Things I learnt from, so far this week...

Things I learnt from, so far this week...
by Roozbeh_Gilani

1) Jews were responsible for 9/11. They did it themselves. That is why not a single Jew was killed in twin towers.

2) Iran's Bushehr chernobyl style nuclear reactor's first deliverance of 400MW of electricity at the cost off hundreds of billions of dollars, sanctions, threats of war and bombing of people of Iran, international isolation, etc, was not only the best thing since sliced barbari bread for Iranians, but also the key factor in Cuba's low child mortality rate. I am sure that both James Watt and Che Guevara would immediately convert to shiat islam's Velayat faghih sect, if only they were here to witness this proud moment....

3) Speed of light was already calculated in Quran 1400 years ago. So eat your heart out Mr. Bacon eating Danish Olaus Roemer!!  In fact Quran is the only book needed by humanity. Let's burn every single other book. It did not do Nazis any harm did it? I mean just look at the German cars.  

Coming up soon: undisputed proof that Egyptian  Pyramis were designed and built by members of muslim brotherhood in close collaboration with the members of Hojjatieh society, and project management of Dr. Engineer, Mamood Ahmadinezhad.

And why picture of Mr. Shabam bi-mokh (brainless)Jaffary who's famous desire was to knife to death 10 Tudeh (commie) party member before his own death? Well as a good muslim and a good Nationalist, he'd have been very proud of where our country and it's people are today under the management of Islamist regime  and it's cyrus cylinder loving president, Mahmood Ahmadinezhad. 


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خدا بیامرز ملا قاسمی


In our "middle school" in Iran, we had a "religious studies" teacher , named Mulla Ghsemi. Apparently after Revolution he started acting like a king at school. Evey Thursady aftenoon, we all had to write an essay for him stating the best things we leant duing the week. A small goup of us, would use dark sarcasm. He'd always select the "best essay" and get the writer to read it on saturday moning at assembly. The best essays quite often contained some dak sacasm which Ghasemi had taken as a compliment. He'd look bemused by the roars of laughter from assembly...

Anyway, just telling you what motivated me to write this blog.  

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Anonymous Observer

We also learned that 1960's museum pieces can still

by Anonymous Observer on

put on a show.  Although a show is ALL that they can put on!


Good one, RG

by Rea on

Everybody is learning from everybody, good for us. ;o)


You see dear RG

by Reality-Bites on

Being on IC is a constant source of education. :)


: )

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