Video of Ben Ali's Stash of Diamonds & Hard Currency

Sanaz Raji
by Sanaz Raji

Here is a video clip enclosed in the link below via Al Arabiya shown on Tunisian state television on Saturday 19th February that toured one of Ben Ali's palaces. Apparently, Ben Ali hid the wealth he stole from his long-suffering people in "curtains and secret compartments behind the palace library". Al Arabiya states that France, Switzerland, Canada, and the EU have frozen Ben Ali's assets and the Tunisian interim government will be seeking measures to recover money and property of Ben Ali to help combat poverty in the country. 


Ben Ali is currently in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in "grave condition" after suffering a massive stroke which resulted into a coma. Some reports suggestion that Ben Ali has died since falling into coma:


Khamenei and the rest, take note, this is going to your fate very soon.



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looking forward to seeing seyed ali's stash of diamonds

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

and hard currency on this site in not too distant future. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Sanaz Raji


by Sanaz Raji on

Good point :)


why is Saudi Arabia a Mecca for deposed dictators?

by MM on

I remember Idi Amin, the butcher of Uganda, also fled to Saudi Arabia.  Where are the rulling Saudis gonna flee to?  Crawford, TX in GW's ranch?

Sanaz Raji


by Sanaz Raji on

It has not been confirmed whether Ben Ali has died. The link I put up is just a speculation. 

@Darius, I am sure that Gaddafi is in the "billionaire" ranks. I remember reading a while ago that Hannibal Gaddafi paid $2 million for Beyonce to perform for a New Year's party at St. Barts. You can read about it here:


A better question is how much money Khamenei and the rest of his cronies have stashed away?  

Darius Kadivar

Just Wondering How Much Gaddafi has in his Vaults ? ...

by Darius Kadivar on


So, Ben Ali died?

by statira on

Ishalah nobate Sed Ali ham mishe.