Iranian daily: "Azerbaijani Salman Rushdi killed"

Iranian daily: "Azerbaijani Salman Rushdi killed"
by Savalan

"Jomhouri Eslami", an Iranian daily, reported on killed Azerbaijani journalist and writer Rafiq Tagı, calling him "Azerbaijani Salman Rushdie."

Rafiq Tağı, 61, against whom an execution Fatwa had been issued by an Iranian Grand Ayatollah, died four days after being stabbed several times in a late-night attack on November 19 in Bakı, Azerbaijan.

"Jomhouri Eslami" claims that, because Rafigh Tagı had insulted the prophet Muhammad, he was hated by people of Azerbaijan. According to the Iranian daily, Grand Ayatollah Fazel Lankarani, ordered Rafiq's death after people of Azerbaijan asked for a Fatwa against the journalist.



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"Hated by people of Azerbaijan"

by cyrousg1 on

I've been to Baku on numerous occasions and believe me the 'people of Azerbaijan' are some of the most secular Muslims you could meet. Even Iranians who will go out of their way to say they hate Islam have Islam more engrained in their DNA than Azeris from Baku who had the best part of the 20th century under sovietism. I seriously doubt they would stab an Azeri from Iran over insults to the prophet. If it was a Russian maybe, as they would take it as some form of cultural insult from their former slavic masters but not an Azeri. I ain't buying the I.R.I's spin for a second but these days nobody believes a word they say.