Atheist writer Rafigh Taghi killed in Azerbaijan

Atheist writer Rafigh Taghi killed in Azerbaijan
by Savalan

Rafig Taghi, the writer, died at the hospital 4 days after being stabbed in the street. He said before his death he suspects Iranian agents or radical islamists in this crime. Taghi, author of anti-Islamist and anti-Iranian regime articles, spent one year in prison for inciting religious hatred by insulting prophet Mohammed in 2006. Iranian ayatollah Lankarani issued then a fatwa suggesting to kill Rafig Taghi for his writings.



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S.O.S Iranians dying under Inquisition ! its now in 2011

by Shemirani on

Stop killing our people, bunch of talebans, murderers....fatwa toon bokhore too saretoon psychopathes !!

we don't have a single day without a horrible news :(((((



Very disturbing....

by Disenchanted on


        Why Human rights org. is quiet about this?