President Obama: Please speak out for the rights of arabs!

by Roozbeh_Gilani

Who are being murdered by the apartheid, racist Islamist regime of Iran.

Sorry for disappointing you if you wanted me to blame the jews , zionists and the state of Israel. I honestly would , but here I am talking about Iranian arabs who earlier this month demonstrated peacefully in massive numbers in province of khuzistan, demanding their basic human rights and received the only response one would expect from a fascist dictatorship. Our arab compatriots young , old, man , woman, child,  were shot at, beaten up arrested, tortured  and hanged.


Let us not forget that this is the very same islamist regime which has for the past 32 years been shedding crocodile tears for the "occupied palestine". The same islamist regime which has been actively promoting a campaign of terror and violence against the arabs who seek peace and co-existance with jews, rather than violence and hatred.

With friends like islamist regime, arabs do not need any enemies.


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islamist regime's duplicity

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

when it comes to support of palistinian  cause,  was well spotted by all, based on the comments. Internal discriminatory  politics of islamist regime towards Kurds, balooch, and arab Iranians is indeed threthening the integrity of our country, encouraging separatist sentiments. The very fact that majority of Kurdish , Arab and Baloochi Iranians are not asking for outright separation from Iran, given the level of religios, cultural and ethnic discrimination by the islamist regime, is a testiment to their patriotism. That is why I see this as my own duty to speak out whenever I see an injustice inflicted by the regime on our non fars compatriots. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Simorgh jaan,

by Bavafa on

I, by no stretch of imagination, suggesting that any portion of Iranian land needs to be given up to any groups, nationality or ethnicity. I risked my life to preserve that.

My statement made a clear note of "differences" in Palestinian pledge and "Iranian-Arabs"

But I also recognize, much as it has been stated in this blog, the injustice, oppression and crimes against this minority group in Iran and it only meant to condemn such crimes that is being committed by IRI


to point out the hypocrisy of IRI where it condemns one act of injustice yet carries on with the same act at home

Hope this clarifies it.



Mehrdad jan

by Simorgh5555 on

I beg to differ on some of your views although I fully agree with your sentiments about Natanyahu's sinceity (or lack of) in the peace process.

For a start let me say that I do not believe that one inch of Khuzestan should be given up. This is a land which YOU had fought for and the rest of us Iranians are grateful. Ironically, many of the anti-Israeli users also share the same point of view.

 If we were to compare  the plight of the Palestinians towards that of the Arabs from Khuzestan then the suffering of Khuzestani Arabs is equal if not worse than Palestinians.

Let me summarise: 


  • Khuzestan was known as Arabestan ever since the 7th century invasion of Muslim Arabs. 'Arabestan' was forced into joining Persia 10 years before Israel declared independence
  • Unlike Palestinains the Arabs in 'Arabestan' enjoyed a sedentary life style and for more than a thousand years enjoyed their own language, lifestyle, customs inseprable from other Arabs. 
  • The Arabs are also genetically different from the people of Fars and even Palestinians who revealingly are NOT Arab people but a population who are culturally Arab. Khuzestani Arabs are Arab by blood and this is plainly evident from their complextion and skin tone. 
  • Khuzestani Arabs have had a recognised semi autonomous rule for more than several hundred years until Reza Shah UNLIKE Palestinians who have been occupied and admmistered by the Ottomans, Persians, The Greeks, Romans and the British Madate. Actually historical Palestine (Jordan) is bigger than Israel and until recently the Hashmeite Kingdom has laid claims to the whole of the West Bank as Jordanian territory. Palestinian nationalism was born at the same time as the establishment of the State of ISrael.
  • Appartheid: The Islamic Republic prevents the building of Sunni Mosques in Tehran and major cities discriminating against its strong Arab minorities. You can practice whichever faith you please in Israel
  • In Khuzestan overt display of sunni symbols, practices and customs, especially those offenive to Shias are banned
  • Pure Arabic names such as 'Omar' are banned
  • Land Grab: The whole of Arabestan is occupied. large hectares of arrable land have been confiscated by the central government. Iranian Arabs according Amensty Internaional and Human Rights Watch are routinely discriminated in employment and education
  • Settlement: The central government in Iran has transported workers and farmers into Khuzestan occupying land which was confiscated by the central government disturbing the traditional life style and changing the demographics which has largely remained Arab for centuries. 
  • Lack of self determination: Palestinians have a right to display national flags and emblems and have full civilian control of the areas occupied by Israel. Gaza is completely under the administration of Hamas which is no admirer of Israel to say the least. The only thing Iranian Arabs do not have is separate roads and check points which is discriminatory but once a full independent Palestinian state is established these wil hopefully disappear. 


Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

The issue that IRI has with Israel has nothing to do with human rights or even Palestinian rights ....  IRI and Israeli government are worshiping a piece of land ....they are idol worshipers with no religion  .. Even if both the ordinary Palestinians and  the ordinary Israels get united and demand peace ... These two pharaohs of our time, IRI and Isreal government, will still be fighting over it and furthermore would silence the voices of any peace activits ..  


i really understand why people in Iran demonstrate against any pro Lebanon or pro palestine slogans ... they are fed up with iRI double standards. 

I like your blog... thanks  :) 


The rights of

by Bavafa on

The rights of Iranian-Arabs in Khozestan is and must be protected as those in Palestine or the Shiite in Bahrain.

Although there are differences between the Palestinians and Iranian-Arabs situation, the oppression, murder and the apartheid system ruling over these group is comparable to the 19 century slavery and must be abolished.

Thanks for the good blog.




by Simorgh5555 on

Nice one. I am not a fan of Benjamin Natanyahu and fully support a viable Palestinian state within the 1967 borders. However, there is always a double standard when it comes to Iranians who have swallowed IR propaganda and have an unhealthy hatred towards a state which has not harmed Iran in anyway. 

If there was a genuine concern for Arabs then Iranians would look into their own backyard!