Multiple Polls Do Not Show Support for Regime Change: Analysis


Multiple Polls Do Not Show Support for Regime Change: Analysis
by Sargord Pirouz

A new report is being offered by addressing the need to know "What Does the Iranian Public Really Think?"

Indications of fraud in the June 12 Iranian presidential election, together with large-scale street demonstrations, have led to claims that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad did not actually win the election, and that the majority of Iranians perceive their government as illegitimate and favor regime change.

An analysis of multiple polls of the Iranian public from three different sources finds little evidence to support such conclusions. None of the polls found indications of support for regime change.

The analysis conducted by the Program on International Policy Attitudes at the University of Maryland (PIPA), was based on:

•  a series of 10 recently-released polls conducted by the University of Tehran; eight conducted in the month before the June 12 election and two conducted in the month after the election, based on telephone interviews conducted within Iran 

•  a poll by GlobeScan conducted shortly after the election, based on telephone interviews conducted within Iran 

•  a poll by (managed by PIPA) conducted August 27--September 10, based on telephone interviews made by calling into Iran

Links to analysis, report, methodology and data:

Analysis of Multiple Polls: 

Full Report:

Questionnaire with Findings, Methodology for All Three Surveys (PDF):

WPO Dataset for Downlaod (SPSS Format):

GlobeScan Dataset for Download (SPSS Format):

Video recorded of The New America Foundation/Iran Initiative event, "What Does the Iranian Public Really Think?, including presentations by Steven Kull (discussing the poll findings), Jon Cohen, Flynt Leverett, Hooman Majd and Barbara Slavin:


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After removing weeds, same old data

by maqshush on

I'll post the same comments at //

Haven't looked thoroughly through the reports (not that it looks like anyone here has) but several issues come to mind.  This WPO analysis is done on 3 different poll sets: one released by WPO last Aug.-Sep., one conducted by the Canadian GlobeScan, and a "recently-released" set by U. Tehran.  The latter 2 sets were conducted even earlier than Aug. of last year.  So basically, there are no new poll data than what was already known, except for the U. Tehran ones, which for some reason were only released recently, though conducted more than 6 months ago. 


1st off, as Hooman Majd argues in the second video SP has linked to, the U. Tehran polls are completely unreliable.  The atmosphere of conformity and intimidation is so strong in today's Iran that it's fair to assume no academic would publish polls contrary to the official party line.  (Don't forget that there have been reports of Dr. Alimohammadi's, the physicist associated w/ Iran's nuclear effort, house being searched and documents seized the day before his bomb assassination.)  Suspicion is further substantiated when the footnote on p. 3 of the report at // tells you that the contact for the U. Tehran data is none other than Prof. Seyed Mohammad Marandi.  In case you've forgotten about him, let him speak for himself
// and //

The GlobeScan survey was actually contracted to a company in Iran, which again raises suspicions of subservience to official party line.  WPO itself acknowledges the possibility of fraud in the polls conducted inside Iran, but says that it examined patterns of responses between the different sets of polls and found them to be consistent.  However, since the U. Tehran results (which seem to contain the largest data set of the group) were not released until recently, couldn't they have been ever-so-gently massaged to be made consistent w/ the other poll results already released for several months?  WPO also says that to account for possible inhibitions on the part of the respondents, it also did an analysis on those who claimed to have voted for Moussavi, assuming that they were less afraid of responding truthfully.  But did they include the unreliable inside-Iran polls when doing the latter analysis?

Basically, minus the unreliable inside-Iran polls, the data is exactly what was publicized and discussed last Sep. by the same organization.  Stephen Kull (one of the report authors) said back then that the refusal of one in four respondents to reveal whom they voted for was an "extremely high number ... [and] suggests that people have some discomfort with this topic."  Other criticisms were directed at the poll results at the time, with the most recognized one being that Iranians won't honestly express their opinions.  Why not next send pollsters to S. Korea to randomly call people in the North and ask their opinions on the Dear Leader and his nuclear program?


BTW, why do so many responders below just throw mindless insults at SP, who posted this blog,  but held back when the same thing was posted at

// ?  Do you prefer that SP hadn't informed you of these  results that could be used by sectors of US establishment to fashion policy towards Iran?


Mehraban: LOL

by vildemose on

Mehraban: LOL


Not only Multiple Polls Do Not Show Support for Regime Change;

by Mehrban on

but also multiple polls have shown an increase in the support for the regime in the demographics that contains the parents of the beaten, raped and killed young Iranians.  In addition to the parents of the addicted and the jobless.


Urgent Action Needed!

by vildemose on

Please take the Leverettes to task below. Please leave your comments on their website.




by Cost-of-Progress on

"Even to this day there are communists who believe in the ideology even though it failed miserably in russia and east germany.  Sometimes the brain can no longer be reprogrammed without expecting a crash."

It is always good when people unknowingly prove the point for the "oposition".

The Islamic Regime's so called ideology has failed as well - miserably, I must add. Folks on their payroll - either literally or mentaly - shall take note and prepare to switch allegiances. We Iranians are good at that. Most of us belong to hezbe baad.





Babak Khorramdin

نام تو ای بسیجی ننگ کشور ماست

Babak Khorramdin



Better to live for just a single day as a ruler than to live for forty years as an abject slave



PIPA is full of it

by Nur-i-Azal on

Look at who the endowers of PIPA are (i.e. the special interest behind it) and you'll see why they claim the ridiculous nonsense they do.

It appears there is a huge debate going on amongst the North American special interests/think tank/foundation regime as to what to do about the situation in Iran. I know this because I hear back from people involved over there who are friends from college days. There is a huge split right down the middle about how to reorient American policy (and not necessarily only on the public and governmental level) towards Iran, and outfits like PIPA are the ones who are representing the interests of a status quo ante who actually stands to lose  quite a lot of money when the IRI is no more.

Follow the money trail...


very interesting AO

by MM on

In my comments, I often mention that the opposition should expose the thievery as well as the assets of this government and Sepaah so that sanctions can be levied on them.  The NPR story just confirmed that it is possible. 

These guys are so bold that a few months ago a shipment of gold and stacks of dollars worth a net $20,000,000,000, carried on a truck, was seized in Turkey (probably headed to Syria).  Count it: 10 zeros after 2, on a freaking truck.  Sheeeeeeesh.  I wonder how much is carried on private planes, money transfers, etc. 

These are petrol dollars that are being shoveled out of Iran, not for import-export, not for business, but pure thievery.  I guess IRI apologists on this site  like ......... are also paid plenty to be able to close their eyes and lie through their teeth. 


Sargord, you're preaching to a converted crowd

by zanboor_ghavi_mannyslawyer on

no matter how many facts and proofs you show, the crowd that frequents this magazine has no other choice but to keep dreaming, wishing and thinking that regime change is what iranians what.

If such a person is convinced by your facts, he will quickly become extremely anti- iranian and anti- iran and in essense lose his identity.  So the only way for him to keep his identity is to think that the majority of iranians want regime change.

Even to this day there are communists who believe in the ideology even though it failed miserably in russia and east germany.  Sometimes the brain can no longer be reprogrammed without expecting a crash.

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

It's interesting that you bring this up.  NPR had a piece today on how IRI officials are using Dubai to hide their money and do clandestine business.  Here it is:




you are all wrong - look at the randon sampling by IRI

by MM on

You are all wrong.  Take a look at a random sampling of the hard-working people of Iran that was conducted by the Irreproducible Results Institute (IRI) whose results are shown below.  They even showed bank accounts to illustrate how well these folks were doing in Iran, and it shows that 100% of the polled individuals below were praying to God that this regime last another million years. -----------------------------------------------------  //

1- Gholam Hossein Elham: 25 M USD at Dubai, 13 M USD at Turkey, 17 M USD at Swiss, 0.7 M USD at Beirut
2- S.H. Panahian: 11 M USD at Islamic Bank of Sharjeh, 4 M EU at Malaysia,
3- Masoud Kazemi: 45 M EU Germany, 4.2 M USD at Dubai
4- Ali Hashemi Bahramani: 5.2 M USD at Kuwait, 11 M EU at Belgium, 23 M USD at Dubai, an Unknown account in Swiss
5- Mohamad Mohamadi: 12 M USD at Dubai, 17 M USD at Kuwait, 8 M EU at Turkey
6- Mehdi Ahmadi Nejad: 18 M EU at Belgium, 45 M EU at Swiss, 44 M USD at Islamic bank at Sharjeh
7- Naziyeh Khamenehiee : 7 M USD at Turkey, 65 M EU at Germany, 122 Pound M at Great Britain
8- Sadegh Mahsouli: 14 M EU at United Arab Emirates, 24 M USD at Turkey, 3 M EU at Malaysia
9- Mojtaba Khameneiee: 1 B Pound Great Britain (has been blocked), 2.2 B EU at Germany, 766 M USD at Qatar, an unknown account at Swiss
10- Hossein Ma`adi khah: 15 M USD at Kuwait, 45 M EU at Austria, 7 M USD at United Arab Emirates
11- Isa KAlantari: 3.2 M EU at Belgium, 1.2 M USD at Italy
12- Hossein Taeb: 122 M USD United Arab Emirates, 42 M EU Italy
13- Masoud Hajarian Kashani: 92 M USD at Austria, 13.7 M USD Qatar
14- Sardar Ahmad Vahidi: 32 M USD United Arab Emirates, 65 M USD at Turkey, 122 M USD at Germany (has been blocked)
15- Abas Kadkhodaiee: 2.5 M EU Itay, 7.1 M USD Kuwait, 32 M USD Dubai
16- Mojtaba Mesbaah Yazdi: 184 M USD Dubai, 221 M USD at Alnakhl Corporation, 55 M EU at Spain
17- Ali Mesbaah Yazdi, 45 M USD United Arab Emirates, 17 M USD Turkey, 65 M Pound at Barkley Bank at Britain, 75 M USD at South Africa, 110 M EU at Germany
18- Hessin Firouz Abadi: 320 M USD at Malaysia, 65 MUSD United Arab Emirates, 103 M USD Kuwait, 17 M USD at Turkey, Unknown bank account at Swiss
19- Parviz Fatah: 16 M USD Turkey, 5.2 M EU at Turkey, 22 USD Swiss
20- Hassan Shajooni: 66.5 M USD Dubai, 39 m USD Kuwait, 11.2 M USD Beirout, 8 M USD Malaysia
21- H Asgar Oladi: 172 M USD Belgium, 120 M EU Germany, 420 MUSD Alnakhl Company, 42 MUSD turkey, 219 MUSD Malaysia, Unknown bank account at Swiss
22- Hossein Jannati: 288 MUSD dubai, an Unknown amount at a bank in Turkey which has been guaranteed for 200 M USD, 150 M USD at Japan, 32 MUSD at Malaysia
23- Sakineh Khamenehie: 25 M USD at Malaysia, 14 M USD Qatar, 112 M USD at Dubai
24- Esfandyar Rahim Mashaiee: 5.2 M EU Germany, 32 M EU Italy, 41 M USD Dubai
25- H Mohamadi Araghi: 48.4 M USD Dubai, 2.4 M USD Beirut, 56 M EU Spain
26- Ali Akbar Velayati: 244 M EU germany, 6 M EU Austria, 56 MUSD Malaysia
27- Mohamad Mohamadi Reyshahri : 241 M USD Alnakhl Company, 121 M USD Dubai, 48 M USD germany, 43 M EU Italy
28- Mohsen Hashemi bahramani: 35 MUSD United Arab Emirates, 65 M EU Belgium
29- Masoomeh Hashemi Samareh: 11 MUSD Qatar, 5.9 M USD Malaysia
30- Ali Larijani: 185 M EU Austria, 16 M USD United Arab Emirates, 112 M EU Malaysia
31- Abas Akhondi: 9 M USD United Arab Emirates, 5.2 M USD Beirout Bank
32- Mohsen Rafighdoust: 129 M USD Belgium, 44 M USD Kuwait, 92 M USD Malaysia
33- Hamid Hosseini: 30 M USD Malaysia, 82 M EU spain,
34- Mohamad Hosseini: 14 M USD United Arab Emirates, 7 M USD Kuwait, 3 M USD Turkey, 11 M Pound Britain
35- Mahmoud Hosseini: 3.2 M USD turkey, 11.4 M USD Kuwait
36- Mojtaba Hashemi samareh: 28 M EU Spain, 76 M USD United Arab Emirates, 124 M USD Malaysia
37- Kamran Daneshjou: 76 M EU Austria, 7.2 M USD Malaysia
38- Ahmad reza Radan : 98 M USD United Arab Emirates, 65 USD Kuwait, 121 M USD South Africa
39- Yadollah Javani: 22 M USD United Arab Emirates, 5 M USD India, 23 M EU Portugal
40- Gholam Reza Fayaz: 65 M USD Malaysia, 40.9 M USD Kuwait
41- AliReza Fayaz: 23 M USD United Arab Emirates, 17 M EU Turkey, 7 M EU Italy
42- Ali Mobasheri, 12elgium, 19 M USD Malaysia, 42 M USD Kuwait
43- Mohamad Naghdi: 142 M EU United Arab Emirates, 24 M USD United Arab Emirates, 66 M USD Malaysia
44- Farhad Daneshjou: 2.3 M USD United Arab Emirates, 5.6 M USD Turkey
45- Khosro Daneshjou: 11 MUSD Turkey, 7 M USD Zcheck Republic
46- Hamid Hosseini: 4.2 M USD Malaysia, 28 M USD United Arab Emirates
47- Mohamad Bagher Kharazi: 120 M USD Lebanon, 86 M USD United Arab Emirates, 42 M USD at Barkley Bank South Africa Branch
48- Mehdi Hashemi Samareh: 5.7 M USD Turkey, 44 M USD Kuwait
49- Hamid Rasay:62 MUSD Hungry, 32 M EU Germany, 18 M Pound Britain, 14 M USD United Arab Emirates
50- Hossein mousavi Ardebili: 21 MUSD Kuwait, 110 M USD United Arab Emirates, 32 M USD Malaysia
51- Ali Mobasheri: 7 M Eu Austria, 22.4M USD United Arab Emirates
52- Hossein Shariat Madari: 225 M USD United Arab Emirates, 54 M USD Alnakhl Company, 65 M EU HSBS Bank Britain, 156 M USD Malaysia, 600 M USD St. Peterzburg Bank, Russia,
53- Hossein Shahmoradi: 56 M USD United Arab Emirates, 64 M USD Malaysia, 7 M USD India
54- Kamran Daneshjou: 24 M USD Japan, 43 M USD Malaysia
55- Davoud Ahmadi Nezhad: 55 M USD United Arab Emirates, 48 M EU United Arab Emirates, 8 M USD St. Peterzburg Bank, Russia,
56- Abdollah Araghi: 84 m USD United Arab Emirates, 127 M USD Lebanon, 76 M USD Malaysia, SecretAccount at Swiss
57- Baha-odin Hosseini Hashemi: 45 M USD United Arab Emirates, 80 M USD Malaysia
58- Mohi Odin Fazel Harandi: 52 M USD Omman, 45 M USD Saudi Arabia
59- Ahmad Jannati: 450 M Eu Belgium, 143 M USD Alnakhl Company, 124 MUSD United Arab Emirates, 267 M USD Malaysia, 118 M USD South Africa, Unknown Bank account at swiss
60- Ali Janati: 35 M USD United Arab Emirates, 155 M USD Turkey, 55 M EU Germany, Unknown Bank account at swiss
61- Hossein Safar Harandi: 38 M USD United Arab Emirates, 20 M USD Malaysia, An unknown account in Turkey
62- Morteza Rafighdoust: 120 M EU Germany, Unknown Bank account at swiss
63- M H Parsa: 43 M USD Turkey, 12 M USD Malaysia
64- Fatemeh Asgar Oladi: 43 M USD Qatar, 16 M USD Turkey
65- Ali Akbar Mohtashemi: 125 M USD Sharjeh, 85 M USD Kuwait, 200 M USD Malaysia, Unknown Bank account at swiss
66- Yaser Bahramani Hashemi: 22 M EU Germany, 12 M EU Austria, 14 M USD United Arab Emirates
67- Gholam Ali Haddad Adel : 12 M USD Turkey, 2.4 M USD Malaysia, 43 M USD United Arab Emirates


For people that say Iranians don't want regime change

by tabar on

Here are some things to think about:

-Ethnic and religious minorities: Kurds, Turkmens, Baluch, Arabs. Already we have 15% of Iran's population.

-Sexual minorities [gay, etc.] 10%

-Rural and villagers: 40%

-Finally let's say everyone else in Iran likes the regime. But of course we can say that many don't either, like say 10% at minimum?

Already with these combined we have 50% of Iran who want the regime overthrown.


This is of course saying that other Iranians want the regime to stay [which we all know is false, except for people like Sargord et al.]


AO, Jamshid, VPK, Amir, Vildemose

by Fair on

You guys are right on, and if that makes us all zionists, then too bad. It is indeed amazing how after 31 years of failed propaganda and lies, these people still try to pull the same stunt, and then call other people out of touch.

It is indeed amazing how some Iranians have no regard for "numbers". Oh, I don't know, numbers like

-1 million dead

-25% unemployment vs. a net importer of labor before 1979

-20+% inflation

-brain drain of 150,000 a year (highest in the world)

-4 million Iranians living abroad

-20+% living below poverty line

-GDP per capita of 3200/year, number 104 in the world, below Botswana, Mexico, Suriname, Kazakhstan. Despite having the 4th largest oil and 2nd largest natural gas reserves on the planet

-25% of all aviation fatalities in the world are in one country- Iran. (before 1979 Iran had a perfect commercial aviation safety record)


I mean, with numbers like these, which Iranian in their right mind would want the regime to change? Oh, that's right, just some "out of touch" zionist chelokabab eating Mercedes driving Black Cats listening "Tehrangelesi's". "Real" Iranians who are actually "informed" would never want the regime to change in Iran.

And just to make sure "real" Iranians make no such mistake, the regime executes kids on the charge of "fighting God". And rapes girls for asking "where is my vote". and imprisons thousands without trial or representation and murders dozens more in the streets. And the grand Islamic Fuehrer, the underpin of the very Islamic system itself, openly in front of the whole world, declares war on his own people. His "Guardian Council" chairman, another foundation of the the Islamic system, openly says "execute more people". With numbers like the ones shown in this "poll" that the "out of touch" Tehrangelesis cowardly run away from, one would think the regime would just hold an open referendum with no restrictions asking people if they still would like an Islamic republic.

I wonder why they haven't.....

I am so glad that "real" Iranians are getting their way, while those 4 million out of touch soosools rot away in zionist British countries.



Anonymous Observer

Jamshid, VPK, AMIR1973, Fair, Vildemose...

by Anonymous Observer on

You are now all declared "Zionists" (that is, of course, if you haven't been declared that a few times before on this site by the usual suspects). :-)))


When you have a regime that jails bloggers...

by AMIR1973 on

When you have a regime that sentences bloggers to years in jail for

"insulting" the Murderer-in-Charge (aka Khamenei), how reliable are

telephone polls dealing with questions of support for said regime?

(For those Islamist groupies who don't know, that's called a rhetorical question). 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

P.S. Your type won't be able to hijack the green movement, as they did 31 years ago with the 1979 events. Be certain of it.

That's just what they are trying to do. The difference is that in 78 people were gullible and fell for their BS. Today after 30+ years of Islamic torture most people are not buying it. Watch what they have done in the past few months:

  • They bring out their Marxist mouth pieces like Ommani and no one listens.
  • They bring out the CIA analyst Leverett and no one buys it.
  • They bring out the academic with a dozen titles Mr. Boyle; no good.
  • They have the Islamic antelletuals Bazargan & co; no good.
  • They raise the nuclear issue; that fails to divert attention.
  • They send 1 mouse; 2 turtles and some worms to orbit; still no good. 
  • They beat up on Israel; still no good.
  • They call everyone Zionist; no go.
  • They execute two; make people madder.
  • Now they push this BS poll.

Now you see! They are desperate. Nothing they do is working and they are scared. My advice to IRR and goons: run away Hugo now before it's too late.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Sure Sargord

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Didn't we have this discussion a week ago? Now you repost the same BS poll and get the same responses. No one in their right mind in Iran is going to tell a stranger on the phone what they really think. 

I know that you are just doing your job and know this poll is BS. But at least try to be better at propaganda. Maybe some lessons in Public Relations. There arecourses for this. Why not take a class?



by jamshid on

You must closely associate with a lot of Tehranjelesis chelo kabaab type, don't you? And cab drivers? You seem to think that Iranians who oppose the IRI are only made up of these two segments of the society. It seems they are the only type of people you know. I've got news for you. Those are just a tiny minority.

Time for you to re-evaluate your social life. There are other types of people (besides hezbollahis and chelo kabaab Tehranjelesis) you may want to get to know.

And on behalf of poor Mousavi, would you PLEASE change your avatar? Mousavi has some respect among a few, and you are damaging his reputation by associating his picture with your and Sargord's type. (Unless you are doing it on purpose to damage his reputation.)

P.S. Your type won't be able to hijack the green movement, as they did 31 years ago with the 1979 events. Be certain of it.


Tehrangelesi class has always hated numbers

by Q on

try talking numbers to any of the "freedom fighters" stuffing their mouths at trendy LA-chelokababi's and they usually lose it and soon reduce themselves to yelling loudest about "personal" experience.

The poll might be skewed but it's still better than what I affectionally call
"cabcentric statistics" (i.e. "I went to Tehran for my annual summer vacation and the cab driver told me everyone hates Islam and wants a revolution.")

Somehow the words of Tehran cabbies and cousins in "bala shahr" is always a reflection of gospal truth, but when a scientifically conducted poll comes out (from a source with right wing ties no less), it has to be a vicious lie!!!

It does not speak well for Iranians to be lying so much all the pollsters but spilling all their intimate secrets in taxi cabs!

No finding in this poll is really against the green movement, according to how most reformists in Iran have always seen themselves. It's only a "shocking" disappointment to the fossils who only see self-congratulatory affirmations of their own biases. These people's understanding in Iran is viewed by Western media not Iranians. So naturally they can't accept reality.

Sure there are problems with this poll as with any other. It was conducted soon after the election and missed a few big recent events. But to people who have been busy misrepresenting truth for 30 years, it is an undeniable slap in the face.

My guess is that even though the poll was probably commissioned by people with the hope of finding more discontent in Iran, now that it hasn't show it, it will be burried in the media to minimize the PR damage.


چقدر بهش پول دادین...قلم به دستش دادین


این حنای شما دیگه رنگ نداره...یا اگر داره دیگه  ننگ رو نمی پوشونه !!! حالا هی برین پول نفت و بدین و مدرک جعل کنید ...


LOL! I nominate the Sargord

by jamshid on

LOL! I nominate the Sargord for the "Jokster" of the year!

Folks, don't take him too seriously, he is here only for comic relief.

Ali9 Akbar

also remember that these same multiple polls said that

by Ali9 Akbar on

Al Gore would be president of the USA in 2000AD...





Khoda shafa bedeh jenab sargord SS ra

by Fair on

It must be painful seeing your bosses getting more and more desperate and unpopular by the day. But really, whatever makes you feel better. Sure, that's right, Iranians don't want to change ther regime, and all those people coming in the street were just given wrong directions. They were really on the way to a picnic and took a wrong turn. It was one big hoax by Mossad, CIA, MI6, and the Zionists, who had this planned in 1948.

Either that or there was one big misunderstooding- they heard the pollsters question, and thought that "regime change" meant "change in diet", in which case no Iranian in their right mind (myself included) would ever answer affirmatively. We eat the best food in the world.

So don't worry, all is calm. You have and your primate superiors have nothing to worry about :)

tick tock tick tock tick tock



Bichareh Sargord

by masoudA on

adam delesh misoozeh - please don't reproduce.  


New Assignment

by Zara on

Sargord Pirouz,

Effective immediately, you are relieved of your duties at  Report to the ministry at once for your new assignment.

P.S. Samuel sends his regards.


They don't want Regime Change...

by ahvazi on

They want Change in the Regime which means eradication of all institutions related to the Velayateh Faqi.


sargord: You definitely are

by vildemose on

sargord: You definitely are not Iranian. How could any Iranian be this moronic???



by thexmaster on

This must be the spam that Scott Lucas was talking about:


Enduring America




Hey Sargord Liar, Iranians are scared of talking on the phone

by AMIR1973 on

Dear Sargord Liar,

Anyone other than a fool or liar knows that ordinary Iranians are too scared to say things critical of the regime over the telephone in conversations with their OWN RELATIVES. You think they would say anything against the murderous goons of Khamenei and the IRGC to a pollster on a telephone, when there's a chance that killers in uniform (aka Pasdaran) or Ministry of Intelligence agents might be listening! Keep peddling your garbage elsewhere. Other than a minority of parasites and thugs who benefit from this dictatorship, Iranians aren't buying your propaganda wares.



by tabar on

In pollha be darde amat mikhore Sargord. I hate being rude but really there isn't any other way to rebut such an obvious fact that Iranians want regime change. What more is there to say; keep dreaming :)

Is there really any point in getting into an intelligent debate with such articles?