15 year old Kurdish boy executed in Iran: report says

SCE Campaign
by SCE Campaign
Source: kurdishaspect.com

On July 31, 2008 Kurdish Aspect website reported that a 15 year old Kurdish Iranian boy was executed along with 4 adults for helping Kurdish PJAK guerrillas.

"Five people, one of whom was a fifteen-year-old boy, were executed in an open field in Tebriz. Iran disregarded the condition in Islam which bans the execution of people before reaching adulthood when it came to the fifteen-year-old Kurdish boy." the website added.

"There are two main international agreements that ban the execution of children: Children's Rights Agreement [of the UN General Assembly] and the [International Covenant on] Civil and Political Rights. Iran had approved both. Iran's executions of children is expected to be brought up in a report in the UN General Assembly in September." The website continued.

There were no mention of the name of the executed juveniles. There are at least 4 more juveniles known to have been executed so far in 2008. No other country is known to have executed a juvenile offender in 2008.

Join more than 17,000 others worldwide by signing the petition to stop child executions in Iran at www.stopchildexecutions.com


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Maybe instead of condemning

by Hashem (not verified) on

Maybe instead of condemning the Iranian government, you people should be condemning the Kurdish terrorist separatists for recruiting children in the first place and getting them to perform horrific crimes against other Iranians.

And let’s have some compassion for the juveniles that have been killed by the Kurdish separatist terrorists.

I am astound by the ignorance of the people who are willing to lash out at the Iranian regime at any chance they have, even if it means supporting separatist murderers.

Babak Khorramdin

IRI = notoriously cruel regime

by Babak Khorramdin on

and it continues to demonstrate that it is ready and willing to execute innocent people.





Jahanshah Rashidian

News Goffer

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

I do not like and beleive in this word too.

Vatanforoosh, among other accusations, is a quotation of pro-IRI materials on this site referring to the IRI's opposition. Perhaps, a site can be responsible when aiding and abetting to materials published by followers of a criminal regime inciting racial, ethic, religious, oppositional hatred. An example of can be seen in the comment sector of the below article:


Read please on the comment sector names like Mehdi, Shiny Head, Malekeh, Mostaghel and their positions on this massacre. These people are all registered and have the audacity to defend IRI's obvious crimes as those of political prisoners of 1988. These people and a number of others, more cautiously, have also sympathy for the IRI's lobby groups in the West, which fend for a IRI's survival at any cost, even at the cost of massacre of such "vatanforoosh."

The position that advocates the massacre of thousands of political prisoners in 1988 and leaves comments as how such a massacre is a normal punishment of "vatanforoosh", should be considered as a criminal offense. In my opinion, people who leave such a criminal message are guilty of aiding and abetting in incitement to hatred and violence against our people by defending massacre of 88 or supporting a bunch of criminals who deny the Holocaust.

I am not an expert but I like that some one explains the limit or plain right of expression they become in a free site.


IR leaders must be tried in World Court

by Teerdaad (not verified) on

Mr. Rashidian,

You are right to the point. IR lobbyists and apologists could care less about mass executions in Iran. They are in full support of 30 years of reign of terror in Iran. Their only goal is to keep the murderous Theocracy in power. IR is a totalitarian religious dictatorship. Mullahs' lobbyists and supporters claim it is a "vibrant quasi-democracy"!!!!


Thank you

by IRANdokht on

I hope everyone who signs the petition considers forwarding the link to their contact list as well to let everyone know how important it is to speak up!  This petition has been around for a long time and some of your friends might not have even heard about it. Please spread the word.

Unfortunately executing people under false pretenses is not a new phenomenon in Iran.

SCE, Amnesty International and other human rights groups have proven that by speaking up against these injustices and their criminal actions, we can all help to save lives.


News Goffer

Dear Mr. Rashidian

by News Goffer on

I am a little surprised at your question!  As you may have observed, there are people who have signed all similar petitions before you and there are those who would sign them after you.  Yours is just another signature of the many well-meaning and concerned individuals who put their signatures to such documents.

I should hope that you signed the petition because you truly believed in its cause, and not because you somehow felt pushed into doing it.  That way, it would be immaterial who else signs the petition, wouldn't it?  A 15-year-old-boy is a child who must be protected and nurtured and educated and developed into a responsible citizen of any community.  His execution under any claim is immoral and inhumane and must be condemned. 

I cringe at the word "vatanforoosh" anytime I see anonymous and unregistered users use it.  There is so much hate, so much wasted energy, and contempt for people in that expression.  My hope is that nobody ever uses that words against a nation who inside Iran or outside, are trying their best to make sense of what is happening in their country and how to help those inside it.  I urge you as a prominent member of this community to refrain from using that word, because your usage of that word somehow treats it as a "normal" word around the table, helping to further the insensitivity which seems to be building around such vile name calling of our fellow citizens.  I think thinkers and writers and intellectuals have to choose their words a lot more carefully and responsibly than lay people.  That's what I think.

Jahanshah Rashidian


by Jahanshah Rashidian on

Thanks for the piece and petition. As usual, I signed the list of petition and am affected by this new IRI's brutality against a minor of other thinkers. This crime is a double crime: 1- it is against a minor. 2- it is against another other thinker.

By the way, has someone ever seen a name of "vatanprast" and heartfelt believers in their showcase of "quasi democracy" signing on such a list of petition? Unless the full-hired recruits of the IRI and its hobby groups on this site claim that the 15-year boy was a "vatavforoosh!"