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by Sbolch

Every day we’re confronted by circumstances that range from the worrisome to the inspiring. What do you find most compelling in the world right now? How might this impact our future? What influence can you have on this situation?

My junior year in high school I interned in a first grade classroom every Tuesday for a semester. During the semester I worked one on one with Blake, a six year old diagnosed with high functioning Asperger Syndrome; led the students in raising and handling chicks; made continents out of Play-Doh and assisted students in writing their first creative stories. I discovered that I want to work with youth and prepare them to ease into the “real world.”

The Real World does not have enough childishness in it. Not childishness in the sense of first grade curriculum, but in form of raw creativity, observation, naïve abstractions, and playfulness that children are taught to grow out of. This worries me. I do not want to isolate myself from the bizarre and entertaining world around me in order to join a working class of logical thinkers. And I do not want the students I taught to surrender to an adolescence of thoughtless five-paragraph-essay production; they should discuss and ask questions, stare just as long at the pictures and the story they find in it as they spend time reading.

The children I interacted with made me hopeful and worried at the same time; they can bring some whole hearted curiosity into the world, and yet their questions may fade, they may think they have the answers or that they’ll never receive them. As a teacher I want to ignite a style of life long curiosity and observation that will not die out.


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Someone said, to teach is to learn twice

by didani on

It is great to hear that you have found your passion so early in life. And so early in life, you are SO right.

ebi amirhosseini

Dear Sbolch

by ebi amirhosseini on

You either love being a techer or  you donot,there is nothing in between.I believe you are among few who love being one.When I used to teach ,I loved every minute of it & I really miss those days.Anyhow,just never forget:

A sitting teacher is like a sitting horse!

Good luck & keep up the good work.

Ebi aka Haaji


Very very smart

by sima on

I think it is not only wonderful and heart-warming to see young people with this kind of vision and dedication getting into education, but it is also very smart. Napoleon said one terrific thing and that was "imagination rules the world."

I think the only thing that not only makes life worth living but will actually save the world right now is cultivated imagination. I think you are making a very smart decision to be part of the world of actively cultivating imagination, Sbolch. All power to you.



by yolanda on

 It is absolutely cool to be a teacher! When I look back my life, some teachers have impacted me for life 'cause they are  great role models for me. The teachers I admire are super knowledgeable, kind, and humorous. They have homorous approach to teaching and learning. They have made learning fun for students! I am truly grateful to them for life.  I read somewhere that "To teach is to touch a life forever!" Students not only learn the academics from you, they see you day in and day out, they see how you live your life. It is very important to try to be a great teacher. If your students forget the academics, they may remember your jokes, if they forget your jokes, hopefully they remember that you are a great person and you care about them!

Good luck! 


Delaram Banafsheh (Yolanda)

"Cactus in the Desert"

Multiple Personality Disorder

Keep imagination alive

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

As adults we quickly forget about the time when as children we often lived in an imaginary world.  So much effort is made to take the children away from that world.  I hope you can teach your students to keep the spirit on imagination alive for the rest of their lives.


Nazy Kaviani

Dear Sbolch

by Nazy Kaviani on

You sound like you will not only make a great teacher, you are also a person full of love and attention to your environment.

Like you, I believe that real world does not have enough childishness in it, and all my efforts to feed the world its needed dose of childishness seems to not be enough! More people have to join us, I guess!

You sound delightful and ready to embark upon new adventures in learning and teaching in your life. All the power to you and good luck with those essays!


I want you as My teacher any time

by Monda on

This is clear and concise! Any school should be delighted to have You in their student body. Much luck to you!