17 year old Iranian child was executed this morning

SCE Campaign
by SCE Campaign

source: Human Rights Activists, Iran

Mohammad Hassan-zadeh, a 17 year old Iranian boy was executed this morning in the western city of Sanandaj. Mohammad was convicted of murder at the age of 15.

Mohammad's name was not on the SCE list of 97 Iranian children facing death penalty in Iran and we had no knowledge of his case. It is highly likely that there are many other children facing execution whose name and whereabouts are unknown. Despite international condemnations, on a new killing spree Iran's judiciary has started to execute more Iranian children.


اعدام کودکي17 ساله در سنندج




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Q, did I specifically call

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

Q, did I specifically call you a “leftist? No I didn’t. And yes, just like the confused rhetoric comes out of you guys on 24/7 basis, I will keep, forever, repeating the fact, not the fiction, that it was leftists, Islamic Marxists, and Islamic forces who, together, destroyed Iran in 1979, and are still haven’t give up their destructive rhetoric. And as far as my name, its actually Tilla Tequilla, you happy? How can you who simply call yourself “Q” accuse someone else of not telling tell true name? Hypocrisy is evident in everything you guys say and do. It’s amazing. Furthermore, I believe the public opinion war we wage against the IRI is crucial in our attempts to counter the regime and hopefully someday help to remove it. And I believe when you guys write articles apologizing for the IRI, it has destructive impact on our efforts to counter the regime. So it’s not about whether I agree or disagree with you or not. It’s about the fact that we are at a crucial moment in our history and you guys just simply don’t get it. Finally, calling me a “Nazi” is just sad on your part.


You sound like a diehard

by Anonymoundo (not verified) on

You sound like a diehard Republican. If you critisize my country, you are unpatriotic.


Thank you SCE for making

by jamshid on

Thank you SCE for making people aware of child execution in Iran. Although your efforts could not avoid this boy's execution, but I guarantee you that due to your campaigns, the government in Iran will constantly have second thoughts about future child executions. 

This boy died, but perhaps many others who could otherwise be executed in the future, are already saved thanks to your efforts.

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

Farhad perhaps some mourn.....

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

Perhaps some mourn in silence because they are totally speechless,  shocked and disgusted that still,  in this day and age the loss of life continues.

Implementing the death penalty on a person does not bring back the life of another.

Solh va Doosti



Why are you briging this up?

by Se Shod (not verified) on

Why are you talking about problems inside Iran? Who gave you permission? If the teenager was executed by the Islamic Republic authorities then he must've deserved it.

Iran is progressing under the Islamic Republic. We have nuclear power, dammit. So what if we still have to import 60% of our refined oil? Lot's of our brave second class citizens (i.e. women) go to universities. So what if many of them will have no either jobs or career prospects or equal pay and condition as their superiors (i.e. men)?

So, stop hating on Iran's progress. Focus on diverting attention form haters of Islamic Republic’s glorious achievements by continually talking about US and Israel, Neo-cons and Zionists. If there are any problems inside Iran it's their fault. Talk about them and only THEM. Is that understood?


Dear Kashani,

by Q on

first, I'm not a "leftist" or any other unsubstantiated BS that keeps coming to your mind on regular basis. Second, who the hell are you, Farhard Kashani (if that is your real name) to judge? What have you done in your "response"? You did not even talk about the execution. I find it in poor taste for you to use this sad occasion just to attack people whose writing you don't approve of elsewhere, instead of focusing on the problem that you claim to care deeply about.

I have never heard you talk about Hitler, even though there have been a few discussions here about him. By your own logic, this is because you are a Nazi.

This is a definite human rights violation and I hope Iranians don't stand for any more of it, and work to stop child executions everywhere.


The world does not turn around the Kurds.

by Anonymoundo (not verified) on

There have been many teenagers from different parts of Iran got executed by the government not just the Kurds.
Kurds are not the only group of people witnessing the human rights violations or poverty, the whole country is.

Azarin Sadegh

It's not so easy to be brave in Iran

by Azarin Sadegh on

I know someone who died in prison after being arrested for some stupid anti-regime joke that he said in a taxi in Tehran. It was in 90's. The taxi driver took him to Committee and then after 10 days his family received a phone call asking them to go pick up their son's body. Plus they were strongly advised to remain silent otherwise they could die the same way from a heart attack.

These parents had other kids and grandkids, a home, a life and they were too old to leave. They couldn't be easily brave. So they just followed the orders and didn’t make any noise and didn’t organize any funeral.

It's not very easy to be brave in Iran...or even here. You see...many of these sad poeple here are unregistered users but it doesn't mean they're cowards.



can't stay quiet anymore...

by IRANdokht on

Then do something!

Call the numbers listed in the SCE website and voice your concern for the ones who are still waiting to be hanged

SCE did not know about this 17 year old boy but they have a long list of children convicted and sentenced to death.

Click here:  //scenews.blog.com/3203302/



as long as we are silent they kill us one by one.

by zareen (not verified) on

I am so disgusted, for how long ,the brave!!! Iranians stay quiet!!where are the mothers ? why are they silent? why don't they run to the streets? where are the parents of all those youth killed in 63-64? are they waiting in lines for coupons? were are the brave man of Iran? were are the bleeding mothers ????


signe and save other juveniles

by Babak Pirouzian (not verified) on


You may have seen "Some-Day" in English, however the lyric in Farsi/Persian give hopes for a "Progressive Revolution".
Hope you enjoy and spread the word for a good cause.


I see all these great

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

I see all these great Iranians expressing their sadness to this news by posting reponses to it on this site, and I don't see a single reponse by any of these anti American, leftist, IRI apologists who waste no time bashing Neo Cons, The West, and others, but they have kept a dark silence on this news. They spend hours writing article bashing everything about the U.S, and Iranisn who oppose then, but they haven't posted a single comment to this horrible act of barbarism by the IRI. Where is Dariush, Tara, Q, Mammad, and all the other people? Where are they now?

ebi amirhosseini

Poor Kid !!

by ebi amirhosseini on

 So Sad,Sad,Sad

This poem is for him


از اين گونه مردن...

می خواهم خواب اقاقیاها را بمیرم.

در نسیمی کوتاه
که به تردید می گذرد
خواب اقاقیاها را

می خواهم نفس سنگین اطلسی ها را پرواز گیرم.

در باغچه های تابستان،
خیس و گرم
به نخستین ساعات عصر
نفس اطلسی ها را
پرواز گیرم.

حتا اگر
زنبق کبود کارد
بر سینه ام
گل دهد -
می خواهم خواب اقاقیاها را بمیرم در آخرین فرصت گل،
پو عبور سنگین اطلسی ها باشم
بر تالار ارسی
به ساعت هفت عصر

  احمد شاملو


The Pursuit of Arbitrary

by moreatrocities (not verified) on

The Pursuit of Arbitrary Detention Committe Meeting on the First Anniversary of Ghassaban, Tavakoli and Mansuri Arrest
On Monday 19 May 2008, at the first anniversary of the Polytechnic University Students arrest, Majid Tavakoli, Ehsan Mansuri and Ahmad Ghassaban, a meeting was held by "the Committee of the Arbitrary Detention". The families of the arrested students, students of different universities, some political activists and lawyers participated in this meeting. Ali Nikoonesbati, who was recently sentenced to 5 months imprisonment, was first speaker of this meeting. He pointed out the judicial cases of some student activists with many ambiguities in investigation and legal proceedings. After that, the letter of Majid Tavakoli's mother, who has not seen her son since his arrest (one year ago), was read. Abbas Hakimzadeh, the member of the Islamic Association of Polytechnic University Students who was arrested after the event of fabricated press and spent more than one month in prison, told briefly about his arrest.



Arzhang Davoodi Enters his

by moreatrocities (not verified) on

Arzhang Davoodi Enters his 50th Day of Hunger Strike

Tehran Polytechnic news website reports on Arzhang Davoodi's ongoing hunger strike which is now in its 7th week.

It is the only way left for him to protest against the wrongs which he has suffered, extra-judicial sentencing, confiscations of his private belongings, threats of exile to remote prisons and worst of all, the Islamic authorities will not even issue him with a written statement of his sentence and what he has been condemned to!

Instead of meeting his simple and basic demands, the Evin prison governor's response to Arzhang's hunger strike was to transfer him to Rajayi-Shahr prison where he is now kept with violent common criminals.

Azarin Sadegh

Terrible news!

by Azarin Sadegh on

I am just speechless. I realize that it could be just our silence that kills.



its sad

by Mati on

Liberals care a lot more about human rights than conservatives... Singapore, Japan, Taiwan and the U.S. are the only fully developed countries that have retained the death penalty. You can see the list of underdeveloped and developing countries that do not use capital punishment. //upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/cb/Death_Penalty_World_Map.png THE VERY FACT THAT UNITED STATES IS CLAIMING TO BE LIBERALORER OF IRAQ UNDER A CONSERVITAVE ADMINISTRATION MEAN WHILE THEY WERE NUMBER FIVE IN EXECTOTION IN 20O7 GOES TO SHOW A NOTHER POINT HYPOCRACY. MRX1 you protest the idea of dialog with Iran when It the only civilized ways to change things. In the end of the day if all else fail with speaking with Iran. That would give you conservatives a stronger argument to go on with your old and dead ended ways of ignoring Iran. P.S The sanctions don’t hurt Iran they hurt the people of Iran and have had no effect on the Iran the past 30 years.


Another cruel act by....

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

Another Kurd killed by this fascist regime. and many to come, till the day we stand against them and liberate our country....unfortunately there is long way as we are still not united because of our different political belief and agenda.



by Zion on

This is truly frightening and disgusting at the same time.
Shervin33 the numbers says it all, especially when you remember that the population of China is more than one order of magnitude larger than Iran. Shame on all their effective apologists here and elsewhere.
This madness has to stop. These criminals have to go, fo all our sakes.


tell that

by MRX1 (not verified) on

to all the liberal idiots in U.S and Europe. specialy hollywood types, obama types, folks that always like to talk to the regime and don't do anything else. sadly this will not be the first or last time we will be vitnessing this.


Most Executions carried out

by shervin33 (not verified) on

Most Executions carried out in 2007

Country Number
China 470+
Iran 317+
Saudi Arabia 143+
Pakistan 135+
USA 42
Iraq 33+


very possibly

by Anonymousam (not verified) on

it's very possible that he was just framed for the murder like many kurds and other minority youths who have been accused of crimes and executed.
this is absolutely outrageous!



by Sad Reader (not verified) on

I'm so sorry for the loss of life...


This is Islam! Well-done!

by sad (not verified) on

This is Islam! Well-done!