CNN: Photojournalist Reza captures war and revolution from Azerbaijan

by Savalan

Photojournalist Reza has captured startling images from Azerbaijan for over 20 years. Reza has worked as photojournalist for National Geographic since 1991. Reza has visited more than 100 countries in last 20 years.

Images of Azerbaijan - Photojournalist shows how country has changed in last 20 years. Reza has photographed the changing landscape of Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan in Focus: CNN takes a closer look at the country and its economy.



 فروپاشی شوروی - استقلال آذربایجان، حوادث قره باغ و فاجعه خوجالی از زبان رضا دقتی؛ خبرنگار- عکاس سرشناس در مصاحبه با جیم کلانسی خبرنگار شبکه تلویزیونی سی ان ان.


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