Iran, Diversity, Democracy and Federalism

by Savalan

Idris Ahmedi is a PhD candidate at the Department of Political Science, Stockholm University!

Idris Ahmedi will discuss contending perspectives on the future of Iran with respect to its ethnic diversity. Is diversity a threat to Iran's territorial integrity, or a facilitator to the rise of meaningful democracy?

Like many countries in the Middle East, Iran is multiethnic or multinational. Like all states in the region, the Iranian state embarked on a project of "nation-building" at the beginning of the 20th century. Nation-building in Iran was essentially an attempt to create a monolithic "Iranian nation" by suppressing ethnic diversity and imposing Persian ethnic identity on the other ethnic communities.


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Mohammad Ala

Cho Iran Nabashad, tan-e-man mabad

by Mohammad Ala on

Iran is a multi-cultural society.  Lands taken by Russian including Azerbaijan must be returned to the mother land, Iran because 100 years agreement was over few years ago.

As a deep rooted Azeri, Iran is NOT separable from its ethnic groups.

Ajar Iran olmasa, benim vojodom olma sin (Cho Iran Nabashad, tan-e-man mabad).



by afshin on



He has some points

by hirre on

But the overall situation isn't that dramatic, else these groups would have gotten rid of different rulers many many decades ago...

Darius Kadivar

With a Name like "Idris" ain't he confusing Iran and Libya ? ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on