Down with Persian chauvinism; Viva Turk and Arab Chauvinism


by rrrezz

I don't know why Persians are so arrogant, merciless and chauvinistic. For example they, starting from China's Turkistan, attacked all the (Turkish) land they had in sight up till modern day Turkey. And that was how Aran became northern Azerbaijan .

As another example they invaded Khuzestan. As everybody knows since the dawn of civilization Arabs have been living in "Arabistan" (just as they did in Jerusalem). But the god-damn Persians invaded them from Arabian Peninsula and changed the name of the region to Khuzestan. So the province that in Sasanid time was dubbed "India of Iran" became a wreck that we see today.

The word "torktazi" manifestly indicates how Persian brutality has scarred the peole of the region.
Persians have been so Chavinistic that the've spent their oil money on building factories like Tabriz's Mashinsazi, have let hundreds of thousands of Azeris to come and thrive in Tehran and have specified "regional quotas" for people of different regions in state-funded universities of Tehran.

Persians have been so backward that they did not learn anything from the "civilized world" who created gangs like KKK, abandoned Spanish language in California or banned Islamic hijab from public schools in France, all to preserve "their identity". Not even from Israelis who kicked milions of people out to claim their ancestral land, the land they ruled more than 2000 years ago.

One of the most hideous crimes of Persians against humanity is providing all Iranian people with a language that all can use for communicating with other groups. (Similar to the role of English on the international scale.) This language was even used by Arabs for govermental needs in early Islamic centuries.

I once read an article by an Arab activist in which he was complaining why Iranian government was introducing contraception among Arab people of Khuzestan. Hence the name of this article.

I've not included Kurds because 1-I think they've been really subject to injustice 2-They've been in Kurdestan since the dawn of civilization and 3-They've never attacked (other parts of) Iran.

Disclaimer: Yes, Islamic Republic is, unfortunately, run mostly by Persians.


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Zendanian, I understand

by rrrezz on

Zendanian, I understand what you are saying. I'm not disregarding any culture or ethnic group. I'm just saying that those who accuse Persians of Chauvinism, are sometimes themselves chauvinists. The problem is that you can't imagine what kind of stories and theories some of the separationist activists make up. For example one of them was saying on Youtube that Cyrus was a Slav from Russia (!) and the people of the middle east at that time were just Turks and Arabs. Another one on Wikipedia said that Tabari's history says that Muslim Arabs liberated the people of Khuzestan from their hated Persian rulers.  You need to remind such people of some history otherwise people will think that what they are saying is the truth. The bitter tone in my writing is caused by this and it's directed towards such people. 

What I say about things that Persians didn't learn from the "civilized world" is a mention of some of the bad things that they could do but didn't. Basically (and fortunately) Persian racism doen't go beyond talking; to something like masacring Armen...(anyway). What I say about Mashinsazi, etc is a mention of some good things that "Persians" did for nonpersians which are often overlooked. And what I tell about Kurds is not sarcastic. 

With all sincerety,  what  "narcicism", "lie" and "belittling"  do you find in what I wrote? Where did I indicate that some etnicity is inferior to some other? Where did I present something false as being true? Can you point to a particular sentence that you have an argument against? Or maybe you mean talking about such stuff is not a good thing to do which I disagree.


And Cost-of-Progress, what "separation" are you talking about? Maybe you mean "segregation" which I'm not in favour of. I am even in favour of a federal Iran. However to be able to live with each other, we don't have to hide the past under the carpet. On the contrary, we should know where we come from and what we've done in the past. Otherwise, among other things, the "activists" that I noted above may make the waters muddy. 


Maybe the sarcastic and bitter tone of my writing or the sensitivity of the issue has  affected your judgement.


P.S. If you say why I don't write anything about/against Persian racism, others have done this better than what I can do, like this: 




اسطوره «دولت ملی»، «ما» و «اعراب» مان


مقاله ذیل با عنوانی که دربالا آمده است به قلم ناصر فکوهی، بحثی است (مقداری تخصصی تر و طولانی) در مورد شوونیزم فارسی و ...
ناگفته نماند که این سایت یکی از بهترین سایتهای علوم اجتماعی به زبان فارسی میباشد.       ---------------------------------------------------------------------------   ---------------------------------- "بهتر است به خود آئیم و به جای آنقدر دروغ و خیال بافی و گزافه گویی و
خودستایی هایی که با آن زندگی روزمره خود را آکنده ایم، به جای یاد کردن از
گذشته های طلایی و باور به برتری ذاتی مان  نسبت به سایر جهانیان (یعنی
گفتمانی  بسیار نزدیک به فاشیسم) اندیشه انتقادی را در خود و پیش از هرکس
ابتدا نسبت به خود،  تقویت کنیم. اینکه چرا نمی توانیم بفهمیم فرهنگ هایی
که تحقیرش می کنیم از جمله فرهنگ عرب،  امروز مقامی ارزشمند در جهان علم و
فرهنگ دارند و این ربطی به وهابیت و بنیادگرایی های تندروانه گروهی از عرب
ها، همچون بسیاری از مردم شکروهای دیگر،  ندارد، و خوشحال باشیم که فرهنگ
ما نیز از این امتیاز برخوردار است که عرب ها، همچون سایر اقوام ایرانی
همواره بخشی از آن بوده  و در آرامش و جز در  دوره هایی کوتاه، بدون تنش
های شدید با دیگر اقوام و یا با مرکزیت فرهنگی زندگی می کرده اند، خوشحال
باشیم و افتخار کنیم که ما یکی از نادرترین  فرهنگ های جهان هستیم که
هزاران سال است موقعیت چند قومی و چند زبانی را تجربه و مدیریت می کند بدون
آنکه به سوی تنش ها یا جنگ های قومی برود. این، نقطه قدرت ما است و نه
خیالات طلایی گذشته ای که چندان معلوم نیست به ما تعلق داشته باشد، بیائیم
از هر پدیده و هر مسئله ای بهانه ای برای واکنش های سیاسی خود نسازیم و کمی
بهترو عمیق تر جهان را بفهمیم زیرا فرداد، برای این کار بسیار دیر خواهد
بود" //


If you are not that character savalon

by Cost-of-Progress on

you should be. He too is an advocate for speratism for the sake of unity! Strange..... 

But seriously, what point are you trying to make other than cessation! so, is that your answer?

Zerr is the correct interpretation here - pure ZERRRRRRRRRR  


تو که جواب دادی


تو که جواب دادی بهر حال، باهوش!   البته جواب تهی.



ZZZZERRR-E Ziaadi Mizani daadaash...

by Aarash4545 on

In parishaan-gooeihaa arzesh-e  javaab daadan nadaareh!!!!!!!