PLEASE create a recipe/food section!!!!

PLEASE create a recipe/food section!!!!
by sarshar45

i would LOVE to see a recipe/food section of i think jj
had tried this maybe once before, but maybe it did not take off. i
would love to be able to come and find various recipes and techniques
and recommendations on how to cook, where to buy, what to use, and
where to eat.

is anyone else interested in seeing this? we all know how important persian food is in our daily lives.

i love to cook, but even with the cookbooks or family around i
still have questions regarding the food and recipes. it would be
interesting to post regional foods also. just a thought....


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thank you everyone...

by sarshar45 on

just wanted to say thanks to all who also are interested in cooking/food/restaurants.... everything food related. maybe jj will notice and give us our own space! in the meantime, what majid suggested is a good idea. looking forward to it. i am on the hunt for some good morabah recipes in particular and some regional foods.


jj... how about "spice of life"  ?? ;)


I got it then,...

by Monda on

on separate blogs I'll start writing recipes for simple healthy food with Persian twist or Persian food with healthy twists (without a pound of butter or fried onions, etc). We'll see if people get interested. Good thinking you guys.


My 2 cents

by Majid on

I don't think if a "section" can be assigned for food or cooking since there are not many articles or blogs about it.

When there are enough, then JJ might add a tab up there where there are tabs for Music, Photo, Art & Lit., Life, News......etc

Tomorrow I'll write a blog about a recipe that I think is a very good one and see how it goes, make comments, improve it or talk about it BUT DON'T add another recipe, if you have a good recipe then start your own blog or article, just don't combine all different recipes in one blog.

anonymous fish

we tried this before and it

by anonymous fish on

just kind of pettered away.  jj wasn't interested in creating a specific section per se but several people were really interested in this idea.  maybe you could start a blog and if jj would at least consider featuring it every week (or whenever), it would gather some steam.  i personally thing it would.  i know that tahireh was interesting in doing something but where is she!  haven't seen her in ages!!!!  not much since the wedding.  anybody know if anything is wrong?

please don't give up... the interest IS there!!!  good luck... i'll be watching.


I'm all for it!

by Monda on

I was on Majid's blog once where people were discussing how to cook their versions of Persian food...anyway I think it's a great idea.


Great Idea!

by Sepideh S (not verified) on

That would be great idea.Love to see that section in this website.