Ahmadinejad spoke Turkish in Azerbaijan - Hypocrisy

by Savalan

The demagogic president of Iran speaks in Turkish to the crowd in earthquake stricken region of Iranian Azerbijan. (Iranian government has been accused of ignoring the deadly earthquake by media and Azerbaijani MPs)


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He'll be talking Yiddish soon!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

He would do anything to save the rear end of himself , his boss khamenei, and their respective thieving, murdering and corrupt family from their certain fate. Only last week, while our azari brothers and sisters were burried alive under the rubble, this cowardly malijak was busy  begging the saudi wahabi king for support. The same Saudi Wahabi king which has been asking US to attack Iran!

Desperate times, desperate actions!



by Rea on



using word ' ignorant' would be a personal attack

by مآمور on

and you are one rude person!!!

I wear an Omega watch



by asadabad on

You spend your entire life following the stupid and false religion called shiism but you still don't know basic Arabic.  How can you be so ignorant???

It is "ana atakalam-alughatool-arabiya" not the trash you wrote.  



انا تکلم اللغه العربیه


 وهذا ایضا کذب؟؟

do u have problem with people speaking multiple-languages??

I wear an Omega watch

First Amendment


by First Amendment on

We all know by now.............and for obvious reasons I can't go to its details......the foreigners ( the generic word for ill-wishers) had many plans for the poor earthquake stricken people.................I'm happy to report that everything is under control..........our beautiful beloved homeland is more united than ever...............Sorry, Quardash........you have to wait for the next shake..................