Sister Golshifteh: Irresponsible, Immature and Narcisstic

Sister Golshifteh: Irresponsible, Immature and Narcisstic
by salman farsi

Through a selfish and immature act of purely narcisstic nature, Golshifteh Farahni has most probably triggered a fresh impetus in the minds of the torturers of Iran's dungeons like the infamous Evin prison to carry out their criminal activities against their female inmates with a new vigor. This totally unnecessary and irresponsible act by Farahani who is now hailed by a bunch of simialrly misguided people as a heroine of wome's rights! may give a green light to those murderous prison wardens, interrogators and torturers to rape and assault their female vicitims on the grounds of their support for women's right and equal rights with men. How many such women's right campaigners who are arrested and imprisoned by the un-Islamic regime in Iran will have their bodily sanctity assaulted no thanks to sister Golshifteh's selfish and foolhrady act in the name of women's liberty?

Why our women have to resort to such primitive and morally improper publicity seeking measures in order to protest to the injustices of the un-Islamic regime against them? This foolish and childish demonstration of low intellect is like that of toddler or a geriatric who wet their pants just to annoy the adults or those whom they don't like.   What's next? A rally in Tehran downtown by hundreds of bare-chested men to protest the men's dress code?  How much burden of responsiblity lies on sister Farahani's shoulders when the next female campaigner gets raped in a regime's prision?


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Dr. Mohandes

Soghra Kobra... Ahlan va sahlan.

by Dr. Mohandes on

Salman jan

Please at least pretend that you respect the site and at least try, come on you can do it, choose persian as your alternative languauge. looks better on ya!

And also, i tend to dig a lot more sense out of VPK's writings, than...well... how shall i say it... yours!! sharmandeh! Let's just say i see a whole lot more logic in them. No hard feelings there my man okie dokie turkey?:)


Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

I never said it was wrong per se . Just that in this context would not have the intended meaning.

So... send my regards to the Learend (LOL) brother and take good care of yourself too. I hear it is freezing where you live!!

May we benefit from your "butt in"s until the end of time:) 

salman farsi

صبحکم الله و بالخیر و العافیه

salman farsi

Brother/Sister Expat


Thank you for correcting brother Doktor and please ignore the rants by brother VPK, Our differences go back to more than a thousand years ago when he was using witchcraft in Khorasan to bring a moon out of a well!!  

Thank you. 


For an Islamic democracy

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Not a surprise

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


to see expat agree with Salman. Put the blame for women being raped on the victim. Treat women as property. Is this person really a female? Anyone may claim to be a woman. I don't know many who write this way.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

More proof of Islamic mindless way

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Why our women have to resort ...

Your "women". 1400 years ago when your people invaded Iran and took Iranians slave. Those days are gone specially for us in West. No woman belongs to you including wife. Try "owning" your wife and see what the state says about it.

What's next? A rally in Tehran downtown by hundreds of bare-chested men to protest the men's dress code?

Isn't that Ashura? You need to learn about you religion.

How much burden of responsiblity lies on sister Farahani's shoulders when the next female campaigner gets raped in a regime's prision? 

None. The above is a shameless; vile attempt to blame actions of IRI on others. It is your religion and revolution. It reminds me of a hostage takes who says "if you don't pay me I will do *** to the hostage". Then blame the police for his murders.


If I may be so bold...

by expat on to wade into the debate..

Sorry Aghayeh Doctor but the learned brother is right. It is 'wrong end of the stick'.

Will butt out now.


Dr. Mohandes

Salamanii joonii

by Dr. Mohandes on

I think you are Jooshing too much. not good for your Faashhaaaraa Khoon!! Okie dokie? Please don't become a liabilty and another statistic and become a burden on The US health care system.

And next time you check with a dictionary please be sure you dont get the version they sell at the Semsari sare Kooche!!

And one last thing, stay away from my privates ok? my privates. MY RIGHT in using however i want touse them.

So... Now... Go on your break. 

salman farsi

Brother Doktoro: It is the Wrong end of the stick brother

by salman farsi on


One thing for sure brother you haven't got your doctorate in English otherwise you would have known it better:



I don't know about your engineering degree but if it is in the same order of correctness like your English then I have to ask you where you got it from so i don't send my son to that school :))


Please be my guest brother if you want to show your private parts but don't do it under the banner of human rights. These are human wrongs :)


Asslamo Alaikom va Rahmatollah. 


For an Islamic democracy

Dr. Mohandes

Brother Salman Al ya akhi... marhaba!!

by Dr. Mohandes on

First of All i am a super medical doctor Mohandes Engineeroo!!! So please keep that in mind.

1- I don't see no sticks around here. Also, That expression" you are getting the short end of the stick" Short not Wrong:)) means that i am not getting my fair share. That someone is not being fair to me.

2- Even if that would turn out tio be the case, You can not blame her or her cheerleadres, or her groupies, Her people , her fans!! The blame simply rests upon Those who are looking for any excuse whatsoever to make it even hard for other activists. So you know what? They really don't care what you and I do. They will go on and harass whomever they want to haraass anyway. So please. Don't Throw that argument at me. Don't buy it and it is pure Garbage:))

3- Women in iran incidentally have been advocating for the right to show their privates on TOP OF everything else. I do not mean it in any degrading and disrespecting way , but when you think about it having them stripped of that right, kind of led to the pressure being built up.

salman farsi

Brother Medical-Engineer

by salman farsi on

You see brother you like the other brother, Masoud, are getting the wrong end of te stick. Sister Shifteh has every right to bare herself down to her most intimate parts BUT the moment she or her cheerleaders pass her as a champion of women's right, she is responsible for the fall out from her acts as affected other campaigners of women's right. The right to bare one ass or breast is not the most important right that Iranian women have been deprivd of in the last 33 years. I donn't know if Sister Shifter herself has made such a claim but her cheerleaders are applauding her for someting that has no relevance to the rights of women in Iran. The ugly outcome of such irresponsible act is to endanger the safety and even the life of those campaigners who , unlike sister Shifteh, are not thousands of miles away from the eye of the storm but right in the middle of it.


Now tell me brother what are you doctor in and what are enginner in? 

For an Islamic democracy

Dr. Mohandes

Brother Solomon:))

by Dr. Mohandes on

Pardon me But this is such an oxymoronic claim one could possibly make!! You know... Your statement about What really constitutes women's right and whether they are allowed to express it (or it). Really does not make sense. It is like telling someone they have the right to pee in every house in the neighborhood but your house!! 

You are addressing two totally separate issues. To say that someone should not or ought not to exercise their individual right in a country that allows them to do so, just because they might provoke some monster over the other side of the pond, is soooooooo beyond rediculous. As in a rediculous assertion. For it is not Our fault that we are facing a big ugly Monkey!  


salman farsi

Brother Masoud, What threat?

by salman farsi on

Why do you see things upside down brother. Threat? What threat? I am concerned that such acts as done by sister Farahani will make the work of the genuine women's right campaingers more difficult and portrays their work in the wrong light. Women's right is not about  the right to expose their breasts - there are far more fundamental rights that need to be earned than this.

You are not dealing with the the western democracies like the US or Europe of the early 20th century who wouldn't harm the women campaigners. The un-Islamic regime of Iran in run by an army of maniacal, sadistic and fantical thugs. Is it sane to provoke them in the way this sister has done it?

For an  Islamci democracy


Brother Man!

by Faramarz on

There is so much wisdom in your blog, but I singled out this gem of a statement.

"This foolish and childish demonstration of low intellect is like that of
toddler or a geriatric who wet their pants just to annoy the adults or
those whom they don't like."

This must be from a Hadith in the the Ghor'an that says, "toddlers and old people can piss on demand to annoy others!"


A as Abbas

Stupid blog, stupid logic

by A as Abbas on

This blog attempts to blame the people for the tyranny of the rulers.  It is just a stupid logic.  No other way to describe the logic behind this kind of thinking.


Short of Subjects Again?

by Demo on

" order to protest to the injustices of the un-Islamic regime against them?"

Such defence indeed only comes out of the subject sister's brother! When our people are suffering from all sorts of ever increasing internal ailments and our country is at the verge of another 8 years bloody war with itself, does anybody besides this everybody's brother really care about the exposed ugly body parts of an 'Oghdeh' saturated female? Nobody else. Nobody with a sane mind at least.   

Maryam Hojjat

IRR does not need Golshifteh's act to

by Maryam Hojjat on

torture Iranians women. IRR has been doing great job without any outsiders in supress whole country especially ladies in past 33 years.

GO & Get A LIFE!



by masoudA on

Pesar Jaan - your post can be considered a threat.......which is something Islamists are very good at.......however, in the west you can go to jail for threats.