The Arab-o-Centric Ommati Syndrome & Fake Foes


by samsam1111

Ommati regime and its shy closet pimps suffer from an acute short and long term voluntary retrograde amnesia, so, according to these self-proclaimed haji/hajieh spokespersons for Arab-occupied-V-ran, Iranians gotta mimick Arabs and follow their causes to eternal hell all in the name of United Ommah Front . Iran's national interest according to their shaikhist/seyed driven ideology is nothing but discardable commodity to benefit the greater non-Iranian herd of their jehadist cousins across the globe who share hajii paranoid kebobi mentality and at times ,the same  DNA . Contrary to misguided observers , Ommatism in essence has even less to do with Islam as a private religion than pure form of Arab-o-centric glorification and shaikhist mastery.  Follow the culture of subjugation for the last 14 centuries in V-ran and what you see is a consistant lineage of submission to Arab psyche and cause .

So now we have Dandii doodeli doo cosmetically modernized Ommati intelectualls defining for the useful idiot the list of  our friends and foes as follows ;


Cyrus the great, the world 1st Zio-Natzie who with the help of AIPAC returned those Zionists to their homeland from yoke of brother Nabonidus of Babylon. Xerxes and Artaxerxes too and while at it , call the whole lineage prior to Arab brother's arrival as total darkness period of infidels & najess .

And yes , Pres George H W Bush & his murderous America,  who has committed the heinious crime of never attacking Iran or even worse, not killing one single Iranians in rage of battle . But wait , his greatest misdeed was to remove one mass murderer of average Irani folks who happen to be you guessed it , an Arab supremacist or AKK (Arab klux klan) .

And of course those Zionists who dared to side with Iran for a 1000 years prior to Qadesiyeh & even tried to ship arms to an unfriendly mullahs to make amends and went too far to even bomb Saddams little Atomic persian loving project .

Want more ?

How about relatively secular Tajikestan, the dudes who pissed off mullahs, just because they chose to keep non-arabic Alphabeth and paid more homage to Ferdowsi and Shahnameh than some teryaki mullah with his mafatih-al-jenan and Arabic books .

Friends ; 

Saddam hugging, Osama loving Palestinian rock throwers who along the rest of Arab world call that little body of water as Arabian Gulf and us as silly ajam three-island muggers.  Lebenese Mafia shaikhs and hezbollah lined up to milk the golden Irani cow. And as Nasrollah said it best "We owe our new Arab self respect and nationalism to Al Ghaed al aazam Khamenei " . Hey don't forget tiny Emirates who wants a piece of Iran yet gets full royal treatment along with 600 bilions of aghazadeh investments and imported Ajam kaniz/slave girls in last 10 yrs .

Oh yah and the shoe bomber turned shoe thrower who most likely have killed a few Iranians under Saddam war and who happens to still hate ajams ...Now yo all go figure pilgrims.


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Beyond our Differences.........

by Nadias on

Beyond our Differences 



solh va doosti/paz a vosotros/paix et amitié





samsam hate has turned you into a zion puppet

by Anonymous Irani (not verified) on

Hate has turned you into a puppet for Zion and the like. Do you like what they have done to Iraq? Do you want that to happen to your mother land?


unneeded extremist rhetoric, Samsam

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Samsam, by mixing religion with politics, IRI has substantially weakened Islam among Iranian masses. Future Iran will continue to be influenced by Islam, but a much different Islam. I am not a Muslim but I believe your kind of extremist rhetoric will not do any good in strengthening moderate and tolerant Iranian Muslims ...
BTW, when was the last time you visited Iran?


Are you all racists?

by MumbaiParsi (not verified) on

Is there no one who can live in the present? Get on with life AS IT IS, because that is the life as it should be.


Jamshid jaan

by samsam1111 on


It,s the case of addict in a hospital trying to get rid of the habit & hates the doctors who treat him/her . These addicts to Ommatism hate the messenger because of the message . They are just acting ignorant . Thx pal & keep well !



by Khar on



Re: Mola Nasr.

by jamshid on

To me, it doesn't look like Samsam is a violent hateful person. You and a few others keep repeating this. Where is your evidence? I doubt you can produce any.

I have said this many times before, that wanting to rid Iran of its subjugation to Araboislamic culture, DOES NOT imply hatered towards Arab race or Islam.

I remember in the times of the previous regime, there were many moslems who hated Iran's Westernizaion (in the cultural way.) Did they "hate" Westerners too? Or were they just trying to protect their own culture?

We could also talk about the long history of Moslems persecuting none-moslems in Iran. Weren't those moslems hateful? Or were they Zionists trying to flame division?

And now here we have a guy who is in love with a part of Iran's history, and for having comitted this crime, you are comdemning him of being a "violent hateful" individual.

The Zoroastrians of the past and Bahais of today were and are being condemned of the same thing too.

You should not follow that road.


The New Generation

by Ironi Rapper (not verified) on

We are a new generation!

- we don't take sht from you, cause your shah was the cyrus

- V don't take sht from U, coz you say god is on yr side

- V don't take sht from U, say your hossein died in karbala

- V don't take sht from U, just coz you were holocausted

- V don't take sht from U, like you have sht loads of cash

- V don't take sht from U, even you give us yr free porn

- V don't take sht from U, for your threats to hurt us

Cover you efing heads, u btch; the sht flow has just started!


:) little leftover orphans of Qadesiyeh

by samsam1111 on

This is what happens when you grow up under mullah rule & education system . Daily dosage of toxic waste of Ommatism in the vains of usefull clueless Ajam mavalis so later as grown ups are tape recorder zombiis spewing Aghah,s sermon of hatred for true Iran & any thing non resembling cause of Qadesiyeh .


To the Imposter

by Choopan (not verified) on

the sosol son of sosol ...


I  Baluch the first of my people ....

In their customs they differ greatly from the rest of mankind, and particularly
in the way they choose their kings; for they find out the man who is the
tallest of all the citizens, and of strength equal to his height, and appoint
him to rule over them. 


'The king of the Ethiops/king of Baluches thus advises
the king of the Persians when the Persians can pull a bow of this strength
thus easily, then let him come with an army of superior strength against
the long-lived Ethiopians/Baluches - till then, let him thank the gods that they
have not put it into the heart of the sons of the Ethiops to covet countries
which do not belong to them.' 






by PROUD ARAB (not verified) on

You might be ARABS in denial!

Arash Monzavi-Kia

Mola Nasredin

by Arash Monzavi-Kia on

Mola, you are such an idealist fool, wasting your camel's breathe on idiotic megalomaniacs and biased bigots :) 

Arash M-K

Mola Nasredeen

samsam and sister zion, it's good to see you two laugh a little

by Mola Nasredeen on

laughter is the cure for many illnesses, I'm glad I could help your "condition" and alliviate some of your psychological pain resulted by misguided ideology and hatred. I see the forest while you two are still trying to climb a dead tree. Samsam you are right I'm 2 easy, easy to understand, easy to get along, easy to live and let live. It took me a long time to get to this point.

On top of it I enjoy life in all its forms, I like human beings of all races, I love Iran and Iranians during all periods, Iranians during Persian Empire, after Persian Empire and the Iranians of the present time. I love the Fars, the Azari, Baluchi, Arab, Kurd, Lore, Turkeman and every other creed.

I am 2 easy and you are right on the money. I don't need 5 translator to interprete what I say, and I don't need to go through childbirth pain to express myself. I say what I mean and say it as simple as possible.


lol, Man this dude is 2 easy

by samsam1111 on

"" Lighten up we are all Iranians and we are still here on a big chunk of the land that used to be called Persia.""

Molla logic & ::)) Now all you got to show true Iran still exist is some chunk of land and one corrupted version of nowruz . hear mine ;

"" Lighten up we are all Turkish and we are still here on a big chunk of the land that used to be called Roman Byzentine""

Ring the bell ?





What bothers me is...

by Zion on

What bothers you should be the flees on your camel, my friend.
;-) Nah nah...You are procrastinating again here.

Mola Nasredeen

Jamshid, as beatles put it best "we all want to change the world

by Mola Nasredeen on

You can be advocating for change and be inclusive. You can advocate for change and be non-violent at the same time. What bothers me is the amount of hatred sent towards people who have done nothing wrong. For example the Arab people in Iran or in Middle East or the muslims. 

What's pathetic here, you can see some zionist non-Iranians and Israel's attack dogs jump in the middle and try to fan the flames by egging on the anti IRI bloggers. People like zion, fred, announymous observer (they maybe be the same person, who knows?) Iranians are still celebrating "Nou-rooz" and many more traditions that dates back to before Islam while being muslims at the same time. Change is gradual, constant and possible. But hatred is not the answer.

Mola Nasredeen

samsam you missed the point again!

by Mola Nasredeen on

I had to drive my point some how through your head and it seems like I was partially successful. The question is : Can you cut off your ass and live without it? Or maybe you can but you'll be an strange creature with an amputed bott. But it's OK if it put a smile on your face and made you feel you won. Lighten up we are all Iranians and we are still here on a big chunk of the land that used to be called Persia.



by samsam1111 on

Anonymous Observer ; I wouldn,t bet on her return soon . She is too busy checking wikipedia for counter argument , my bet is she will input her own page on wiki and present it to you as fact . after all leftists/ommatis love Wiki :)



However, if you believe that such changes were (and therefore still are) legit, then what is your opinion on those Iranians that want to change our current Islamic culture to something else?

What a smart take & a fair argument to have . could it be that the wall is too thick & our kebobi patriotism is just that !!! . They keep calling it reality but whose reality ? and to what extent do we have to adher to that alien based reality & for how long? . they say old Iran is not relevent because of passage of time but who is the judge ? And why is Ashura (1300 yrs) still relevent if time is the essence . buncha anti Eran Ommatis .. thx for your well versed & intelligent argument & question . cheers pal !

Anonymous 888; thx & best regards,  patriot !

jaleho khanoom ; contrary to popular mumbo, poetry in it,s post-Sassanid forms (except in a few cases such as great Ferdowsi, Roudaki or Daghighi )is not a true Iranic trait . The pre-conquest poetry is in style of prose & old Persian rythem .The kharabati ommati driven poetry is a side product of subjugated minds & cultural associates of shaikhism & Ommatism promoting Pan-arabism & infesting Persian/Kurdish/azari with Arab Language of subjugation . I thank you though for your well received compliment .



I love how...

by Anonymous888 (not verified) on

Islamist defenders like Jaleho & Q go hide in their caves when they are confronted with the truth.

Thank you Anon Obeserver, Jamshid, Zion & Samsamm! Thank you for putting these defenders of evil back to their hiding places.


Yeah, it is a pretty cool song.

by Zion on

Hendooneh, it is catchy. I'm so happy more and more people around the world see this and speak out in various forms these days. Of course the political correctness police still holds the official venues and media, but ordinary people can't be kept blind for ever.

Sam, that was a smart catch! lol.


Molla,s confession, just proved my point

by samsam1111 on


""You Can't Tell Your Ass Not To Follow You Because It Stinks...It's your ass after all. Iran after Isalm is a part of our identity ""

hehe, so You just unintentionaly made a statement that ; " Iran post Arab conquest is a stinkin ass" .

See molla ! , I know it & say it so we might fix it, but , You know it & being a hypocrite , deny it since it benefits you as all Ommatis do . who is the fool now, ?

next time chew before spilling ur guts out ..I,m 2 sharp 4 u dude , u islam hater u ..heeh 




Re: Mola Nasredin

by jamshid on

"Iran after Islam is a part of our identity, it's a part of our history, we can't tell it not to follow us"

I'd like to remind you that Iran was not an Islamic country some 1400 years ago. It changed and became a moslem country with time. I think you'd agree with these facts.

However, if this new Islamic identity is legitimate, then your above statement implies that "change" is legitimate, even if that change is deep at a cultural/religious level, eg, Zoroastrian culture changing to Islamic.

Or do you believe that change at a cultural/religious level is illegitimate? If you think it is illegitimate, then you are contradicting yourself, since in this case, our change to Islamic culture could be considered illegitimate too.

However, if you believe that such changes were (and therefore still are) legit, then what is your opinion on those Iranians that want to change our current Islamic culture to something else?

Why are you fine with one (Zoroastrian to Islam) while you are against another (Islam to something else)?

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

I totally agree.  All scientific achievements all over the Islamic Empire happened not because of Islam, but despite it.  They all took place during the reign of the really non-pracicing, non-observant, drunk Muslim Caliphs.  Otherwise, there would have been no way for poets, artists and scientists to express themselves and practice their craft, because real Islam has rules that prohibit all three.  For instance, drawing portraits in Islam is absolutely banned (and the Taliban correctly interpret that aspect of Islam).

And yes, I know about Tozih-ol-Masael's sexual edicts.  But this one, about how to sodomize an infant, which was written not too long ago, is really scary.  And notice Jaleho's silence.  When it comes to "Zionists", she's always ready and able to spam this site with page after page of nonsense repeating Mein Kompf, but when it comes to her beloved leader's pedophelia...well, mum's the word!!


Re: Anonymous Observer

by jamshid on

May I add to your interesting comment that contrary to many people's views, Iran's post-Islamic achievements were not because of Islam, but they were despite of Islam. Think about this for a minute.

Your reference to Khomeini's "fatwa" regarding child molestation is just one occasion. In his tozihol masaael, he explicitly explains to his "moghaleds" the differences between how to wash one's self (ghosl) after having sex with a donkey as opposed to with a camel.

I am not kidding you. There is a difference in the ghosl. It's there in Khomeini's book.

P.S. Now watch them turn stones in order to find something similar against "Jews" and reference it in here to justify their emaam. In reality, they are either only apologizing on khomeini's behalf, or they are subconsciously seeing Jews as so vastly superior that they believe if jews did it, then everyone else can do it too.

Hate and specially jealousy, when combined, tend to have these kind of effects on people's minds.



by hendooneh on

catchy tune!


Apropos :-)

by Zion on

Mola Nasredeen

Jak don't use my name, where ever I go I take my camel with me,

by Mola Nasredeen on

if it's not there it is not me. Be more original. But I see improvement in your outlook about Iran and being Iranian. We have a saying that goes like this:

"You Can't Tell Your Ass Not To Follow You Because It Stinks"

It's your ass after all. Iran after Isalm is a part of our identity, it's a part of our history, we can't tell it not to follow us. We can't live in a state of denial or be ashamed of it. And Now that you have accepted your Iranian-ness we welcome you back to the bossom of the Iranian Nation.

Anonymous Observer

Jaleho - Still Waiting....

by Anonymous Observer on

What about Khomeini's instructions on sodomizing an infant?  What's the justification for that?  It was written in 1990.  Let's see...who was Israel's Prime Minister at that time?  It must have been Israel's fault that Khomeini wrote this, right? 

So, please tell us.  We are waiting.  How is sodomizing an infant justified?  It's OK if you don't have the intenstinal fortitude to confront that issue.  Just tell us that you have no justification for it.  We will accept that.  We're stonings, suicide vests or hanging by cranes here...

Anonymous Observer

Jakarta -Don't Let Them Fool You On "Scientific Accomplishments"

by Anonymous Observer on

The whole idea of Islam's contrbiution to scientific accomplishments in their occupied territories is a made up fantasy designed to salvage greatness from the nihilism that was the Muslim military conquests.  Its is essentially revisionist history.  There was no such thing as "Muslim contribution" to the advanecment of science.  There are two main reasons for this argument:

First:  Islam grew out of a closed minded desert Arab bedouin tribal culture that functioned on very primitive levels.  if you read history, you will see that the Arabian culture of the time did not even possess a single book before the writing of the Quran (which was compiled and re-written by various individuals over decades after Mohamed's death).  additionally, there was no arcitecture, art, agriculture, chemistry, medicine or any other sign of human advancement present in Arabia at the time.  The advent of Islam really did not change much of that cultural void. If anything, Mohamed incoporated much of that tribal culture into Islam and made it the official societal norm.  Things such as the hejab, the Hajj pilgrimage and polygymy were all pre-Islam Arabian (by Arabian I mean from the Arbian Penninsula) traditions that Mohammed incorporated into Islam to satisfy powerful rival tribes and to buy political alliances and allegiances.  So, the whole idea that such a culturally inferior bunch brough science, culture and enlightenment to such great and advanced civilizations such as Egypt, carthage, Persia and Assyria is simply proposterous.  In fact. the Arabain tribal culture was so deficient in basic understanding of how they should run their vast empire that they essentially copies the Persian Empire in form, structure and function. 

Second: the so-called "golden age" of Islam happened centuries after the initial Muslim invasions and after Mohammed's death, and even then, none of the scientific advancement and  social advancement came out of the Arabian Penninsula (which proves my first point).  It all came from occupied territories such as Syria, Egypt, North Africa (Carthage) and Persia.  So, who is to say that these societies would not have achieved these levels of advancement in the absence of the Muslim invasion?  Who is to say that Ibn Sina would not have made his discoveries if he still lived under a continuantion of the Sassanid rule or if Ibn Khaldoon would not have written his impressive volumes of history and sociology books (he is recognized in some circles as the father of modern sociology) if he still lived under Carthagenian, as opposed to Muslim, rule?

In sum, those who brought Islam by force to the Middle East and North Africa contributed nothing to the so-called golden age of Islam.  No scientist, poet, chemist, mathematician, historian or sociologist EVER came out of the Arabian Penninsula.  People of the occupied lands accomplished those advancements and they should be given credit for it, not the desert bedouins of what is today Saudi Arabia.  Them taking credit for it is like Britian taking credit for bringing democracy to India!  You sound like an intelligent person.  So, don't buy into this revisionist propoganda!


I call myself jakarta

by Mola Nasredin (not verified) on

I call myself jakarta because "anonymous" is taken, jakarta is an inside joke my friends and I have had since the 7th grade, and I am too paranoid about the internet to put my real name up.

First you keep criticizing me for using the words "connected" or "disconnected" which prompted me to re-read my posts...I never used those words. So I have no clue what you are talking about. I never said iranians ahve been disconnected, the fact that we speak farsi and we celebrate noruz is testament to a connection, I never spoke of a lack thereof so I'm not gonna bother elaborating on that.

Secondly, I don't talk like Nietzche at all. I use very few exclamation points. :)

Thirdly you say to stop preaching hatred to arabs...reread my posts. I specifically say this has nothing to do with today's arabs and I have nothing against them and I even LIKE islam, I am rather against people in iran who take foreginers over their own people, this is a small minority of course, but that's what this post is about.

Lastly, I don't deny awesome achievements after islam in the fields of science, math, medicine, and poetry...I'm just against denying the geat achievements before islam...basically i think we should embrace the whole scope of our history. I hope this clarifies.

-The staff