by Savalan

So, now most Americans are up on their Football (aka Soccer) basics—i.e., the World LOVES Football and for some tis the almost the air they breathe, just ask the South Americans or even the Africans! In Iranian Azerbaijan, they love their football, but more importantly love and want equal rights with the dominant Persian group. Enter the Tiraxtur FC.

Tiraxtur Sazi matches are a fascinatingly sad scene—Azerbaijani fans demanding equal rights.

A top team that gathers a crowd—this video claims more than 120, 000 in and out of the stadium—founded in 1970 with the official name Teraktor Sazi Tabriz Football Club. Yes, there are several variances to the name, but my Azerbaijani sources tell me they prefer to use (and spell) as Tiraxtur.

ADAPP News disseminated the news of yesterday’s protest in Tabriz. (Click here to subscribe!) The first media article (there are several citizen-sources) is available atRadio Free Europe/Radio Liberty site and I’ve also included it below.

The gist of this story: Azerbaijanis are tired, frustrated, and simply just want the same rights we all enjoy. The Government and the dominant Persian group owe them at least that much. However, hope on this might be dim as the Tiraxtur team is prohibited from having fans in attendance for its next two matches. Something tells me fans will find another way to support and demand equal rights. And here’s hoping the international community hears their voices.



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To Pirooz

by kingpillaroffaith on

They are not saying they are not Iranians. They are asking for more rights to educate their children in Turkish language at school. What is Uniranian about this?

Each province should have a second language taught in schools (Kurdish, Arabic, Turkish, Balochi, etc...)...What is wrong with that? How does that translate into being against Iran??


Sargord Pirouz

Wow. I'm 1/4 Azari-Iranian,

by Sargord Pirouz on


I'm 1/4 Azari-Iranian, and I agree with the comments below. My Azari-Iranian great grandfather personally wrote the 1906 Constitution. This side of my family identifies itself as Iranian from the beautiful city of Tabriz.

Louie Louie

Sahammedine Ghiasi

by Louie Louie on

You are so right, that's what I always say, I mean after thousands of years of civilization and different races coming and going how can one say you are a true Persian, Turk, Kurd, Arab, or whatever ethnicity one can think of.



sedigheh khanum

by abbasgolikhan on

the azarbaijanis from both side of the border have a great word for all of the traitors and that is :SIKDIR . IRI may not be the what everybody wants but everybody hates VatanFrooshs and traitors.

Sahameddin Ghiassi

We are one

by Sahameddin Ghiassi on

There no Turks or Kurds or Persian or... we are one body. We should be united and have a strong country. Like Europe. We are one and we were one. The disunity is a plan of great powers who want us to fight with each other. Love and Unity. We are just Middle Eastern Countries. Turkish is fine arts, Persian is sweet and all of us are just brothers and sisters. The fight between Kurds and Turk is not good, we should be united. Viva all of us. Do not separate us, we are one. In China there are over sixty nations, but all of them say they are from China, so we are one all Middle Eastern countries and South Europe is one, it was one. We are in each other. All of us have the same blood. Kurdish, Turkish, Persian, Baluch, Pashton, Lors and.... are one. Even Greek and Italian are in our bloods. From China to the North Europe all the people living there is one race and one and they are mixed with each other.

Louie Louie

Gives voice to half of Iran

by Louie Louie on

Turks without bloodshed have taken over Iran! Don't you know? You walk in Tehran and sometimes you think you are in Tabriz!

I'm not sure you can find pure Persian in Iran anymore. We've got little bit of this and little bit of that, so, nice try!


so do we

by MRX1 on

you don't hear us complaining when you spell Tiraxtur 

and mess up a lot of words! get a life lady,