100 000 dollars in blood money


100 000 dollars in blood money
by SCE Campaign

Reza Alinejad's family had their last mediation with the family of the victim and it was concluded that the Alinejad family would have to pay $100,000 as blood money "diyeh" in order for the officials not to execute Reza.

Their home is worth $50 000 so they are using that as a security deposit. They now need another  $50,000.00. They are currently fundraising in Iran and asking some banks for loans.  They have asked that if anyone can help front some money for them to borrow in order to meet the deadline next week, they would eventually pay them back.

If anyone is interested they can write to info@stopchildexecutions.com and we will put you directly in touch with the Alinejad family.


Reza Alinejad was no more than 17 years old when he defended himself and his friend Hadi Abedini in fight with two other boys that landed him in prison for the last six years in Adel Abad in Shiraz, Iran.

He is now 21 years old.

Reza Alinejad and his friend Hadi Abedini were on the sidewalk of
Emamzadeh Hassan busy eating when they were reproached by two men
Esmail Dooroodi and Mohammad Firouzi. Insults were exchanged which triggered a fight.

The two men were concealing Nunchucks (martial arts tool) under their clothes and tried to hit Alinejad and his friend.

Alinejad defended himself with a knife in one hand while protecting his face with the other hand. Without intending to kill Dooroodi, his knife cut his neck which ended up being fatal.

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by IRANdokht on

I am not sure what your intentions are here, but mocking the urgent need of a family who's asking for help to save their child from death is not really funny.



Send a request to HAMAS

by Iva (not verified) on

They taking suitcases full of $$$ donated by akhonds back to their homes, I am sure they can afford $50K to be given back to Iranians whose really own the money. However, being HAMAS and "nokareh" akhonds, HAMAS leaders are pro killing of children for their cause (read fortune).