain the pardon of the the family of thevictim. Due to international pressure, the government ofIran has pressured Delara's father who is desperatelytrying to save Delara, to publicly but indirectly in a letterdenounce the coverage of Delara's situation and the SCE documentary that they participatedin 3 years ago which has been broadcasted to Iran from inthe Iranian opposition Satellite Televisions. However based on the historyof prior harrasments of Delara and her family by officials of IslamicRepublic which resulted in 2 years of silence by the family we know thatDelara's family is under pressure from the officials in Iran to make suchdesperate remarks.  In fact the attempt of officials of Islamic republicto silence Darabi family and Delara was an attempt to try to execute Delarawith least attention in Iran and around the world and to try to shift theblame for the pending execution of  Darabi's family's on others. Delarahas been a symbol of the struggle to Stop Child Executions in Iran and herpicture is on the top of websites of the Stop ChildExecutions and her name on top of the SCEpetition. Meanwhile Mr. Khoramshahi Delara's attorney is also making hislast efforts to obtain family's pardon and also obtain an stay of the executionand a retrial to prove that Delara could not have been the cause of the allegedmurder as she was a young petite and fragile left handed sensitivegirl, a poet and a painter while her adult boyfriend who was onlysentenced to 10 years imprisonment was right handed. Hossein is due tobe released in 4 years. It is said that Hossein has contacts inthe judiciary of city of Rasht. The demands to create the re-enactment of thecrime scene has been denied for the past 6 years. Delara's attorney AbdolsamadKhoramshahi is also the attorney for Iranian-American Journalist Roxanna Saberi who was sentenced yesterdayin a one day closed court session to 8 years imprisonment underthe accusation of spying for United States government. 

Q. What has Stop Child Executions done since the news of thepending executions came out on Thursday?

Nazanin Afshin-Jam hasdirectly contacted the United Nations Human Rights commission, Parliamentmembers and officials in Canada and other countries and other human rightsactivists. Through our network of our volunteers we have distributed the newsand action calls to our large internet networks (see below). We have notifiedsome major news agency and human rights organizations and activists worldwide.Nazanin has just landed in Geneva for international summit on racism which isscheduled to speak and is attended by many politicians and 25 internationalhuman rights organizations. (//www.genevasummit.org/

Q. Are there anydemonstrations planned? 

Demonstrations requireprior authorizations from local authorities and considering thatwe practically had 3 days since the news, 2 days of it being weekend,nothing could be arranged. However Amnesty International was able toschedule a demonstration in front of the Iranian Embassy in London at9:00 am Monday morning. Although this may be after the scheduled execution timebut sometimes executions are delayed and also Iranian officials are alreadyaware of such demonstration. If you are in London Area please try to attend://scenews.blog.com/4823719/ 

For latest updateson Delara visit: //SCENEWS.BLOG.COM  

If you have any questionsor last minute suggestions please contact us at mailto:info@stopchildexecutions.com   

Other areas and SCEnetworks are at:

SCE Delara Darabi siteSCE blog iranian.comSCE care2.com siteSCE myspace siteSCE PetitionSCE supporters Facebook.comSCE supporters Gather.comSCE supporters Orkut.comSCE websiteSCE Wikipedia PageSCE YouTube ChannelSolutions to end child execution

Child Execution ROW


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stop child execution

by Ejimadu Emmanuel E. (not verified) on

It is very unfair for the Iranian government to continue executing minors at this age when most parts of the world are agitating for and end to capital punishment. Iran should change its ways.

Darius Kadivar

For Delara ...

by Darius Kadivar on

I would like to dedicate this clip by Googoosh to Delara with the hope that she will not be executed tomorrow:

SCE Campaign

Urgent: Delara to be executed- NO pardon

by SCE Campaign on

Darius Kadivar

The Struggle Continues Indeed ...

by Darius Kadivar on

TURN April 25th Concert in Support FOR SCE Campaign & Human Rights

TURN April 25th Concert into a Moral Support FOR SCE Campaign & Human Rights ! 


The predicament although less dramatic of Roxane Saberi or Hossein Derakhshan a blogger on Iranian.com should Not be Ignored on such an occasion where their names should be reminded !

I hope that some kind of declaration could be made during the April 25th Concert in Support of the SCE Campaign and Why not have Nazanin come and Speak along with the Support of KIOSK and ASLANI ETC ...


My Humble Opinion,


David ET

Nazanin just opened the Geneva Summit for Human Rights

by David ET on

On the wires:

"Opening the conference, Nazanin Afshin-Jam, an Iranian-born human rights activist and co-founder of Stop Child Executions, issued a broadside against the Islamic Republic and its president, who is scheduled to address the U.N. conference on Monday.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Supreme Leader Ali Khameini "do not represent the people of Iran," Afshin-Jam said, "but represent a regime of intolerance and the most brutal human rights violations one could imagine."

The Struggle Continues

But today Let's save Delara

rosie is roxy is roshan


by rosie is roxy is roshan on

on this previous SCE thread and also some good information about her and the case in the blog itself.



rosie is roxy is roshan

Well, Jav,

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

life is full of pleasant surprises. Hopefully for Delara too on Monday. I'm sure JJ is working on it. Keep up the great work and don't forget to get some sleep You need it. :o)



by javaneh29 on

I have submitted a brief article for the news section. I will suprised if JJ publishes it.... nicely I might add.

Many sites for up to date info

www.amnestyinternational.com look under events for info about the demo on Monday.



rosie is roxy is roshan

When there are international groundswells such as

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

Delara's against IRI human rights attrocites they actually HAVE WORKED. They have.

Those not on Death Row are treated better than otherr prisoners most of the time. As for those on Death Row, when there is a reprieve, and it has happened, it always comes at the eleventh hour.

This is the tenth hour.

Please do something. Not today. NOW.

Cameron A. Batmanghlich

فرصت به دل آرا براي جلب رضايت خانواده مقتول

Cameron A. Batmanghlich

گروه حوادث؛ تلاش ها براي جلب رضايت  اولياي دم در پرونده دل آرا دارابي همچنان ادامه دارد.

به گزارش خبرنگار ما، طي چند روز گذشته که تلاش ها براي جلب رضايت اولياي دم آغاز شده بود اولياي دم شرايطي را براي خانواده دل آرا مطرح کردند تا در صورت فراهم آمدن آن شرايط در مورد رضايت فکر کنند. در حالي که تلاش ها در اين خصوص همچنان ادامه دارد شنيده ها حکايت از آن دارد که آيت الله هاشمي شاهرودي رئيس قوه قضائيه حکم قصاص دل آرا را براي مدت محدودي متوقف کرده است تا اين دختر نقاش فرصت جلب رضايت از اولياي دم را داشته باشد.

پيش از اين خبر رسيده بود دل آرا تا چند روز ديگر قصاص خواهد شد و خانواده دل آرا و فعالان اجتماعي تلاش گسترده يي را براي جلب رضايت فرزندان داغدار مقتول آغاز کرده اند.

دل آرا دارابي که از سال 82 به جرم قتل دختر عموي پدرش زنداني است طي چند روز گذشته روزهاي پراضطرابي را گذرانده است. خانواده دل آرا طي نامه يي از رئيس قوه قضائيه خواسته بودند حکم قصاص دل آرا را متوقف کند تا بتوانند در اين مدت از اولياي دم رضايت بگيرند. آنها همچنين نامه يي خطاب به اولياي دم نوشتند و از آنها خواستند با گذشت از قصاص يک بار ديگر به دل آرا که از 17 سالگي در زندان است فرصت زندگي بدهند.

خانواده دل آرا بارها تاکيد کرده اند در غم فرزندشان مهين شريک و آنها هم داغدار مرگ اين زن مهربان و فداکار هستند.

شنيده ها حاکي است طي چند روز گذشته بسياري از چهره هاي هنري و سياسي با فرزندان مقتول صحبت کرده و از آنها خواسته اند از قصاص دل آرا صرف نظر کنند. فرزندان مهين نيز با صبوري پاي صحبت اين افراد نشسته و به گفت وگو پرداخته اند اما هنوز در مورد اينکه به متهم پرونده قتل مادرشان رضايت خواهند داد يا خير صحبتي نکرده اند.

فعالان مدني بر اين باورند توقف حکم قصاص دل آرا براي مدتي کوتاه فرصت مناسبي است تا اولياي دم نسبت به تصميم خود بيشتر فکر کنند و خانواده دل آرا تلاش دوباره خود را براي جلب رضايت آنان آغاز کنند. هرچند دل آرا مدعي است در قتل مهين نقشي نداشته اما او به همراه پسر مورد علاقه اش در قتلگاه حضور داشته و همين امر باعث شده است پيکان اتهام به سوي او نشانه گرفته شود. //www.etemaad.ir/Released/88-01-30/97.htm#141089

rosie is roxy is roshan


by rosie is roxy is roshan on

then do the rest? Because we have to get OTHERS to do the rest with us, the general readership who look at the top of the homepage and the articles far more than blogs.

(Repost from last SCE blog). 


by rosie is roxy is roshan on

The information about Delara MUST be prominently displayed on Iranian.com TODAY or she will die on Monday. The blogs are not enough. Many general readers do not read them.  

SCE says below they sent Delara in as Iranian of the Day and her paintings and a poem as an article two days ago. Yet as I look at the homepage, they have not been published. SCE, RESEND THEM! They may not have been  received. Jahanshah, PLEASE request them immediately if you didn't get them.

There is also a newsfeed about the major protest on Monday at IRI embassy  in London. It ihasn't been featured. This is a worldwide campaign. IT CAN WORK. Please prevail upon jj to feature this information properly.  It MUST BE NOW.

Yes, by all means, send your letters, faxes, phone calls. They have worked in the past. But RIGHT NOW the most important thing is to GET the materials where the GENErAL READERSHIP can see them.   iiranian.com is THE LARGEST IRANIAN WEBSITE IN THE WORLD. The MOST important way to be effective right now,, and I mean RIGHT NOW, is to ensure our HUGE audience sees these materials.  

THIS IS THE SINGLEMOST IMPORTANT  VEHICLE FOR DELARA IN THE WORLD. One half million hits per MONTH from INDIVIDUAL computers. Tomorrow is Sunday. Monday there is a noose and a victory for the REAL criminals and a loss for every one of us and for the soul and future of Iran.

Please read Delara's TWO poem she wrote from prison and view her paintings on the link I gave you in my last post.